A driving licence is a necessary document that allows you to drive any type of vehicle on the road. Driving in public without an official license is illegal. The applicant for a driving licence must have a learning licence first. Throughout this article, we will provide your with all the necessary information about LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad.

Learning License in Hyderabad

Anyone over 18 years of age in Hyderabad can apply for a learning license. Learning licenses are temporary licenses that are valid for 6 months. The Hyderabad RTO issues learning licenses according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

An individual with the Hyderabad learning license can learn to drive in the company of an authorized instructor. Before applying for LLR you need to do LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad.

If you don’t have a licence and you apply for one, you will need to reserve a slot twice. To obtain a learner licence, you must first do LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad for the computer exam. When you have had your learner’s license for a month, you should visit the RTO to take a driving skill test. So to take the driving skill test you need to book a slot again. If you pass, you will then be issued a driving license in Hyderabad.

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Eligibility for Slot booking of LLR in Hyderabad

  • In order to apply for a license to drive a vehicle without gear, an applicant should be at least sixteen years old, and their parent or guardian must sign a declaration.
  • The applicant must be at least eighteen years old to apply for a driving licence to drive a vehicle other than a transport vehicle.
  • A candidate who has reached the age of twenty will be qualified to book slot for LLR in Hyderabad to apply for a permit.

Documents Required for LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad

  • An address proof such as an Aadhaar card, a passport, a voter identification card, a telephone bill, a bank statement, and a gas bill is valid.
  • Proof of Date of Birth (Educational Certificate showing date of birth, Passport, Birth Certificate issued by an authorized authority such as GHMC, Municipality, etc.)
  • Form No.2 Application.
  • (Form No. 1 – Self declaration of fitness for non-transport vehicles only).
  • Form No. 1 A (Medical Certificate-for Vehicles of the Transport Category / For applicants over 40 Years Of Age).
  • Fees as prescribed by CMV Rule 32, 1989, plus user fees.

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LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad

  • Visit – https://www.transport.telangana.gov.in/ for LLR Slot booking hyderabad.
  • Choose “licence” from the menu tab, then click on “learner’s licence”.

LLR Slot booking Hyderabad

  • There will be a new page. To reserve a learner licence slot, scroll down and click on “CLICK HERE TO BOOK LEARNER LICENCE SLOT”
  • A new page will appear, read the instructions and click on continue
  • You must now complete the form. Submit the captcha after entering the otp. You must now pay the necessary fees.
  • A new page will appear fill out the details and book the slot.

Once you click the button that says “Conform to Slot Book,” a payment option will show up. On this day, you must visit the RTO and take the computer test. If you pass the computer skills test, you will receive a learner’s licence in Hyderabad.

Conclusion: LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad

Do LLR Slot Booking Hyderabad. You must choose a date for the online test when DL application. Go to a chosen online test centre, select the date, and pass the exam.

Despite a few questions of logic and common sense, the question will be simple. Once you pass the online test, you will receive a learner’s licesne in Hyderabad, after which you can apply in the same manner for the driving test.

Pay a visit to the chosen test location to take the driving test. So, once you arrive at the testing location, you must present all of your paperwork, including your learner’s licence and a copy of each receipt. They will then check everything and provide you with a form.