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Birth certificate

Birth certificate correction online Mumbai

Birth certificate correction online Mumbai

Birth certificate correction online Mumbai- According to the Registration of Birth & Death Act, 1969, every birth in India must be recorded with the relevant State Government. To record a person’s Birth and identify them by name, place, date of birth, and parentage, the government issues a birth certificate, which is a crucial legal document. To use the different government services, each person must get a birth certificate. We will take a look at the process for Birth certificate correction Mumbai

Why Do People Get Birth Certificates:

Before taking a look at the procedure for birth certificate correction online Mumbai, let’s see the importance of getting a birth certificate in Maharashtra. 

  • One of the crucial documents needed to apply for voter ID is the birth certificate.
  • A birth certificate is required to be admitted to a school.
  • The birth certificate is a crucial piece of identification while enlisting in the military.
  • For the settlement of inheritance and property rights, the birth certificate is crucial.
  • to gain from insurance
  • In certain areas, the birth certificate must be shown to get a marriage licence and serve as proof of age.
  • in India to acquire a driving licence and passport
  • must be eligible for a government-provided pension and health insurance.

Birth Registration:

A birth must be recorded with the relevant municipal authorities within 21 days after the event to get a birth certificate.

  • When a birth occurs in a hospital, nursing home, or another medical facility, such facilities are required to record it.
  • It is the family head’s or any other family member’s responsibility to report any births that occurred at home.


Within 21 days of the event, every birth that takes place in Maharashtra must be recorded locally with the relevant registrar’s office. Only if the birth information is registered in the Maharashtra Birth Records can a birth certificate be given. In case there is some error you can go for birth certificate correction online Mumbai, Maharashtra

An affidavit outlining the reason for the delay in registration must be given to the competent Registrar of that location if the birth registration is not completed within 21 days after the event.

The birth certificate is currently a necessary document and is required in many significant situations, as is already evident. However, it might be problematic since it will become invalid if the name on the birth certificate is different (which occurs when you change your name after the birth certificate is issued).

In this article, we will cover the query concerning birth certificate correction online mumbai

Documents for birth certificate correction online Mumbai

These are the documents needed for the birth certificate correction online Mumbai.

  • Original, date-stamped copies of advertisements that have been published in a newspaper.
  • Authenticated images
  • Proofs of address and identity
  • A copy of the ‘Deed changing name form’ to be taken from the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication
  • A letter stating that the name needs to be changed, for example, Gazette

Birth Certificate Correction Online Mumbai

Here is the step guide for birth certificate correction online Mumbai

  • Step 1: For birth registration, go to the Birth and Death Registration web portal.
  • Step 2: Access the portal to register the birth.
  • Step 3: Fill out all of the essential information and click the submit button.
  • Step 4: If the birth occurred in a home, click on this link to register.
  • Step 5: Download and print the application form. Send the application form to the appropriate Registrar.
  • Step 6: After successfully submitting the application for birth certificate correction online Mumbai, the applicant will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address.
  • Step 7: The application’s status will be updated through email.
    The applicant can ask for a birth certificate after registering the birth.

Birth Certificate Correction Mumbai

You must follow the steps outlined below if you intend to undergo birth certificate correction online Mumbai. To make the entire procedure simpler to grasp, we have broken it down into manageable chunks.

  • Create an application for the municipal corporation-affiliated Registrar of Births and Deaths. 
  • Your previous name, your new name, and the explanation for the change of name must all be included in this letter.
  • You must provide a few required papers with the application. You must affix the notarized document if your name changes on your birth certificate. 
  • However, the documents may vary depending on the state if you wish to modify other information, such as your parent’s name or date of birth.
  • To the Registrar of Births and Deaths, submit the application and any necessary supporting documentation. Your request may be approved or denied by the registrar.
  • If the registrar discovers a problem with the documents, they are rejected. Even if there is very little probability that your application would be rejected, you can still file a writ of mandamus in High Court, asking the Registrar or other issuing body to explain their decision. 
  • Once it has been approved or denied, you must proceed with the Gazette Notification or Gazette Certificate process.

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How to change your name and have it published in the official gazette: 

To have your birth certificate correction online Mumbai and have it published in the official gazette, you must submit an application letter to the Gazette office along with the required paperwork, which includes a copy of the relevant local newspaper ad, and an affidavit, a passport-size photo, and your application form. In addition to this, below is the whole application process for your birth certificate.

Important Information for Ads In the press for a birth certificate name change:

  1. The applicant’s new name as it appears on the birth certificate
  2. The applicant’s old name as it appears on their birth certificate
  3. The client’s affidavit’s date of submission
  4. Clearly state the applicant’s full address.
  5. The applicant’s age
  6. The name of the notary who signed the document 7. The applicant’s father or husband
  7. Always double-check the advertising to ensure that all the information provided is accurate before submitting it to the publication. Your entire technique might be ruined by a simple error.

We hope that we were able to implement how important a birth certificate is for a person, especially in India. And it gets tiresome to amend names in the certificate be it a birth certificate correction online Mumbai or offline, but if you follow the above steps, you will be able to undergo the process without any issues. 

Make sure to keep all the documents readily available for birth certificate correction online Mumbai.

Time Required for birth certificate correction online Mumbai: 

The Maharashtra birth certificate will be issued five days after the application is received.

Fees for Birth Certificate Correction Online

In Maharashtra, a birth certificate can be obtained for a fee of between Rs.25 and Rs.30.

Offline Method for Birth Registration Mumbai

The concerned Registrar office must receive an application form in the required format and a declaration. Birth information will be updated in accordance with Maharashtra state birth records after verification by the appropriate authority.

The following information must be given:
date of the child’s birth, Gender, name, mother’s or father’s name, place of birth, method of delivery, weight, information about the hospital where the child is born, and a copy of the declaration are all required. If the child doesn’t have a name, leave it blank.


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