Do you require a Duplicate Driving Licence Noida? This is the ultimate guide to applying for a duplicate driving licence in Noida.

You know how important a driver’s licence is in everyday life. If you lost your driving licence or it was stolen, torn, or mutilated, you will need a duplicate driver’s licence in Noida.

What is a duplicate licence?

If you lose your driving licence, then you do not have to worry as there is a easy way to obtain another copy of it and also you have us at Itzeazy to make it more easier and help you receive a duplicate driving licence Noida from the comfort of your home.

How to apply for duplicate driving licence Noida?

To apply for duplicate driving licence Noida follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Click here to visit the parivahan portal
  • Step 2: Click on “Online services”
  • Next step click on “Driver Licence related services”
  • A screen will pop up and select the city and choose the state – click on Uttar Pradesh to move to the next step
  • Then click on “service on driving licence”
  • Click”Proceed” and head to the next page to upload your documents to get a duplicate driving licence in Noida
  • Once documents are uploaded, click “submit” to head to your processing your application
  • Then obtain a printout of the Acknowledgment and head to the RTO before 11:30 am
  • Then pay the required fees and submit the application finally

Appointment for duplicate driver’s license:

To get an appointment for duplicate driver’s licence in Noida

  1. Click here to make an appointment with the jurisdictional RTO office
  2. Please click “Appointment and Slot Booking”
  3. Then select the “services on driving license” option.
  4. A new window will pop up, now click the option you require and submit to validate your request for booking an appointment.

How to apply for Duplicate Driving License in Noida Offline

To apply for a duplicate driving licence in Noida in physical mode then you need to visit the RTO first.

  • You need to visit the closest RTO office in your area
  • Now click here to download all the forms needed
  • Regarding Application and Intimation of loss or destruction of the driving licence in Form LLD, you can obtain it from the RTO itself
  • Double-check to have all the required documents in hand.
  • Then pay the fees and submit your application for a duplicate driving licence Noida

Here are a few cases of what to do if your driver’s licence is lost or stolen before applying for one.

What if I lose my driving licence?

In case, you lose your diving licence, then after utmost checking and failing that you do not have another copy of the driving licence, you can apply for a duplicate driving licence.

What if my driving licence is stolen?

Then you should file a FIR report with your nearest police station. This FIR report is an important document as it is part of the documents required for the duplicate driving licence Noida application to be made.

Documents required for duplicate Driving licence Noida

These documents are required to apply for a duplicate driving licence Noida. Keep these documents handy before applying for a duplicate driver’s licence in Noida.

  • Police FIR report incase where Driving licence is stolen
  • Duly filled Application in Form LLD
  • Passport size photographs -2 proper copies
  • If the original license is torn or damaged, then it has to be surrendered to the RTO officials
  • Original Aadhaar card
  • Original and valid Identity Proof with your photo
  • Original and valid residential proof (Voter’s card, Aadhaar Card, passport)
  • Driving License particulars as in original

Validity of duplicate Driving licence in Noida

The validity of a duplicate driving licence in Noida will be as same as the original driving licence.

Fees for duplicate Driver’s licence in Noida

To apply for a duplicate driving license Noida, the amount required to be paid as fees is Rs.200


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