How to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India? When individuals acquire an automobile, they normally want to drive it in the city or state where they live. Many people, on the other hand, reside in one state and want to buy a car from another.

Some individuals buy a car in one state and then move to another state, requiring them to alter the vehicle’s registration information. Transferring car ownership or registration is critical in all of the aforementioned situations.

If you find yourself in one of these circumstances, the comprehensive guidance offered below should be of assistance. This article will clarify how to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India?

What Documents Are Necessary For A Vehicle Registration Transfer?

For the transfer of vehicle registration from one state to another in India, like with most RTO services, several documents must be acquired and then filed. To guarantee a successful transfer, please ensure that the relevant paperwork is gathered, filled out, and submitted. Before delving into how to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India keep your documents handy.

  • Passport-Size Photographs – 2 Self-Attested Copies PAN Card – 1 Self-Attested Copy Address Proof – 1 Self-Attested Copy
  • RTO Documents Must Be Obtained
  • 3 Copies of Form 28
  • 2 Copies of Form 29
  • 2 copies of Form 30
  • 1 copy with bank stamp Sale Affidavit – 1 copy Clearance Certificate – 1 copy Car Documents
  • R.C. (Registration Certificate)
  • PUC (Provincial University of California) (Pollution under Control)
  • Insurance
  • Application for Insurance Transfer – If the insurance is transferred to the buyer.
  • Car invoice – In case of RC detail discrepancy

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How to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India

How to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India? The vehicle registration transfer process is the same whether you’re selling a car or a motorcycle. The protocol for a seller is outlined below and should be followed. This is how to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India.

  • Step 1: If the car purchase involves a bank loan, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) must be obtained from the bank where the loan was taken. A NO Crime Record Certificate must also be obtained from the RTO where the car is registered.
  • Step 2: If the car is acquired from another state, the RTO where the vehicle was initially registered must issue a NOC. Because protocols vary from RTO to RTO, sellers should contact the RTO for further information. 
  • Step 3: After submitting the NOC, the vehicle must be re-registered with the RTO in the new state. The new Registration Certificate will include the new owner’s name as well as additional information. Forms 29 and 30 from the RTO must be provided to do this.
  • Step 4: If a vehicle is registered in one state and the road tax is paid there, but the car is moved to another state, the owner can petition for a refund of the road tax from the original RTO where the vehicle was registered.

The car can be lawfully driven in the new state when all of the aforementioned requirements have been completed. Both vendors and purchasers from other states might follow these methods. As soon as the new state’s NOC is obtained, the holder must report to the new RTO so that the police may check the information. 

The new owner must register the automobile in the new state when the verification procedure is completed, and they will then be able to drive in the state. The procedure of acquiring a NOC takes roughly five weeks, but the paperwork can take up to six months.

If you have completed all the documents before transferring the car to another state

While most individuals complete the essential papers and documentation before transporting a car to another state, the vehicle may be transported to a new state without the above-mentioned procedures completed. Here’s what you need to do in this case:

  • If the NOC was obtained but the vehicle was not moved to the new state promptly, the NOC must be revoked by going to the RTO and paying the cancellation fee.
  • If the NOC was acquired and the vehicle was used in the new state but the Road Tax was not paid, the owner must fill out and submit a Non-Migration Certificate along with the penalty for driving the vehicle without paying the Road Tax to the RTO.
  • If the new owner desires to sell the vehicle in the new state, a NOC, together with the new Road Tax Receipt, must be presented to the new state’s RTO. The automobile can be sold in the state once this paperwork has been properly filed.

What happens if you don’t have RC Transfer and drive a vehicle?

You cannot skip the transfer of RC, just as you cannot drive a car on the road without a valid driver’s licence. When you cross state lines to make a permanent home in a new city, this rule applies. If you continue to operate your car without having your RC transferred after a year, the traffic cop can:

  • Your vehicle will be impounded.
  • You will be penalised for the amount specified.


It is for everyone’s safety, thus each car is registered in the same manner as it is acquired. The registration procedure is important since it provides your car with an identifying number.

It states that a car bearing a specific number is unmistakably yours. The registration of the car is as necessary and required, just as motor insurance coverage is.

You should be aware that road taxes and regulations differ from one state to the next. This is why, when you permanently cross the border, you must re-register your car. Furthermore, the vehicle should be registered before it has to be re-registered.

I hope we were able to clear your query regarding how to transfer vehicle registration from one state to another in India. Make sure that you get a clearance on road tax levied on the state of the vehicle being sold. Also, it is recommended to check the expiry dates of the documents such as insurance, NOC, PUC and such to avoid any last-minute issues and grievances. 

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