This post helps you in procedure for China Visa for Indians. Travelling is always exciting and visiting another country either for business or tourism is always fun. Counting that, China is the number one priority for Indian people .Almost 80% of Indians prefer doing business with China because it provides cheaper services or better business opportunities than India. For this, large numbers of people apply for a China Tourist visa from India or China Business Visa.

Obtaining a visa for China is an entirely offline process rather than an online one. Many people, however, are unaware of the exact procedure. The China Visa requirement and procedure are explained in simple steps below.

Type of China Visa for Indians

To make yourself clear what type of Chinese visa for Indians you need then move further to apply because every visa has its own requirement and document.

Tourist Visa– comes under the ‘L’ category for tourists

Business Visa– comes under ‘M’ category for business and trade purpose

Non-Commerce Visa– ‘F’ for those who visit China for education tour, cultural exchange, and research

Work Visa– ‘Z’ who wants to work in China

Study Visa– ‘X1/X2’ is for study purpose

Private Visa– ‘S1/S2’ is for the person who visits China to meet family member working or studying there.

Family Visa– ‘Q1/Q2’ is for a person whose family member is a Chinese citizen

Permanent Resident Visa– ‘D’ is for the person who wants to settle in China.

Now, here in this article, we are only focusing on China Business Visa and China Tourist Visa, which people apply the most.

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China Visa Requirements

  1. Passport with 6-months validity and 2-blank pages
  2. Xerox copy of passport including data and photographs
  3. Complete Chinese Visa-application form with 2-photograph attached to it.
  4. The photograph should cover 80% of the face in the white or light background
  5. Proof of resident

China Tourist Visa Requirements

  • If you are employed, provide original bank or company statements as proof of income for financial support.
  • Information on booked tickets, including a return ticket and its Xerox
  • Hotel booking confirmation or staying with a friend

*If you plan to stay at a friend’s house, you may need to apply for a Private Visa of Type S2 OR show proof of a legitimate ongoing relationship with a Chinese friend.

China Business Visa Requirements 

  1. Cover letter of the company mentioning company profile, Travel dates, the purpose of visit, and detail of passenger (name, DOB, and passport number)
  2. Invitation letter mentioning meeting purpose and details of the passenger (mentioned above) on the letterhead of the company in China. Also signature and company seal on the letterhead.
  3. 6-months updated original Bank statement
  4. Air tickets

China Visa Fees

For Indian citizen, the fee is 3900 INR+1652 INR service charge inclusive of GST. For instant service, you need to pay 1800 INR for the visa fee and 2478 INR for additional express service.

How to apply for China Visa

There is no procedure to apply for China Visa online for a Chinese business visa and a China Tourist visa from India, hence, you need to either submit the documents personally at the China embassy in India or send it via post.

  1. First, you need to download the Visa application form from the website Click Here
  2. Fill the form carefully, attach the photograph and sign the form accordingly
  3. Collect all the prepared documents required
  4. Visit the China embassy or send via FedEx
  5. The embassy accepts the application is the citizen is present in India physically. It will deny the application if an applicant is not physically present in India.
  6. If the Visa Application Centre (VAC) is not nearby then prepare the application before 1-month but not earlier than 3-month
  7. For a smooth process, the VAC encourages you to take an appointment for submitting an application.
  8. Be punctual if there is already an appointment; else take a token number for your turn.
  9. When your token number announced, submit the form at the counter
  10. You will receive a pick-up form or receipt in which the expected date of pick-up will be mentioned.
  11. You can pay the fee at the time of visa collection including service of VAC through Demand draft or cash

In case you use a third party for visa application, choose a reliable service

  1. Note down your tracking number
  2. Include all the documents to prevent the delay of the process
  3. The embassy will inform you in case there is a fault in the documents
  4. You do not need to visit the VAC to collect your application
  5. A postal application does not require cash or a Demand draft. You can use a debit/credit card for payment.
  6. For this, download the form and fill in the debit and credit card details. Post this form along with the Visa application form.
  7. The VAC will deduct the required fee and will send you the receipt along with Visa.
  8. For post facility, you need to send a prepaid-self address envelope along with the application form.
  9. To track your visa, you are advised to note down your tracking number

Chinese Embassy Address in India

Concourse Floor, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, New Delhi -110001 India


*once you receive your visa, do check your name, DOB, passport number, validity, and other details

*never mention wrong information in the visa application form otherwise your visa will be cancelled

* a fee will be charged as per China Embassy per person along with an additional charge of VAC at your location.