Car NOC is required if you are moving your car from one RTO area to another RTO area. NOC for car transfer is issued by the parent RTO where car is registered.  NOC for car  or Car NOC is a document certifying that the car has no outstanding liability .  In this article, we will talk about the procedure for online NOC for car. Along with car NOC status.  car NOC validity,  NOC certificate for car .

NOC for car

There is a lot of formality that needs to be complete for NOC for car transfer and a document must be issued in the RTO office. And one of the important documents that need to be issued is NOC (No Objection certificate).  Car NOC is a type of certificate which is very important and issued by the RTO to the owner of the car on the request of the owner’s application.

NOC came in existence by the act passed in parliament in 1988 which is named the motor vehicle act, 1988, (section 48 of chapter IV) in which NOC is mentioned.

NOC has an expiring period of 6 months from its issuing date

If owners secure noc for car transfer successfully then it will act as proof that all dues are cleared, no challan is pending, all taxes are paid and authenticate the identity of the owner with his vehicle.

In the next section, we will talk about how to get online NOC for car, How to track car NOC status. But before that let’s take a look at what point car NOC online is required.

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At what point is NOC certificate for car required?

  • When the owner transfers the ownership to another person (seller has to apply for noc for car 
  • When a vehicle gets auctioned
  • When the owner of the car dies
  • You will require a noc certificate for car when the owner relocates itself to another state or UT
  • When owners travel to another state or UT for more than 90 days.

The document required for car NOC online.

If you want online NOC for car then here are some important documents you need:

  • Copy of RC
  • Copy of insurance certificate
  • Copy of PUC
  • Copy of paid tax receipt
  • Chassis number copy
  • Signature of owner
  • Photocopy of owner
  • E-fees receipt
  • Appointment receipt

How to apply for online NOC for car?

Vahan Parivahan allows you to apply online for a No Objection Certificate of Vehicle Alteration from the RTO. You can apply online for a NOC for Car. After registering with the Web Portal, you can apply and upload documents online. In this section are instructions on how to apply online NOC for car.

  • Firstly, you need to visit this site parivahan, which will direct you to a page named vehicle related services, where you need to select the state where you registered your vehicle.
  • After selecting the state, you will be directed to the next page where you need to select your current allocated RTO office.
  • After selecting the RTO office, you will be directed to a page titled online services where you will be briefed with what are the online services that your RTO has provided you.
  • On that page only select the option named “apply for no objection certificate” to get NOC for car.
  • Then you will be directed to a new page named Online Application (No objection certificate) where you need to fill in the asked details of RC and chassis number. To get noc certificate for car fill the details.
  • After filing the details click on the button “verify”.
  • You will be directed to another part of the same page where you need to verify yourself by clicking on the button named as “generate OTP”
  • Your phone number will receive OTP. Enter it and click on the “submit”.
  • After submitting, you will be directed to a new page named as owner information. Then you need to scroll down and fill in the details in the last section NOC vehicle details for car noc online .
  • After filling in the details click on the button named “save details” after clicking on that button.

Pay the fees for online NOC for car that have been asked. Mostly it is 100Rs but it depends upon the state. Some states make it free of cost also.

  • After payment downloads the E-fee receipt, you will be directed to another page where you need to upload necessary and asked documents.

Uploading Documents

To upload the document, firstly download form 28 by clicking on the button named as “print CMV form 28”. Fill the form and also write the chassis number on the form

  • Then upload the document by clicking on the button named “upload document”
  • At last, click on “final submit”, after clicking on that button your NOC will be displayed on your screen.
  • On same screen you will be given an option named as “book appointment”. After clicking on it you can book your appointment to your RTO as per your convenience.
  • Take a copy of the appointment receipt option will be provided after you select the appointment date.

Application of online NOC for car is finished here. Now you need to take necessary documents with you in order to get noc for car transfer. And you have to visit registered RTO for the verification to have noc certificate for car.

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Points to be noted in this Procedure

  • Take 4-5 filled copies of form 28 with you when you are going to RTO for the NOC for car transfer.
  • Your insurance should be renewed or should be made as they are one of the most important input documents.
  • The amount of fees varies on different states and their policies it can be 0 or 100Rs.
  • Amount of fees also depend upon the category of vehicle like passenger vehicle may or have very less fees compared to commercial fees.
  • If you are unable to see the option apply for car NOC online while applying online NOC for car, it means that your state’s RTO doesn’t support parivahan site for NOC application. You have to apply for NOC by visiting the registered RTO site.

Delhi and Sikkim have separate legal portals for applying online NOC for car as they have been granted special status from the central government.

Conclusion: Car NOC

 NOC certificate for car is required when selling a car or relocating to another city. If you plan to stay at the new location for less than three months, you won’t need this car noc . If you plan to relocate, you must transfer your vehicle’s registration from one state to another you will need an online noc for car.

During the sale, both the buyer and seller, as well as the owner, must provide necessary documents and follow all regulations in order to complete the process. A car NOC online is one of the documents needed to move a vehicle from one state to another. Whether it’s a passenger or commercial car a NOC for car transfer is required to travel from one state to another.