In this article, we will discuss road tax renewal in west Bengal online, how to check road tax payment status, road tax rates, etc.

West Bengal is one of the states of India and its capital is Kolkata. In the state, there are vast connective roads, and for maintaining all things smoothly the state government charges the road tax. This tax is for every vehicle owner who is residing in West Bengal.

If you have a commercial vehicle then it’s compulsory to pay the road tax. Every commercial vehicle needs to pay the road tax yearly or monthly. By using parivahan portal you can easily pay the road tax online.

Steps for road tax renewal in West Bengal online

Paying road tax renewal in west Bengal online is very easy by using parivahan portal. We will give you the step-by-step process for how to road tax renewal in west Bengal online.

  1. Visit the parivahan website.
  2. From the menu select the online service and from there click on vehicle-related services.
  3. Then select your state. Ex west Bengal.
  4. Next, select your RTO and click on the proceed button.
  5. Now select RC-related service for paying tax.
  6. Then enter your registration number and check how much vehicle tax is pending.
  7. Pay your pending vehicle tax and pay it.
  8. After paying vehicle tax your road tax renewal in west bengal online is done.

Steps for checking road tax payment status in west Bengal

For checking your payment status you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the official website of parivahan seva for checking the payment status.
  2. From the menu select transaction status and after that click on know your transaction status.
  3. Now select any one option such as transaction id, bank ref., registration number, payment id, Grn number, and enter details of it.
  4. After that click on the search button and your payment status will appear on your screen.

Steps for paying road tax renewal in west Bengal offline

For paying road tax renewal offline you can visit your nearest rto and fill out the form for the road tax renewal. Submit the form along with payment of the pending road tax and your renewal is done.

Documents required for the Road tax renewal in west Bengal

Following are the documents required for the road tax renewal in west Bengal online or offline.

  • RC book of the vehicle
  • Insurance policy
  • Invoice of the purchase of the vehicle
  • ID proof of vehicle owner
  • Address proof of vehicle owner
  • NOC from the RTO of the original state in which the vehicle is registered if the vehicle is moved from another state.

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RTO in west Bengal

1. Code: WB-01

Office: Beltala (Two Wheelers)

2. Code: WB-02

Office: Beltala (Four Wheelers private vehicles)

3. Code: WB-03

Office: Beltala (commercial goods carriages)

4. Code: WB-04

Office: Beltala (commercial passenger vehicles)

5. Code: WB-05

Office: Kasba (commercial vehicles)

6. Code: WB-06

Office: Kasba (private vehicles)

7. Code: WB-07

Office: Salt Lake (commercial vehicles)

8. Code: WB-08

Office: Salt Lake (private vehicles)

9. Code: WB-09

Office: Behala (commercial vehicles)

10. Code: WB-10

Office: Behala (private vehicles)

11. Code: WB-11

Office: Howrah (commercial vehicles)

12. Code: WB-12

Office: Howrah (private vehicles)

13. Code: WB-13

Office: Uluberia (commercial vehicles)

14. Code: WB-14

Office: Uluberia (private vehicles)

15. Code: WB-15

Office: Chinsurah (commercial vehicles)

16. Code: WB-16

Office: Chinsurah (private vehicles)

17. Code: WB-17

Office: Serampore (commercial vehicles)

18. Code: WB-18

Office: Serampore (private vehicles)

19. Code: WB-19

Office: Alipore (commercial vehicles)

20. Code: WB-20

Office: Alipore (private vehicles)

21. Code: WB-21

Office: Basirhat (commercial vehicles)

22. Code: WB-22

Office: Alipore (private vehicles)

23. Code: WB-23

Office: Barrackpore (commercial vehicles)

24. Code: WB-24

Office: Barrackpore (private vehicles)

25. Code: WB-25

Office: Barasat (commercial vehicles)

26. Code: WB-26

Office: Barasat (private vehicles)

27. Code: WB-27

Office: Bangaon (commercial vehicles)

28. Code: WB-28

Office: Bangaon (private vehicles)

29. Code: WB-29

Office: Tamluk (commercial vehicles)

30. Code: WB-30

Office: Tamluk (private vehicles)

31. Code: WB-31

Office: Contai (commercial vehicles)

32. Code: WB-32

Office: Contai (private vehicles)

33. Code: WB-33

Office: Medinipur (commercial vehicles)

34. Code: WB-34

Office: Medinipur (private vehicles)

35. Code: WB-35

Office: Kharagpur (Commercial Vehicles)

36. Code: WB-36

Office: Kharagpur (Private Vehicles)

37. Code: WB-37

Office: Asansol (commercial vehicles)

38. Code: WB-38

Office: Asansol (private vehicles)

39. Code: WB-39

Office: Durgapur (commercial vehicles)

40. Code: WB-40

Office: Durgapur (private vehicles)

41. Code: WB-41

Office: Burdwan (commercial vehicles)

42. Code: WB-42

Office: Burdwan (private vehicles)

43. Code: WB-43

Office: Kalna (commercial vehicles)

44. Code: WB-44

Office: Kalna (private vehicles)

45. Code: WB-45

Office: Rampurhat (commercial vehicles)

46. Code: WB-46

Office: Rampurhat (private vehicles)

47. Code: WB-47

Office: Bolpur (commercial vehicles)

48. Code: WB-48

Office: Bolpur (private vehicles)

49. Code: WB-49

Office: Jhargram (commercial vehicles)

50. Code: WB-50

Office: Jhargram (private vehicles)

51. Code: WB-51

Office:  Krishnanagar (commercial vehicles)

52. Code: WB-52

Office:  Krishnanagar (private vehicles)

53. Code: WB-53

Office:  Birbhum (commercial vehicles)

There are more offices that you can visit for road tax renewal in West Bengal Online

54. Code: WB-54

Office:  Birbhum (private vehicles)

55. Code: WB-55

Office:  Purulia (commercial vehicles)

56. Code: WB-56

Office:  Purulia (private vehicles)

57. Code: WB-57

Office:  Murshidabad (commercial vehicles)

58. Code: WB-58

Office: Murshidabad (private vehicles)

59. Code: WB-59

Office: Raiganj (commercial vehicles)

60. Code: WB-60

Office: Raiganj (private vehicles)

61. Code: WB-61

Office: Balurghat (commercial vehicles)

62. Code: WB-62

Office: Balurghat (private vehicles)

63. Code: WB-63

Office: Cooch Behar (commercial vehicles)

64. Code: WB-64

Office:  Cooch Behar (private vehicles)

65. Code: WB-65

Office: Malda City (commercial vehicles)

66. Code: WB-66

Office: Malda City (private vehicles)

67. Code: WB-67

Office:  Bankura (commercial vehicles)

68. Code: WB-68

Office: Bankura (private vehicles)

69. Code: WB-69

Office:  Alipurduar (commercial vehicles)

70. Code: WB-70

Office: Alipurduar (private vehicles)

71. Code: WB-71

Office: Jalpaiguri (commercial vehicles)

72. Code: WB-72

Office: Jalpaiguri (private vehicles)

73. Code: WB-73

Office: Siliguri (commercial vehicles)

74. Code: WB-74

Office: Siliguri (private vehicles)

75. Code: WB-75

Office: Katwa (private and commercial vehicles)

76. Code: WB-76

Office: Darjeeling (commercial vehicles)

77. Code: WB-77

Office: Darjeeling (private vehicles)

78. Code: WB-78

Office: Kalimpong (commercial vehicles)

79. Code: WB-79

Office: Kalimpong (private vehicles)

80. Code: WB-81

Office: Raghunathpur (commercial vehicles)

81. Code: WB-82

Office: Raghunathpur (private vehicles)

82. Code: WB-83

Office: Chanchal (commercial vehicles)

83. Code: WB-84

Office: Chanchal (private vehicles)

84. Code: WB-85

Office: Mathabhanga (commercial vehicles)

85. Code: WB-86

Office: Mathabhanga (private vehicles)

86. Code: WB-87

Office: Bishnupur (commercial vehicles)

87. Code: WB-88

Office: Bishnupur (private vehicles)

88. Code: WB-89

Office: Kalyani (commercial vehicles)

89. Code: WB-90

Office: Kalyani (private vehicles)

90. Code: WB-91

Office: Islampur (commercial vehicles)

91. Code: WB-92

Office: Islampur (private vehicles)

92. Code: WB-93

Office: Jangipur (commercial vehicles)

93. Code: WB-94

Office: Jangipur (private vehicles)

94. Code: WB-95

Office: Baruipur (commercial vehicles)

95. Code: WB-96

Office: Baruipur (private vehicles)

96. Code: WB-97

Office: Diamond Harbour (commercial vehicles)

97. Code: WB-98

Office:  Diamond Harbour (private vehicles)

98. Code: WB-99

Office: Jaynagar (private vehicles)

That’s all about road tax renewal in West Bengal Online. Feel free to ask any queries regarding the article.