Applying for a  passport in Bangalore? Want to know the passport fee in Bangalore

A passport is a travel document issued by the government of a country to its citizens to verify the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel. A passport is a small book that usually contains your name, place of birth, date of birth,  date of issue, expiration date, passport number, photograph and signature.

There are several types of passports, so the fee also will differ. Passport fees can also change depending on your place or country. Depending upon the type of passport, fee also differs. You are Living in Bangalore? And thinking about passport fees in Bangalore and processing? Then this article will help you. 

Passport Fee in Bangalore

The passport fees in Bangalore depend on the type of passport service applied. Here is the list of some categories and their fee structure in Banglore. 

  • New passports or reissue of 10-year passports (36 pages) 

              Normal passport fee in Bangalore: Rs 1500

              Tatkal passport fee in Bangalore: Rs 2000

  • New passports or re-issue of 10-year passports (60 pages) 

             The normal passport fees in Bangalore: Rs. 2,000

            Tatkal passport fee in Bangalore:  Rs. 2,000

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Passport Fees for Minor in Bangalore

New passports or reissue of passports for minors valid for 5 years or more until the individual turns 18 years old (36 pages) 

          Normal Passport fee in Bangalore:    Rs.1,000

         Tatkal passport fee in Bangalore:  Rs.2,000 

Duplicate Passport Fee in Bangalore

  • Replace passport in case of theft, damage or loss (36 pages) 

                  Normal fee: Rs.3,500

                  Talkal fee: Rs.2,000

  • Replace passport in case of loss stolen, damaged or lost (60 pages) 

                    Normal fee for passport: Rs 2000

                    Tatkal fee for passport in Bangalore: Rs 2000

  • Police clarification certificate (PCC) 

                Normal fee:  Rs.500

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Passport Fee for Correction in Passport

  • Change passport to erase ECR or modify personal data (36 pages, 10 years validity) 

            Normal passport fee in Bangalore :Rs 1500

            Tatkal passport fee in Bangalore: 2000

  • Change passport to remove ECR or personal data modification to delete  ECR or modify personal data details for Minors (36 pages, 5 years validity). A passport is valid for 5 years or until the person turns 18 years old. 

               Normal passport fee in Bangalore: 1000

              Tatkal passport fee in Bangalore: 2000

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Documents Required for apply passport 

  • Photocopy  of current bank accounts in any public sector banks, private sector banks and  rural banks in the region 
  • Voter card 
  • Aadhaar 
  • Electric bill 
  • Rental agreement 
  • License 
  • Pan card 
  • Postpaid mobile or landline bill 
  • Proof of gas connection 
  • Copy of spouse’s passport (first and last pages of  passport include family details and mention name of applicant as  spouse of  passport holder) 
  • Employer certificates from reputable companies on letterhead. 
  • Income tax order 
  • Leave the certificate 
  • Birth certificate issued by the city 
  • Policy bond issued by a business/public life insurance company with the policyholder’s date of birth Points to keep in mind while making payments in Bangalore

Some points to keep in mind while making payment for passport

If the passport fee in Bangalore for the appointment has been paid, but the appointment has not yet been booked, no refund will be given to the amount paid.  The Regional Passport Officer (RPO) will refund overpayments made if multiple payments have been made for the same passport fee. An online application receipt with an Application Reference Number (ARN) must be brought with the passport application to  PSK during the appointment.  To generate an ARN and receipt, an online payment applicant must click Print Application Receipt. No bank fees apply to payments made via challan.

Passport Fee Calculator

Find out how you can use the calculator for various passport services to calculate passport application fees in Bangalore.  Here is the calculator for passport fee in Bangalore

  For the passport application fee, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Select “Application Type”, i.e. “Passport”. 
  2. Select “Service Type”. You can choose from the below options: 
  • Normal 
  • Talkal. 
  1. Choose your age, page number  and  scheme (Normal or Tatkal). Click “Charge”. It saves your time and gives you accurate results on  passport renewal fees applicable in India or  new passport issuance fees.


Fee payment is necessary for applying passport. You can pay passport fee in Bangalore online or offline. You have to upload all the documents and pay for the fee. We hope you people get to know enough about passport fees in Bangalore.