In this article, we will talk about how to check e challan and how to pay e challan in Maharashtra. Read the article to know all about the maha traffic challan.

What is an e-challan payment and how does it work?

Online maha traffic challan or e-Challan is a complex software tool that consists of an Android-based mobile app and a web interface that was created to provide a comprehensive solution for Traffic Enforcement Officers and Police Officers. This app-cum-application is connected with the Vahan and Sarathi apps and offers a variety of user-friendly features while covering all of the primary traffic enforcement system functions.

This is an end-to-end automated system with a digital interface for all challan eco-system stakeholders. For the following stakeholders, the program provides specialized interfaces:

  • Officers of the law
  • Citizens (drivers and owners of private or commercial vehicles)
  • Office of State Transportation
  • NIC admin Ministry of Road and Transport Regional Transport/Traffic Office

e-Challan Maharashtra Police: Maharashtra Traffic Police now has an E Challan option. 

We may check the status of a traffic e challan online at, which is the official website for checking pending online maha traffic challan or e challans. 

You may also pay the e challan money in person at any RTO Maharashtra e challan by using Net Banking, Debit Card, or Other Payment System.

Paying maha traffic challan:

There are two ways to pay the maha traffic challan or an e-challan that has been issued in your name.

Paying it online is the most convenient option.

  • The government has set up a special webpage for paying the e-challan online or maha traffic challan.
  • You may quickly locate the webpage for your Indian state’s e-challan payment online.
  • A unique challan number will be assigned to the e-challan issued in your name.
  • Fill enter this number in the area given on the website and complete the transaction.

Offline: You can also pay your maha traffic challan offline. To make a payment against your e-challan number, go to your local police station.

How can I check my maha traffic challan online with my vehicle number?

You may check your maha traffic challan by entering your vehicle number in the box below. Using MumTrafficapp, you may check the amount of your e-challan.

How can I pay my Maharashtra Traffic Police e-challan?

  • Click here to pay the maha traffic challan for Mumbai traffic police:
  • Enter your vehicle number, such as AA 11 AA 1111, and the last four digits of your chassis or engine number, then enter the Captcha Code, then click the Submit button. Your Memo Amount will be displayed along with a CCTV camera photograph 

showing where you may have broken Mumbai Traffic Police rules and regulations.

  • You will be routed to the Netbanking Page Gateway, where you may pay online using various payment methods like debit card, credit card, and net banking.
  • Before going to payment, please check for your bank in the list of banks and choose the Gateway that includes your bank.
  • In all of the gateways, you may pay using Internet Banking or Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Before proceeding to pay maha traffic challan Online Payment, please remember to take note of the Reference number generated.
  • By selecting the maha traffic challan Status Option, you may check the status of your e-challan.
  • If your account has been debited and the money has not yet been reflected on our site, you may check the status by clicking the Transaction e challan status button next to the Make Pay button. And, if your bank transaction is successful, it is instantly recorded on our site, and you will receive a receipt for the same. Money that has been deducted will not be repaid with the same care. Please read all of the instructions.

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How to Check Maha Traffic Challan Online?

  • To check the status of your Maha Traffic Challan, go to
  • After entering your Challan Number and Captcha Code, click the Submit button.
  • Using the the website, you may check the status of your traffic challan.

How Do You Connect Your Phone Number To Your Car?

  • Go to and enter your vehicle number as well as the last four digits of your vehicle’s chassis number. 
  • After entering the captcha code, click the Link Mobile Button.

Maharashtra Police have e challan rules.

Following traffic rules should be everyone’s true goal to ensure not only their safety but also the safety of others. Anyone discovered breaking traffic regulations or not paying attention while out and about in Mumbai is handed a traffic challan. The most common types of traffic police Challans issued by Mumbai traffic City Police are running a red signal, speeding, not wearing head protection, failing to read sign sheets, driving without a permit, and so on. 

To gradually reduce the escalating number of road accidents in India, the traffic police have implemented the CCTV-enabled e-Challan system. A CCTV camera captures images of oncoming vehicles in real-time. If a driver disobeys a traffic rule, the incident will be captured on video. The police will attempt to extract the number from a screen snap of the car captured on CCTV footage, and the infraction will be recorded.

The traffic cops will next work with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to determine the vehicle’s identity and owner.

The software presents a revolutionary approach to issuing eChallans utilising a mobile-based app. Only law enforcement agents using Android smartphones have access to the system through mobile. While web-based access is open to all other stakeholders, mobile-based access guarantees that services are accessible at all times and from any location. This application will access and update data from/to national databases, and it will be created following Vahan 4 and Sarathi 4 criteria.

E-challan Data integrity, dependability, and transparency will be ensured by connecting all stakeholders through a shared system.

I hope this article was successful in satiating your query about checking e-challan and how to pay e-challan with maha traffic challan. Make sure to drive safe and follow all the traffic rules to avoid any further fines by the road and traffic authorities.