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how to track learning licence application status online

how to track learning licence application status online

Are you searching for how to track learning license application Status online?Tracking Learning License Application Status can be done online, by using the Regional Transport Website or Sarathi Parivahan Website, if you have successfully applied for the license. This article will provide you with information about how to track learning license application status.

But What is a learning license? and Why is it required?

Learning License

A learning licence permits an individual to learn driving from a knowledgeable and skilled instructor or driver. He/ she can practice driving with a permanent driving licence holder too. This, in turn, will help them to acquire driving skills before the vehicle is taken out finally.

This type of licence is easy to apply and get a permanent driving licence. The applicant cannot directly apply for a permanent driving licence. The applicant gets familiar with the road and traffic rules and regulations.

First, we will provide you with some basic knowledge about How to apply for a learning license and other important points. Then, we will provide you with a way to ‘Track your learning license application status’.

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How to apply for a learning license

You can apply for a learner’s license in India through either using an online or offline platform.

Online platform

  • Open the Regional Transport website of your state or go to the Sarathi Parivahan website
  • Click on the learner’s license application link. The form will open, and fill out the form (you will only need to fill out the basic information about yourself). 
  •  Submit a scanned copy of all the documents required. Select the time slot for your learner license test online. Pay the mentioned fee online.
  • Go to your RTO or learner license test facility on your allotted time slot to take your learner’s license test with the receipt of payment.

Offline mode

Step 1: Go to your nearest RTO office.

Step 2: Fill the application form and attach all the required documents.

Step 3: Submit the application form and application fee of rupees 150.

Step 4: Ask for your learner’s license test time slot.

Step 5: Go for your test at the allotted time slot.

The learner license will be sent to your permanent address in both cases of applying through online mode and offline mode.

Document required for applying for learner’s license

  • Age proof 
  • Address proof 
  • Application fee
  • 6 passport size photograph
  • The medical certificate with form no.1 and 1a, attached by a certified government doctor 
  • Correctly filled form

Tracking of learning licence application status online

You can track the learning licence application status after 30 days passing the drive skill test at the RTO. Let’s see how to track learning license application Status online?

How to track learning license application status

Please note that only after 30 days you can track the status of the application. For that you need to have the application number and mobile number. You can track the learning licence application status via Sarathi Parivahan or Regional Website.

Not only for learning licence, you can also check the application status for name change in driving licence, address change, add class, services on driving licence, etc. How to track learning license application Status online? 

Firstly, visit Sarthi parivahan website. And, go to online services and select driving license services. 

A new page will open, on that page select your state from the following states:-

  1. Jammu Kashmir 
  2. Himachal Pradesh 
  3. Chandigarh 
  4. Haryana 
  5. Ladakh 
  6. Delhi 
  7. Chhattisgarh 
  8. Daman Diu 
  9. Goa 
  10. Gujarat 
  11. Assam  
  12. Bihar 
  13. Arunachal Pradesh 
  14. Jharkhand 
  15. Kerala 
  16. Karnataka 
  17. Maharashtra 
  18. Meghalaya 
  19. Lakshadweep 
  20. Manipur 
  21. Pondicherry  
  22. Madhya Pradesh 
  23. Nagaland 
  24. Punjab 
  25. Mizoram 
  26. Odisha 
  27. Sikkim 
  28. Tamil Nadu 
  29. Rajasthan 
  30. Uttar Pradesh 
  31. Tripura 
  32. Uttarakhand 
  33. Telangana 
  34. West Bengal

Select the application status, present in the main menu slot. And, then enter your application number, date of birth, and captcha code.

Enter or submit. Your learning license application status will show on your screen.

You will need to remember that Sarthi parivahan website will update your status after 30 days of obtaining your learning license application.

Some important points to know

Now you know how to track learning license application Status online. Before tracking the status you should keep some points in mind. 

  • The learner’s license is valid throughout the country.
  • If you want to apply for a non-gear vehicle and gear vehicle then you don’t have to apply separately, you can apply for both of them through a common learning license as well.
  • The learner’s license will be valid for six months from the date of issue.
  • You can also apply together for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.


Tracking learning license application status through the Sarathi Parivahan website is quick and simple. The application procedure is also quite convenient for the citizen.

The motor vehicles act 1988, has made it mandatory for every person to have a driving license if that person wants to drive on an Indian road.

That’s all about how to track learning license application Status online

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