There is a lot of people who are confused regarding the difference between Passport Renewal & Passport Reissue. The similarity between the two words “renewal” and “reissue” and the purpose of these two documents may be the reason behind the confusion, but there are certain differences between Passport Renewal and Passport Reissue.

In this post, I am going to explain the difference between Passport Renewal and Passport Reissue. So, keep reading.

Passport Renewal:

Every passport has some expiration date or validity period. After that period, the passport is not valid and the owner must renew the passport in order to revalidate the document. So, in this type of cases where a passport is issued for a limited period of time, the renewal of a passport is needed.

Generally, a passport has a validity period of 1 to 5 years and it can be extended for 10 years by passport renewal. In the case of passport renewal, the number on your passport will not be changed, only the validity period is changed or extended.

When you are applying for a passport renewal, it is mandatory to carry or provide your old passport. It is because the changes (changing the validity) will be done on your same old passport and it will be delivered to you as a renewed passport.

Passport Reissue:

A passport reissue is done when the holder needs a new passport, more precisely a new passport booklet with a different passport number in case of a damaged, stolen passport or any other valid reason. In this case, your old passport booklet will be taken and they might store your previous passport number for official identification purposes.  For a passport reissue, you will require a valid reason. Cases in which the passport reissue is allowed in India are following

  • Expired passport
  • Passport on the verge of expiration
  • Lost passport
  • Stolen passport
  • Exhaustion of pages in the current passport
  • Damaged passport
  • Soiled passport
  • Change in personal details in the passport (not validity)

The difference in the Application procedures

Both the application for passport renewal and passport reissue is done from the same official website— Passport Seva Kendra. The process is similar except during the application procedure, you have to choose “passport renewal” if you want to renew and choose “Reissue of passport” from the drop-down menu if you want to reissue the passport.

Both have some fee for the procedure and for renewal, you have to provide your old passport and for a reissue, it depends on the reason for which you want to reissue the passport. For example, if your reason for reissue is the Exhaustion of pages, you might require to provide the old passport. The documents required in these two processes are also similar.

I hope this has answered most of your queries and cleared the confusion regarding Passport renewal and passport reissue. If you have any more questions, mention it in the comment section or directly contact us.

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