A B2 Visa is required for anyone travelling to the United States of America for tourism purposes. It is a non-immigrant visa that can be used for a variety of reasons, including travel, visits with relatives or friends, medical treatment, and so on. Getting B2 visa appointment in India may be difficult for you. So read all the information about B2 visas which is mentioned below and make the process easy.

B2 Visa appointment in India 

Getting a visa takes a lot of time, and if you provide incorrect documents or fill out the application incorrectly, your application may be postponed. It’s best to engage experts if you want to prevent last-minute headaches and receive your visa quickly. Itzeazy assists you at every stage of the procedure and handles every detail. You can get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions related to  B2 visa appointment in India feel free to contact us any time.

Is a B2 visa available in India?

The fact that B1/B2 slot renewals are opened on a rolling basis was confirmed. In the coming weeks, they intend to open new B1/B2 positions in preparation for September’s interview season. The same is true for H and L Visas: starting in September, more slots will become available after the majority of available ones are filled up for the upcoming few months.

We will now go into how to schedule a B2 visa appointment in India.

How to book your  B2 visa appointment in India

Once You’ve completed your application and your documentation has been mailed. Now it’s time to make your visa interview at the US Embassy! Procedure to schedule B2 visa appointment India mentioned below:-  

1.Fill and submit the DS-160 form 

To schedule B2 visa appointment India you need to submit DS-160 application digitally. To complete the DS160, you must have the following information:

  • The SEVIS ID number
  • Your Passport Digital Photo that satisfies these requirements
  • Name and location of the camp where you will be working
  • Itinerary for a trip (If you have already made travel arrangements.)
  • Dates of your most recent five trips or visits to the United States
  • All responses must be written in English. The majority of questions require a response, which must be entered in the spaces provided.

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2.Find the embassy nearby you

Choose India in the nation and the embassy closest to you by going to the U.S. Embassy’s website!

Although some persons may be qualified for visa renewal, the majority of applicants for visas must schedule an interview. The embassy or consulate provides a detailed regional guideline on how to arrange interviews, submit your visa application, and answer other frequently asked questions.

Once you’ve found a nearby Embassy or Consulate, it’s critical to thoroughly review all information on the specific Embassy or Consulate Visa Section website for local procedures and instructions, such as how to schedule a meeting. The embassy and consulate websites will also detail any extra steps that exchange visitors who require an earlier visa interview appointment must take. The procedure differs from country to country.

We will find the nearby embassy in your area and will do all the formalities on your behalf. So if you want all the work within a few days hurry up and contact us for a B2 visa appointment India.

3.Pay the application fee

To begin, go to the website of the United States Visa Information and Appointment Services. Choose “Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas.” Then, in Step 2, select the country of the embassy you chose.

  • Click the Apply button (because never used this site before and you have completed a DS-160). You will require your SEVIS ID as well as the Program number (P-3-05381).
  • Complete that procedure in order to pay for your visa appointment. If you are unable to finish it all at once, you can save and return it. The visa meeting will cost you ₹12,750.35 (INR).
  • You can usually finish the procedure and make an appointment at embassies! If that’s the case, book the next available appointment! If not, proceed to Step 4!

4.Book your B2 visa appointment!

You will need to get in touch with your embassy directly if you were unable to schedule your appointment at the conclusion of step 3. Examine the embassy’s details, get in touch with them, and they will assist you in setting up your B2 visa appointment India.

  • If you are 13 years old and under. Generally, an interview is not required.
  • If your age is between 14-79 years then the interview is Necessary (some exceptions for renewals).
  • If you are 80 years and older then the interview is not necessary.

5. B2 visa interview

This is the big day for interviews!

You must bring the confirmation page from your online non-immigrant application (DS-160), which contains your application ID number, to allow the embassy to get your application.

Visa applicants in some embassies and consulates must bring a single, approved photo to the interview. Read the instructions provided by the embassy or consulate where you intend to apply for additional information.

During the interview, candidates must show the consular officer that they have solid connections to a residence abroad that they don’t intend to leave, and that they are only visiting the United States temporarily. The exact format of the evidence cannot be prescribed because each applicant’s situation is unique.

Pick up your visa-required passport.

The processing time is variable. Find out more about where and when to pick up your passport and visa by contacting the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application

We will provide you with the visa in your hands there is no need for you to move an inch. Just put up your phone and reserve your order in order to get a B2 visa appointment India.

Final Word

The scheduling process for B2 visa appointment in India is fairly difficult. You must do it by carefully following instructions. Hire Visa consultants to avoid last-minute trouble. You can enter personal data, add dependents, confirm visa payment, specify the delivery location, and make appointment requests.

That’s all about scheduling visa appointment in India. In case of any queries feel free to contact us. You can ask your query in comment section also