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Link driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu

Link driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu

How to link driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu.The Aadhaar swiftly rose to prominence as one of India’s primary identifying documents. As a result, to increase the stability of their system, an increasing number of services are now connecting to Aadhaar.

Such a relationship allows the successful and precise identification of people because security is an essential component of any framework. To prevent the same person from receiving multiple connections, many services now require Aadhaar linkage.

The Central Government is supporting the UIDAI’s plans to make it necessary to link the Aadhaar card to the driver’s licence. In this article, we’ll examine how to Link a driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu as well as the benefits of doing so.

  1. Online Aadhaar and Driver’s License Linkage 
  2. Why is the Aadhaar Card Linked to Driver’s Licenses? 
  3. Links to the Department of Transportation Website that Connect Aadhaar and Driver’s License 

Link driving license with Aadhar Tamil Nadu

The procedure of linking varies since different states’ state road transport corporations issue driving licences. The positioning of the tabs on the website is different, but the fundamental structure of the process is still the same for you to link driving license with Aadhar Tamil Nadu. 

How to Link driving license with Aadhar Tamil Nadu online is shown below: 

  1. Start by visiting the Transport Department’s official website for your state or Union Territory.
  2. From the home page, select the Driving License option under the Link Aadhaar Tab. 
  3. Type in your DL number and click Get Details. 
  4. Next, enter both your registered mobile number and 12-digit Aadhaar number. 
  5. To generate an OTP for verification, click Submit. 
  6. Enter the OTP after receiving it on your registered mobile number to finish the process.
  7. Your Aadhaar and License will be linked after successful validation. 

How to Link your driving license with Aadhar Tamil Nadu offline? 

You can visit the regional road transport office (RTO) to submit the request to link your driving licence with your aadhaar card if you would prefer to do so via an offline manner. 

The procedure to Link your driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu using an offline mode is as follows: 

  1. Bring your driver’s licence and aadhaar card to the regional road transport office (RTO) that is closest to you (both originals and copy) 
  2. Get a registration form for aadhaar 
  3. Fill out the form’s details. Make sure to include any pertinent information, such as your 12-digit aadhaar number and driving licence number, in the space, provided.
  4. Send the completely completed and signed aadhaar registration form to the designated RTO officer, along with a copy of your driving licence and Aadhaar. 
  5. The official will use your original Aadhaar and driver’s licence to verify all the information you entered. 
  6. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number you provided once the connection of your driving licence and Aadhaar card has been completed.

Why are driving permits linked to Aadhaar cards? 

To prevent the same person from holding multiple licences, the government has taken attempts to link driving licence with Aadhaar Tamil Nadu. Every person in India is required to possess a single driver’s licence.

However, the government has seen various instances when persons have been able to get several licences in practice. This is not only against the law, but it also makes it difficult to file a lawsuit against them should they commit a crime.

The government may easily stop this threat by tying the Aadhaar card to the driver’s licence. Since each person only has one Aadhaar, this linkage will make it simple to find drivers who have several licences. Although the process is now not required, the government intends to make it so soon. 

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Advantages of tying a driver’s licence to an Aadhaar card 

The following are some advantages of the directive to Link driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu: 

  1. By tying the Aadhar card to the driver’s licence, the entire operation will fall under one roof. 
  2. Authorized agencies will be able to access the Aadhaar-based unified platform.
  3. The authorized organizations will be able to distinguish between fake and real driving licenses. 
  4. Transport authorities will be able to spot forged documents and take the appropriate action if a person has multiple licences. 
  5. Information about the drivers will be kept in a central online database. The information would be accessible throughout India to prevent the renewal of duplicate licences. 
  6. The order to link the Aadhar card to the driver’s licence will encourage accountability and anti-corruption. 
  7. The entire procedure will be electronic. As a result, unlike manual processes, people who pass the driving test will receive their driving licence 72 hours later.
  8. Fewer traffic accidents will occur because no one can obtain a licence without passing the driving test. 
  9. Several transport department-related tasks will now be easier and quicker. 

Aadhaar and driving licence linking links  

You can Link driving license with aadhar Tamil Nadu using the following links to various Department of Transportation websites. They represent the transportation department in


Is connecting your driver’s licence to your Aadhaar card required? 

Since the Supreme Court ruled that an Indian citizen’s right cannot be refused because they do not have a unique identifying number, it is now not required to link a driver’s licence to an Aadhaar card. Due to instances of fake and duplicate driving licences, the Indian Central Government is planning to make attaching an aadhaar card to a driving licence mandatory. 

May I create electronic Aadhaar cards so that my driving licence and Aadhaar can be linked? 

Yes. To link a driver’s licence to an aadhaar, an e-aadhaar can be created. A digital copy of your aadhaar that has been digitally signed by the UIDAI’s competent authority is known as an”e-aadhaar” (UIDAI).Additionally, the e-aadhaar must be treated equally to the actual aadhaar card, according to the Aadhaar Act. However, you just need to enter an aadhaar number that is the same in both the e-aadhaar and the physical aadhaar card if you want to link your aadhaar card to your driver’s licence online. 

If my mobile number is not listed in Aadhaar records, can I still use the internet link to connect my Aadhaar card to a driver’s licence? 

No. As the authentication and verification of the process will be carried out by getting the one-time password (OTP) sent to the Aadhaar registered mobile number, registration of a mobile number is a crucial prerequisite for linking a driving licence with an Aadhaar card via online mode.


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