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Re registration of vehicle

BH series number plate

BH series registration plate

Bharat number plates have been introduced for the convenience  of working people who has transferable job. In this article, we will take a look at BH series number plate and rules regarding new number plate in India. (Bharat number plates)

All motor road vehicles in India are tagged with a registration or license number. The Vehicle Registration plate, which is commonly known as number plate, is issued by the district-level Regional Transport Office (RTO) of respective states which is the main authority on road matters. The number plates are placed in the front and back of the vehicle.

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Section 47

In the Motor Vehicles Act under Section 47, it is mentioned that when a motor vehicle is registered in one state has been kept in another state for a period exceeding twelve months, such that, one year, has to be re-registered in the particular state/city. If you work in state government, central government or defence and work in any other organization which has branches in 5 or more states or union territories and you need to transfer after 12 months, then you need to re-register your motor vehicle number of that state.

bh series number plate

New number plate in India: BH series number plate

Government proposes a new series of vehicles: Bharat Number Plate(bh series number plate). The road transport ministry has proposed a new regime of BH series for registration of personal vehicles owned by defence personnel, employees of Central and State Governments, PSUs and private sector companies and organizations, which have their offices in five or more states/ UTs.

The BH series number plate or the Bharat Series is a series of number plates for non-transport Vehicles introduced in India on 28th August, 2021. The registration for the same started from 15th September, 2021. Earlier, as per the section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, the owners were only allowed to keep their vehicle in another state for 12 months. After this period, the vehicle’s registration was supposed to be transferred from the present to the new state. The vehicle registered with a BH series doesn’t require any transfer registration every time the owner moves. The BH series number plate remains valid throughout the country, India.

Why has been Bharat Number Plates launched all over India?

Relocating a car or a two-wheeler to another state may often be painful. One has to get an NOC from the current state and then re-register the vehicle in the next state where the vehicle will be relocated. There is also the issue of paying road tax to the next state all over again.

Those who are in transferable jobs, like those in Defence, Railways, other government employees or even private-sector employees whose companies are present in multiple states, are often faced with this bit of lengthy paperwork and procedure about their vehicles. The pain point will be removed with the implementation of this new system. That’s why govt. launched a new number plate in India, Bharat number plate.

If you are willing to get a BH series number plate but do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the same, then you have visited the right article. Here you will be getting each and every piece of information about this rule and number plate.

Name of the Rule Bharat series or BH series
Concerned Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
Concerned Act The Motor Vehicles Act


Central Motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment) Rules
Date of Introduction/ Launch 28th August, 2021
Introduced for Non-transport vehicles
Purpose To ease the registration process for a vehicle moving to a new state
Applicability Across India
Starting of the registration process 15th September, 2021
Mode of registration Online
Implementation Throughout India
Official portal


Who are eligible for BH Series Number Plate

Only salaried are eligible for this new number plate in India, the BH series number plate (Bharat number plates) even with conditions.

  • Any government employee
  • Any employee in PSU Undertaking
  • Private sector employee but with a condition as that the company where that employee is working should have offices in minimum 4 States or Union Territories.

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Format of BH Series Number Plate

Those who will apply for the Bharat number plates (bh series number plate) will receive a new number plate in India. The format of the Bharat Series number plate will be as follows-

YY BH #### XX

The BH series number will start with two numbers showing the year of first registration, followed by BH presenting ‘Bharat’. Later on, there are four randomly generated numbers on the number plate anywhere from 0000 to 9999, followed by to letters using all the combinations AA to ZZ. However, the letters I and O are not used.

Changes in the taxation structure for the BH series

Indeed, the new BH series changes the taxation structure. As per the new taxation structure, if a vehicle has a value of less than ten lakh rupees, the owner ought to pay eight per cent road tax.

However, If the vehicle costs between 10-20 lakh, the owner must pay ten per cent road tax.

Similarly, if the price of the vehicle is more than twenty lakh, the owners have to pay a twelve per cent road tax.

Also, the taxation also differs for different vehicles considering the power source. The vehicles having a diesel engine have an added tax of two per cent to the respective to the price categories. However, a vehicle with an electric engine saves the owner two per cent tax on their vehicle.

Road tax slabs for BH Series Number Plate
Price of Car Road tax on EV Road tax on petrol, CNG cars
Below 10 lakhs 6% 8%
10 lakhs- 20 lakhs 8%


Above 20 lakhs 10% 12%


The new number plate in India (bharat number plates), the BH series promises to bring a lot of positive changes to the current system and make things easier for vehicle buyers and sellers.


  1. Dr. S.N. Singh

    Why the BH no. is not oernitted to advocates who have to travel to various states in connection with cases in which they have to appear as counsel?

    • manu

      Because they do not stay in that same state for long they only visited in that state, and as mentioned category they have to stay in that state for 3 to 4 years

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