Using Visa you can roam in the Brazil. The post covers all about Brazil Visa for Indians  for vising Brazil with substantial passport and traveler visa .The Brazilian Government issues 10 distinct sorts of visa contingent upon your motivation for travel. It can divide visas based on the purpose behind the visit.

Brazil Visa for Indians

The three divisions are Tourist (VITUR), Temporary (VITEM), Permanent and Diplomatic/Official for Brazil Visa for Indians.

  1. Brazil Tourist Visa for Indian (VITUR)

  • Tourism
  • Visit relatives as well as companions;
  • Researchers, teachers or specialists going to social, scientific or technological meetings, seminars.
  • Individuals taking part in art or amateur sports contests, at whatever point no money related prize or paid confirmation is included.
  • Holders of visitor visas are not permitted to take part in any paid movement in Brazil.

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  1. Temporary Visa- It is further of 6 types:

Temporary Visa I (VITEM- ):

  • Researchers, educators, specialists, members in social, scientific or technological missions. (administrations gave must not be paid to by a company or other lawful element situated in Brazil, aside from compensation for administrations rendered, with the accommodation of a receipt);
  • Researchers, specialists, scientists or volunteers under the umbrella of a universal collaboration program;
  • Understudies and other unpaid interns, bearers of grants getting proficient practice in Brazil;
  • Exchange understudies;
  • Professionals getting training in the task and support of equipment or machinery created in Brazil;
  • Novice athletes, under 21 years old, taking part in preparing programs in Brazil;
  • Arrangement of administrations to a religious or social help element, without business association with a partnership or other legitimate substance situated in Brazil.

(Transitory Visa I holders are not permitted to take part in any paid action in Brazil.)

Temporary Visa II (VITEM-II):
  • Travellers with a purpose of business, aside from when the trip includes the arrangement of administrations of any nature in Brazil (then a VITEM V is required). Business visas are issued to business travellers who have signed import/send out contracts or who are setting out to visit organizations, make business contacts or assess venture openings;
  • Coverage of media or recording;
  • Flight/ship team individuals not holding an international crew card
  • Brazilian kid’s adoption.
Temporary Visa III (VITEM-III):
  • Participation is paid in athletic or performing art events.
Temporary Student Visa IV (VITEM-IV):
  • Seeking after undergrad, graduate or post-graduate scholastic examinations in Brazil.
Temporary Visa V (VITEM-V):
  • Arrangement of administrations to the Brazilian Government, emerging from an international assertion, contract or undertaking to which Brazil is a party;
  • Work contract with an enterprise or other legitimate entity situated in Brazil;
  • Technical help emerging from an agreement, collaboration assertion, administrations understanding, or comparative instrument signed with an outside organization or other legitimate entity;
  • Proficient training, without a business relationship, instantly after the fulfilment of professional preparing or college training;
  • Medical residency in an educational organization certified by the Ministry of Education and Recreation;
  • Representatives of foreign organizations engaged to work in Brazil as interns or understudies at a subsidiary or Brazilian branch of the outside organization gave that they are paid solely outside of Brazil by that outside organization;
  • Outside teachers or educators who mean to travel to Brazil for a time of preparing in remote dialect direction;
  • Team individuals of foreign
  • Setting out to Brazil to work in waters under Brazilian locale, as required under a sanction, administrations or hazard contract went into with a Brazilian organization;
  • Rented by Brazilian organizations;
  • Team individuals or other professionals who perform paid exercises onboard voyage vessels along the Brazilian drift, in the Amazon River bowl, or in other inland waters.
Temporary Visa VI (VITEM-VI):
  • Media journalists
Temporary Visa VII (VITEM VII):
  • Travel for missionary/religious purpose
  1. Permanent Visas:

  • Family get-together;
  • Changing of living arrangement following retirement;
  • Individual investment in Brazil;
  • Intra-organization transferees to fill in as supervisors, chiefs, or officials;
  • Occupation offer at Brazilian research, technological, or scholastic association in light of field of expertise;
  • Administrator or executive of a religious or social help association.

Diplomatic and Official:

  • Political or Official mission

Brazil visa requirements for Indian citizens

Brazil Tourists visa Requirements:

With impact from 27th Jan 2015, the Brazil visa segment at the Embassy of Brazil will just acknowledge applications for which documents have just been examined into the framework at the season of filling in the visa application form on the internet.


The essential archives that should be filtered are:-

  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Covering letter itemizing the reason for movement and the provisional result of the outing.
  • Welcome letter if appropriate.
  • Passport (bio-data page and the page containing guardians name and address).
  • Some other documents regarded as vital by the candidate.

Any visa application not consenting to the above will be returned at the counter itself.

If it’s not too much trouble take note that the Embassy does not give data on Brazil visa status.  To check the status of your visa visit pls visit check status

This Brazil visa is issued for the accompanying classifications:
  • Entirely for Tourism (touring, get-always, and so on.).
  • Conferences/Seminars (if partaking without pay).
  • Games Competitions (if partaking without pay/prize cash and no passage tickets are sold).
  • Art competitions (if taking part without pay/prize cash and no entry tickets are being sold).
  • Seafarer’s families joining the ship.
  • Rotary trade of short term (within 2-3 months).
  • Travellers of the cruise.

Individuals under 18 years old must give the accompanying: – Besides the General Requirements, these are required.

  • Birth certificate (original) and a photocopy. Photocopies submitted without the original document must be authenticated.
  • An authenticated letter of assent, with the signature of the parent not going with the minor, or by the two guardians if the minor is going alone (if the minor is going with the two parents this letter isn’t essential if both the guardians sign the visa application form and all names show up on the schedule and the two parents are applying for the visa in the meantime).
  • Vaccination record for polio for children (between 3-6 years). On the off chance that the child can’t be immunized, bring an authorized letter from the kid’s doctor.
Non-Indian Citizens:

Besides the General Requirements the accompanying must be met.

  • Non-Indian Citizens should come by and by and furthermore submit a photocopy of the Indian Residential Permit for foreign residents or potentially a legitimate document to come back from Brazil to India or to another nation.

Academic Seminars/Conferences/Congress: Besides the General Requirements the accompanying must be met.

  • Letter from the association will’s identity supporting the excursion.
  • Marked welcome letter from the coordinators saying the accompanying: a) Details of the proposed visit of the candidate, b) Details if the candidate wills get any money related advantages.

Novice Athletes/Participants of Art Contests: Besides the General Requirements the accompanying must be met.

  • The welcome letter, signed by the opposition/challenge coordinators, contains specific information on: a) The action to be performed: b) Action/occasion location and duration: c) Whether or not his prize money (if any) comes from Brazilian sources: d) If there will be a special offer of passage tickets/trips: e) Any monetary benefits the candidate may be eligible for: f) Accountability for ensuring that the candidate returns to India.

Sea Farers Families/Supernumeraries: Besides the General Requirements the accompanying must be met.

  • A letter from the delivery organization according to the format.
  • Photocopy of spouse’s travel permit.
  • Photocopy of spouse’s CDC with the significant legitimacy page

Brazil business visa requirements:

People associated with the establishment, benefit and/or repair of hardware or provision of any sort of specialized help with Brazil don’t meet all requirements for a business visa. They require a Temporary Visa V (Work Permit).

  • The Applicants passport must not terminate under 6 months from the expected entry date in Brazil. The passport must have one clear page accessible.
  • The candidate needs to finish the Online Visa Application Form from the link
  • After filling the form, you will be asked to take a print out consecutive. Signed by the Applicant just, stick your photograph on the fitting spot. (Guardians must sign for minors under 18 years of age).
  • Consulate will never again acknowledge the physically filled visa forms. It is compulsory.
  • One latest photo (5cm x 4cm) with great quality, front view, background preferably white and every single facial component ought to be unmistakably obvious. Previews, PC pictures and touched up photos won’t be acknowledged.
  • A letter from the Indian organization (on its letterhead) where the candidate is utilized, expressing the representative’s name and title, to what extent the worker has been working for the organization, reason for a visit with finish points of interest of the proposed trip (elaborate on business exchanges) and that it accepts full accountability in regards to the candidates business interests and his costs associated with the visit.
  • Welcome letter from Brazil on the organization letterhead unmistakably saying:- an) Its enrollment number (CNPJ), b) The contact points of interest of the organization, and c) All the subtle elements of the proposed visit to Brazil, including the term of the remain. The welcome letter ought to be composed ideally in Portuguese.
  • Letter of a proposal from the Chambers of Commerce/Export Promotion Council/Manufacturers Associations from India.

Brazil Transit Visa Requirements

A travel visa isn’t required if the outsider doesn’t leave the global travel region of the Brazilian universal aero plane terminal and has an affirmed ahead ticket to the last goal in a third nation.

  • The Applicants passport must not lapse under 6 months from the expected landing date in Brazil. The passport must have one clear page accessible. You should likewise bring copies of the initial 2 pages and the last page of the visa.
  • The candidate needs to finish the Online Visa Application Form from
  • After filling the form, you will be asked to take a print out consecutive. Signed by the Applicant just, stick your photograph on the fitting spot. (Guardians must sign for minors under 18 years of age).
  • Consulate will never again acknowledge the physically filled visa frames. It would be ideal if you note it is obligatory.
  • One late photo (5cm x 4cm) with great quality, front view, white foundation and all the facial features should be visible clearly, PC pictures and touched up photos won’t be acknowledged.
  • A covering letter signed by the candidate and routed to the Embassy giving points of interest of the proposed trip.

How to apply for a Brazil visa

The Consulate of Brazil requires a visa application to be finished on the web. Ensure your documentation is precisely arranged. Just give answers to the majority of the fields in the discretionary Document Preparation Service form and a Specialist will work with you to guarantee the required records are arranged rapidly as per government and consular prerequisites. When your application is completed, you will receive a secure and scrambled email containing your personal information. When applying for a visa, whether in person or through a visa benefit, you must provide certain documentation. These archives aid in demonstrating and articulating your identity. To finally obtain your visa, you must file paperwork with a Brazilian government office. If you live too far away from your nearest office, you can visit the department in person or influence the use of a movement or visa to your benefit.

Address of Brazil Embassy in India:

8, Aurangzeb Road
100 011
New Delhi




Website URL  Visa

The office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm.

Brazil Visa Fees

Visa type Visa fee Legalization of documents Total fees
Tourist Rs 1600 Rs 1600 Rs 3200
Business Rs 4800 Rs 1600 Rs 6400
Transit Visa- VITRA Rs 1600 Rs 1600 Rs 3200


The processing time for the Visa will take some 10 to 12 days.