Learning License Maharashtra– Driving is an art. This art will be learned with perfection. Yet driving is subject to some prerequisites. Before a person drives a vehicle on public roads, he/she must be able to have a valid license.

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 confers a restriction on individuals to have a valid driving license. It provides that no one in India will be allowed to drive a vehicle without a valid driver’s license. In this article, we will drive you through the procedure of learning license in Maharashtra

The basic necessity to drive a vehicle is fulfilled by the license. The learning license is the first prerequisite to be followed to procure a license in Maharashtra. In the purview of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 an individual must possess a learning license prior to a permanent driving license in Maharashtra. Further, a car insurance policy is existential for every vehicle in the State of Maharashtra, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

What is a Learner license?

It is a type of license that has temporary nature. It is a temporary document used to drive a vehicle in India. This license is valid for only 6 months. After the issuance of a learning license, within one month a person can apply for a permanent driving license. 

Different types of learning licenses in the State of Maharashtra

Some of the types of Learning License Maharashtra are as under:

  • Learning license for a motorcycle with gear
  • Learning license for a motorcycle without gear
  • Learning license for a light motor vehicle
  • Learning license for a medium vehicle
  • Learning license for a medium/heavy passenger vehicle
  • Learning license for a heavy goods vehicle
  • Learning license for a road roller
  • Learning license for an invalid carriage
  • Learning license for a motor vehicle of a specified description. 

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Documents required for procuring a Learning license in Maharashtra.

Submission of the correct and valid documents helps in the smooth functioning of the license procedure. The documents required at the time of the application of the learning license in Maharashtra can be submitted in two modes, either online through their portal or via Maharashtra RTO. Some of these documents are provided below:

  • Passport size photographs – recent ones
  • Application form 2
  • Medical and physical fitness certificate Form 1 & Form 1A.
  • Age proof documents (Aadhaar Card, Date of birth certificate, School leaving certificate, Passport)
  • Address proof documents (Aadhaar Card, Ration card, Voter ID, Electricity bill)
  • Application fee & test fee.

Procedure to get the Learning license Maharashtra

To obtain a learning license Maharashtra, a seven-step procedure is to be followed:

Visit the portal of the Parivahan online. It can be accessed at: https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/. Then select the option of Driving license related services from the menu on the screen. Then select the respective state (Here Maharashtra). Then from the parivahan service website, choose the Learner license option. Then select the option of Application for New learner license. Then look for the Application Submission. A seven-stage procedure will appear on the screen for issuing a learning license in Maharashtra. 

Stage 1: Fill out Application details Learning License Maharashtra.

Click on the Continue option, and then select the category. Further, select the Applicant does not hold any Driving/learning licence issued in India, and RTO Office to display camps/Sewa Kendra. Choose your near campus and click on the submit button. Then, generate the OTP from your mobile number. Further, open an application form and fill in all the required particulars. Then, choose the driving license category and submit the application. Save the Application number for future use. 

Stage 2: Upload Documents.

The next stage of the procedure deals with the upload of the documents. Visit the Parivahan portal, and chose the Upload Document Scanned Image from the main menu. 

Stage 3: Upload Photo and Signature.

Third step involves the uploading of the photo and the signature. From the main menu of the Parivahan portal, choose the option of Upload Photo and Signature. Then upload the photo and signature by choosing the browse option and upload. Then upload the files on the portal by using the Upload and View files option. Click on the option of Save photo and signature image files after completing all the verification on the portal. Then click on the option of Save photo and Signature image files button on the screen to complete the uploading process.

Stage 4: Learning License Maharashtra Slot Book.

This stage pertains to the slot booking for the computer exam. Visit the parivahan portal; choose the appointment option from the screen. Then from the main menu, choose the option of Slot booking, then LL test slot booking. Fill in the particulars and then submit. Further, open the slot book date and available date for choosing the date. Then confirm the slot booking. 

Stage 5: Fee payment. 

This step involves the payment of the fees for the learning license in Maharashtra. Visit the portal, choose the fee payments and then click on the proceed option after reading all the instructions carefully. Then enter the application number, date of birth, and then click to calculate the fees. The payment can be made after the calculation. Then, book a slot for the computer exam test. 

Stage 6: Verify the pay status.

This step verifies the payment of the fees made. Firstly, visit the parivahan portal, click the driving license related services, and then select the state. Then click the check payment button on the screen. Enter the particulars to check the verification of the same. Lastly, click on the verify button. 

Stage 7: Print the Receipt.

When the application is duly filled, click on submit successful. An acknowledgment will be generated, save it for future course of action. Once all the forms are filled by the candidate’s side, the verification of the documents get started along with the original ones that you produce at any point of time to the office. 

Learning License Maharashtra Offline

For offline mode, a learning license Maharashtra can be obtained from the same procedure. The only difference lies in visiting the RTO office instead of the Parivahan portal. The process comprises of some steps:

  • Visit the RTO office.
  • Acquire the application form either offline or online mode. 
  • Attach all the required documents with the application form.
  • Pay all the required fees.
  • Pick the suitable slots for the driving test.
  • After clearing the test, RTO will issue a learner’s license to the person. The License will be send to the registered address.