Bangladesh visa for Indian is required for visiting  Bangladesh  for any business work or as a tourist. As a sovereign state, Bangladesh requires all non natives to get consent to enter its region and same for India to Bangladesh visa. Bangladesh  Visa is issued by Bangladesh missions situated all through the world or on entry to Bangladesh. In this blog article we will discuss topics such as Bangladesh visa online, Bangladesh visa on arrival for Indian citizen, Bangladesh high commission in Kolkata, online visa application for Bangladesh, Bangladesh visa fees for Indian citizens, Bangladesh visa requirements,apply for Bangladesh visa, Bangladesh tourist visa for Indians, Bangladesh business visa.

Bangladesh Visa

A Bangladesh visa is required for all Indians wishing to visa Bangladesh. Indians can easily apply for a Bangladesh tourist visa or for business purposes. The  Bangladesh Embassy will confirm or determine the type, category of visa and the duration of your stay in Bangladesh. According to the purpose of your visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement between India and Bangladesh, the type and category of your visa may vary. Any change in rules and regulations made by the Government of Bangladesh will apply to the visa being issued.

You will be able to stay in Bangladesh for a maximum of 180 days if you have obtained a business visa. People who want to attend business meetings, conferences, and other events in Bangladesh should apply for a business visa. A business visa allows the holder to travel to another country and conduct business. However, the individual may not work in that country, either temporarily or permanently. Visitors must demonstrate that they are not paid by the country. Single, double, and multiple entry business visas are available.

You have the right to stay in Bangladesh for a maximum of 60 days for leisure or recreational purposes if you have obtained the tourist visa. You will be granted a tourist visa only in the event that you wish to enter a foreign country for tourism, travel and leisure purposes. Visitors are allowed to stay for a fixed amount of time. These visas do not permit the holder to work or engage in any business activities in the host country. Tourist visas for Bangladesh are issued only for single or double entry.

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Bangladesh visa requirements

  1. Travel document– The applicant’s passport must be valid for a minimum six months after the intended departure from Bangladesh. It must contain at least two blank pages and must have been issued within the last 10 years. The passport should not have any observation regarding the front data page.
  2. Application form– The applicant must submit a completed application form. Applicants must note that any incomplete information or false statement in the application could result in delay in processing or rejection of the application. The application form has to be filled out in the English language only.
  3. Photograph– Applicants require three recent original passport-size colour photographs with a white background. The photograph should not be more than six months old.
  4. Covering letter– The applicant must submit a covering letter to the centre, with details such as the applicant introducing himself/herself, explaining the purpose of visit, duration & schedule of the visit in brief.
  5. Proof of
  • Means of Transport – Applicants need their flight reservation of return or round ticket. Applicants must note that the tickets do not have to be paid for; only the booking receipt needs to be submitted.
  • Lodging – The applicant’s hotel reservations, receipt of renting a holiday home or campus residence reservation are required as proof. Proof of sponsorship and private accommodation from the host is required, in the event that the applicant intends to stay with a family member or a friend in Bangladesh.
  • Financial means– The applicant’s original bank statement showing their transactions in the last three months, stamped and signed by means of the bank authority, or Indian income tax return statement acknowledging returns for the last two assessment years are required.

In addition if the applicant is employed:

  • Current employment contract
  • Copy of current bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • No-objection certificate from current employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary from the applicant

If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed:

  • A copy of their business license
  • Copy of the company bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) of the company

If the applicant is retired:

  • Pension statement for the previous 6 months
  • Proof of regular income received from property or rent for the last 6 months (if any)

Tourist Short Stay Visa:

For Bangladesh Tourist Visa for Indian, you should consider the followings:

  1. In the event that the applicant is being sponsored, an invitation letter with the address and phone number from the family or company that is sponsoring is required.
  2. Bank statement of the last 6 months
  3. Passport copies of the applicant
  4. A certificate from the travel agency confirming the booking of an organised trip of the applicant (if any)
  5. Any other appropriate document indicating the travel plans of the applicant, including period and reason of visit.

If applying for a Visa for Business Purposes:

  1. Invitation letter from Bangladeshi company which the applicant will be visiting and their complete address along with the dates of the visit
  2. A certificate from your employer allowing the business travel and stating the details about the trip.
  3. Both invitation letter as well as letter from employer must confirm the following details:
  • The applicant’s identity;
  • The purpose of the visit, such as meetings, conferences, training or business related events.
  • The period and place of intended stay of the applicant, while in Bangladesh.
  1. Proof of previous trade relations between the two companies, if such events have occurred.
  2. Bank statement of the last 6 months of the company
  3. The coverage of your expenses during your stay in Bangladesh must be proved by means of either the employer or the host company who is hosting the applicant, on the letter or invitation.
  • All documents should be provided in A4 size of paper.
  • In the event that the documents not originally in English, they must be accompanied by valid English translations.
  • Although the Embassy reserves the right to request the original of any document provided at any point during visa processing, please submit only photocopies of all documents. Do keep in mind to carry original documents at the time of submission at the Visa Centre.
  • It must be noted that the Bangladesh Embassy has the right to ask for additional documents or personal appearance of the applicant for an interview in special cases.
  • The application may be rejected in the event that the applicant submits incomplete documentation or refuses to appear for a special visa interview.
  • In the event that any of the above mentioned documents is missing, the application will not be accepted.

Bangladesh visa fees

This  will clear your doubts on Bangladesh visa price .No visa fee is required to be paid by Indian nationals applying for a Bangladesh visa in any category. In the event that any Bangladesh Visa fees are asked for by an agency, the matter may kindly be brought to the notice of the high commission as soon as possible.

How to apply for Bangladesh visa

Step 1: Visit the URL to access the online Bangladesh Visa application form.

Step 2: Agree to the terms and conditions and read the instructions given on the page. Then click on ‘Proceed’ to access the rest of the application.

Step 3: Before you begin your application, you must complete the necessary security questions given. These questions have been introduced for your added security while you are online. The information you provide will be required in the event that you choose to save your Visa Application and need to return later. Enter your E-mail Address, Confirm your E-mail Address and Enter Security Code Shown in Image on the screen. Click on ‘Next’ to move onto the application form.

Step 4: Fill in the application form by stating the following details:
  • Current Location (Country)
  • Upload a photograph of yourself of 45x35mm in JPEG format. Maximum file size is 300 kb.
  • First Name of the applicant (as in passport)
  • Last name of the applicant (as in passport)
  • First name which is to be printed on the Visa
  • Last name which is to be printed on the Visa
  • Permanent Address
  • Contact Number at permanent address
  • Address in Bangladesh
  • Contact Number in Bangladesh
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Place of Birth
  • Birth Country
  • Present Nationality
  • Nationality at Birth
  • Occupation
  • Marital Status (Married, divorced, unmarried or other). Please specify if ‘Other’
  • Organization you work for (eg. WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO etc.). In the event that your organization is not listed, select ‘Other’ and please specify in the space given.
  • Specify the Type of Visa Enrollment you require (new visa application, visa extension application, visa on arrival or no visa required)
  • Your Login ID and Password will be generated at this step. Make a note of this for future reference or in the event that you wish to continue the application at a later time.
  • Passport No.
  • Type of Passport (ordinary, diplomatic, other etc.)
  • Passport Type if you had entered ‘Other’
  • Place of Issue of passport
  • Date of Issue of passport
  • Date of Expiry of passport
  • State whether you have visited Bangladesh previously. If yes, state the following details of last journey:
  1. Date of last visit to Bangladesh
  2. Previous Visa Number
  3. Visa Issue Date
  4. Last Visa Date of Expiry
  5. Place of Issue of previous visa
  6. Type of Visa held previously
  • Enter your payment information such as:
  1. Name of the Bank
  2. Name of the Branch of Bank
  3. Payment Mode by means of Cheque, Bank Transfer, Chalan or Scroll No.
  4. Payment Currency (such as INR, USD etc.)
  5. Amount Deposited (here it is zero, as there are no visa fees for Indians)
  6. Payment Date
  7. State the purpose of your Visit
  8. Specify Other Purpose, if not available in the drop down menu
  9. Mention the duration of Proposed stay in Bangladesh
  10. State the tentative Date of Arrival in Bangladesh
  11. Intended Number of Entries you require
  12. Select from which Bangladesh Visa Office you want to take the Visa

Step 5: Mark all the documents you have ready in the checklist. Once you check the summary of your application, you need to sign a declaration stating that the statement given above is true and you will not request for a refund of my paid visa fee even in the event that the application is declined.

Step 6: Take a printout of the completed application form and sign it. Then submit it along with all the documents to the selected Bangladesh Embassy. You will have also received a confirmation email to your registered email ID.

Bangladesh visa status tracking

To track your Bangladesh visa application, visit the URL . You will be redirected to a tracking page once you click this button.  Here you have to enter the application reference number (found on the receipt), your password and the verification code shown on the screen. The screen will then display your Bangladesh visa application status.

You can pick up your passport from the relevant embassy or office once your Bangladesh visa application has been approved. You must obtain your passport on your own. Please bring the receipt you received on the day of your appointment with you when picking up your passport.

The documents or passport of the applicant will not be handed over to third parties, except in the event that the following people go to collect it:

  • Immediate Family Member such as Parents, Children or Spouse of the applicant
  • A person collecting the passport on behalf of Government officials, if so mentioned on the Government letter head.
  • Red Carpet Representatives of the applicant, if authorized on the Company’s letter head

In the event that any of the above people come to collect the passport, they need to carry any of the following Original  documents:

  • Government ID card
  • Identity Proof
  • Authorization letter from applicant

Processing time

  • Tourist visa, the time taken is 2 working days.
  • Business visa, the time taken is 2 working, same as tourist visa.
  • Work permit Visa, the time taken is 3-4 days, varies.

Bangladesh High commission  in India


High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

E P- 39, Diplomatic Enclave,

Dr. S. RadhaKrishnan Marg, Chanakyapuri,

New Delhi – 110 021

Tel : 011- 2412 1389 – 94

Fax : 011- 2687 8953

Office Timings : Mon to Fri, 0900 to 1700 hrs

Visa Timings : 0930 to 1100 hrs

Collection Timings: 1630 to 1700 hrs



Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Kolkata

9, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Sarani,

Kolkata – 700 017

Tel : 033- 4012 7500, 2290 0341

Fax : 033- 4012 7555

Office Timings : Mon to Fri, 0900 to 1700 hrs

Visa Timings : 0900 to 1100 hrs

Collection Timings : 1630 to 1700 hrs

Email :


Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Mumbai

Jolly Maker Bunglow No. 08, Cuffe Parade,

Mumbai- 400005

Tel : 022- 6657 4329

Fax : 022- 6657 4327

Office Timings: Mon to Fri, 0900 to 1700 hrs

Visa Timings: 0930 to 1100 hrs

Collection Timings: 1630 to 1700 hrs


Territory: Visa is handled for Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Union Territories of Puducherry, Daman and Diu.


Kunjaban, Near Circuit House,

Agartala – 799 001

Tel : 0381- 232 4807, 222 5260

Fax : 0381- 232 4807

Office Timings: Mon to Fri, 0830 to 1300 hrs and 1400 to 1630 hrs

Visa Timings: 0830 to 1630 hrs

Collection Timings: 1530 to 1630 hrs

Email :