Driving Licence Renewal Online in Uttarakhand | DL Renewal in Uttarakhand

Driving License are often provided with 20-year validity.  To continue using your licence after this time of validity has passed, you must renew it. If you want to avoid legal troubles and hefty fines after your driving license expires, you must renew it immediately. 

The Uttarakhand driving license certifies you as an eligible driver! However, each driving license has an expiration date based on your age. We provide detailed instructions on DL Renewal in Uttarakhand in this article.

Documents required for DL renewal in Uttarakhand

One must submit an application to the licencing authority along with the necessary documentation in order to do DL Renewal in Uttarakhand:

  1. Submission of Form 9.
  2. A valid driver’s licence.
  3. A Form 1-A medical certificate.
  4. Three additional copies of the passport photo.
  5. Standard Fees 

What Are the DL Renewal Fees in Uttarakhand?

Check out the table below for the costs you’ll incur while seeking to renew your driver’s licence in Uttarakhand –


Renewal Services



DL Renewal Fees
Renewal of driving licence ₹200
Renewal of driving licence after 30 days ₹300


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Processing time for Driving Licence Renewal Online in Uttarakhand

Driving licence renewal online in Uttarakhand can be completed in a matter of minutes. Within three days, you will receive their renewal licence. But first, you have to pass the authorities’ checks and inspections. 

The procedure may be delayed by any charges or fines at law. Keep an eye on the application’s status as well to ensure that everything is correct.

Procedure for Driving Licence Renewal Online in Uttarakhand

  • Visit the official Sarthi Parivahan website to renew your Uttarakhand driver’s licence online.
  • On the home page, select the tab online services, and then choose driver’s license-related service.
  • Choose the state – Uttarakhand from the drop-down menu

You will be directed to a webpage that provides the application instructions. Click “Continue”

  • When you click Continue after which you’ll be taken to a form to fill out. Complete the required information:
    • Driving License Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Captcha
  • Once you’ve completed all the information and you’ve entered the details, click Proceed.
  • You will be taken to the website of the state in question for the DL Renewal in Uttarakhand.
  • Follow the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Upload the necessary documents and pay the renewal fee.
  • After you’ve paid for renewal The system will generate acknowledgment receipts. Save it (or take it to print) to keep for later for reference.

If you’ve finished the application online successfully, you’ll receive an error message on the screen. That’s it. The process is now complete and your updated driving license will be delivered to you by India Post.

Driving Licence Renewal Online in Uttarakhand is very simple and is completed in just less than a minute without interference from any third party.

DL Renewal in Uttarakhand

You can also renew your driving licence by going to the Uttarakhand RTO office in the area where your residence is. 

  • Visit the RTO and get the application forms. 
  • Fill out the required information in the form for application. Submit it along with self-assailable copies of the documents required. 
  • Pay the required amount to DL renewal Uttarakhand
  •  After you have submitted the application form and the required documents and documents, the RTO officials will review your request. 

If you’ve provided all the necessary information and have completed all the required documents, you’ll get a renewed driving license. The license can be delivered to your residence via mail.

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Regardless matter the method you select, DL Renewal in Uttarakhand is a simple process. Provide the necessary paperwork, and your licence will be renewed either the same day (if applying at the RTO) or within a week (when applying for Driving Licence Renewal Online in Uttarakhand). Not only are there severe fines for failing to renew your driver’s licence on time, but it may also result in incarceration. Therefore, be sure to set a reminder and begin the renewal process as soon as the expiration date passes.


When I renew, should I retake the driving test?

No, typically the driving practical test is not required when you renew your licence. You could be required to retake the driving test if you have reached the age of 50 or if your health has significantly changed.

How can I pay offline in Uttarakhand for an online driver’s licence renewal?

You have to go to the closest RTO with your documents and the required DL renewal amount.

What if I am unable to locate information regarding my Uttarakhand driving licence renewal application?

With an acknowledgment slip in hand, you can inquire about the status at the RTO if you are unable to relocate the information regarding DL renewal in Uttarakhand.