In this article, we will take a look at learning licence Karnataka or learners license Karnataka.

To work in Karnataka, you must ensure that your mobility is quick and controlled, and citizens prefer to travel by personal vehicle to accomplish this. A DRIVING LICENSE is one of the most important documents to issue for a personal vehicle.

You cannot issue your driving license without issuing your learner license in Karnataka first. So if you want to know “how to get a learner license in Karnataka? Let’s begin with learning licence Karnataka.

What is a Learner License?

LEARNER LICENSE was created by the (MVA) motor vehicle act, 1988, which directs all states and union territories that if anyone wants to drive on Indian roads, they must have a driver’s licence. However, before issuing a driver’s licence, you must first issue a learner licence.

The validity of a learning licence in Karnataka is only 180 days or 6 months. You can issue your driving license between 30 to 180 days

“A learning licence Karnataka is a document which is issued by RTO (Regional Transport Office). Learners license Karnataka acts as a temporary permit that allows the holder to drive the vehicle on some provisional and exceptional basis”.

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Who are eligible for issuing a learners license Karnataka?

Let’s see what are the eligibility criteria for learners license Karnataka

  • Age should be above 18 for those who are applying for (LMV) Light Motor Vehicle also known as a car which is a two-wheeler category in Karnataka.
  • Anyone who is above the age of 16 can apply for a non-geared motorcycle. But applicants should have a signed letter of consent from their parent in Karnataka to be eligible for a learner’s license in Karnataka.
  • The minimum age of an applicant who is applying for a commercial vehicle in Karnataka should not be below 20.
  • Applicants should have all the knowledge about the traffic rules which have been set by the Karnataka government to be eligible for a learning licence in Karnataka.

Now let’s see what are the documents required for a learning licence Karnataka

Documents Required for issuing learning licence Karnataka?

Basically you will need age proof and address proof to issue a learning licence in Karnataka. Here is the checklist of documents for learning licence Karnataka.

  • Age proof (Aadhaar card, birth certificate).
  • Residential proof (Aadhaar card, electricity bill).
  • FORM-2 in the filled state.
  • FORM-1 & FORM-1A in a filled manner
  • Passport size photocopies – 4.
  • Photo of your signature to get a learner’s license in Karnataka.

In the next section, we will take a look at the procedure of learners license Karnataka

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Procedure for obtaining a learners license Karnataka

Here are the steps that will guide you about the application for learners license Karnataka through Online mode. And it will also ensure that the test will be conducted in online mode only which will give you immunity against the offline mode workload.

  • Visit this website which is operated and maintained by the ministry of road and transport highways and the government of India.
  • By opening the website, you will see the HOME page where you click on the option named “apply for learner license”.
  • You will see the next page named as instruction for application submission where you will see the option “continue” and you have to click on it.
  • You will see the next page – application for learner license (LL) fill in the details that have been asked then click on “submit”.
  • You will see the next page named as authentication with E-KYC then choose the first option “submit via Aadhar authentication”. After choosing it click on the button “submit”.
  • Next on the same page authenticate your Aadhar card by entering OTP and filling in details. Click on “authenticate” then click on “proceed”.
  • You will see the next page named as an application for learner license (LL)-(category applicant selected) fill the personal details that have been asked and select the type of license you want and also fill FORM-1 then click on “submit”.
  • You will see the next page named as application reference details where you will see the application reference slip where you need to note down the application number then you need to download the “acknowledgement slip”. press button “next”.
  • Then you will scroll down to a column named as stages to be completed.
  • to upload the document press on “proceed” press “submit” press “ok”.
  • upload the “residential proof” and “age proof”.
  • To upload your photo and signature first select your photo and signature from saved files by clicking on “browse” then after selecting your photo and signature, click on button “upload and view files” then click button “upload photo and signature”
  • Pay the “fees” that has been demanded and download the receipt.
  • To give the online test for learning licence Karnataka click on this link and move your cursor on the Learner License and select the button “Online LLTest(Stall)
  • You will see the next page named as applicant log in then Fill in the details that have been asked to fill
  • You will see the next page named stall instruction. After reading the instructions carefully click on the button “proceed”.
  • You will see the next page named exam selection where you will be asked to fill the details and fill all of them.
  • After filling it you will be directed towards the exam page. After completing the exam result will be declared their only, if you passed the exam then the license will be sent to you through the speed post.

Now here is the point where your application for learners license Karnataka and test is finished and you didn’t take the workload of offline mode.

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Points to be noted down in this whole Procedure

  • Prefer to submit Aadhar cards as both age proof and residential proof.
  • If you select “submit via Aadhar authentication” then only you will be allowed to give test on the online method.
  • If you fail the test then you have to give it again and you have to pay the fees. Also, again, which will be a retest fee which will be 80 to 100 Rs.
  • If you want to practice before giving test you can select “mock test” This option will be present below “Online LLTest(Stall)
  • Learners license Karnataka will allow you to drive but under a rule which is you will only drive under the guidance of a driver’s license holder only.
  • You need to download the application slip, acknowledgement receipt, fees receipt and application pre-filled.
  • Write down the application number as it will act as your user ID.
  • After your registration is complete your number which is linked with your Aadhaar card will receive a password.

Once your learning licence Karnataka is expired you have to follow the process again if you again want a learner license.


Obtaining a learning licence Karnataka is the first step toward receiving a permanent driving licence. Over lakhs of commuters use the roads in the state of Karnataka.

Therefore, the Karnataka RTO has made it necessary for a person to have a valid driving licence in order to maintain the efficient and consistent operation of the state’s transportation system.

But the Karnataka RTO mandates that people obtain a learning licence, which serves as a restricted licence, before allowing them to apply for a permanent DL.