In a month or two, your driver’s license will expire, and now you’re wondering how to renew driving licence Punjab online apply. If you don’t have the right guidance regarding the  Renewal of driving license in Punjab, you might have to deal with a lot of time-consuming, tedious tasks. We can walk you through the process of renewal of driving licence in punjab step-by-step.

So, keep reading the article till the end! Before diving into the procedure of Renewal of driving license in Punjab here are few things that you should know

 Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab

  • You must submit a request for renewal of driving licence in Punjab no later than one month prior to the license’s expiration date. Simply put, you have one month from the date your driving licence expires to submit an application for renewal in Punjab. 
  • The renewal will be effective from the date of expiry of the licence if the renewal application is submitted before to, or within 30 days after, that date.
  •  Applications received after 30 days from the date of expiry will be renewed as of the date of receipt of proper application. There will be a fee of Rs. 30/- in such cases.

Documents required for driving license renewal in Punjab

Keep the necessary documentation close at hand whether you plan to  renew driving licence Punjab online apply or you want to do renewal of driving licence in Punjab offline to prevent any additional bother.

  • Expired Driving License 
  • No. 2 application form 
  • Form No. 1, also known as Form No. 1A, is a self-declaration on physical health for non-transport vehicles (Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicles only). 
  • Standard Fees for the Renewal of driving license in Punjab, plus user fees.

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Driving License Renewal Form in Punjab

The essential forms are readily available at the nearby RTO office or can be obtained from the relevant RTO website.

Form 9

  • To renew your DL, you must complete and submit RTO Form 9
  • You can obtain Form 9 from your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or you can download online. Click on the link to download form 9 online

Form 1

  • A driving license renewal application requires the submission of Form 1 Self Declaration.
  • Form 1 is for the DL applicants between the ages of 17 and 40.
  • This form checks the applicant’s physical fitness for driving and serves as a physical fitness declaration.
  • You can get Form 1 from your nearest RTO in Punjab or you can click on the link for Form 1 for DL renewal to download the form. After downloading, print the document.

Form 1 A

  • DL applicants who are over 40 years old must submit Form 1A.
  • To get the form you can visit your nearby RTO or you can download on your own! Click on the link to directly download the form 1A

Note: Itzeazy has a section dedicated to the various forms needed for RTO or driving licence services. You can easily obtain the necessary documents from this page – Itzeazy Forms – to avoid difficulty.

How can I renew driving license in Punjab?

If you are from Punjab, renewal of driving licence in Punjab is unquestionably the wisest course of action to take when the validity of your licence has expired. There are two ways to go about this renewal process.

  • You can renew driving licence Punjab online apply
  • You can renew driving license Punjab offline

Renew driving licence Punjab online apply

  • First, go to the Parivahan website and select “Online Services.” Then, from the drop-down option under “Driving Licence Related Services,” click on “Punjab.”
  • Choose Apply for DL renewal to renew your driver’s licence. Read the instructions carefully and then click on Continue
  • After carefully reading the instructions, enter your birthdate, licence number, and captcha. Click on Get Details.  Verify all of the information provided on the following screen, then choose the services you want to update.
  •  Choose the RENEWAL option to renew driving licence Punjab online apply, fill out all the fields, and click “Confirm.”
  • Scan, upload all the necessary paperwork for the renewal of DL, and continue with the payment. 
  • The cost to renew your driver’s licence in Punjab is INR 200. Pay the invoice using a debit or credit card, net banking, or both.
  • Your application ID will be displayed on an acknowledgment page after you follow these instructions. A text message with all the required information will be sent to you at the registered phone number as well. (It is recommended that you print it)

Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab Offline

It’s totally your choice, whether you want to renew driving licence Punjab online apply or you want to visit RTO to get your DL renewed. Here is the offline procedure for Renewal of driving license in Punjab.

  • First, get the necessary Form for the licence renewal at the RTO that is closest to you.
  • Fill out your form accurately and attach the required documents –
  1. Copy of expired DL 
  2. Form 1A or Form 1, 
  3. two passport-sized pictures
  4. Age and address identification proof
  • Last but not least, pay the required fee to renew your Punjab driver’s licence.

Driving License Renewal Fee in Punjab

Renewal Services in Punjab Fees
Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab ₹200
Renewal of driving licence after 30 days ₹300
Additional fee for delay  ₹1000

Note:  Additional charge for each additional year or portion thereof of delay, calculated from the date the grace period expires.



Do I need to pass a driving test in order to renew my licence?

Renewal of driving licence in Punjab does not usually require a practical test. An RTO may ask you to undergo a driving test if you have certain medical conditions or if you are renewing your license after 50 years of age.

Is there a fine if I don’t renew my driver’s licence after it expires?

For renewals of Driver’s Licenses, the government offers a grace period of 30 days. During this grace period, you can renew your DL without penalty.If you fail to renew within the grace period will have to pay an additional Rs. 1,000 for the renewal procedure.