Do you know how to pay Telangana e challan? If you live in the state of Telangana, you should be aware of the various penalties charged for vehicle-related offences or driving related like over speeding or driving without helmet. There is a unique 12-point Penalty system of Telangana Police to curb traffic-rule violations. Well, this blog discusses every aspect on Telangana e challan and how to pay TS e challan, TS traffic challan

Telangana e challan

Telangana Government introduced the Telangana e challan due to rapid increase in traffic-rule violations. The New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 states that the amount of an e-challan depends on how serious the traffic violation was.  

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How to do e challan payment Telangana

You can pay Telangana e challan through online and offline modes. In the online mode, you can pay Telangana e challan through Telangana’s e-Challan official website, Parivahan Challan’s official website and Paytm. 

Various payment methods for Telangana e challan as:

1 ) Telangana e-challan via Telangana’s e challan website

  1. Go to Public view (
  2. Either enter your licence number or vehicle number 
  3. Answer a straightforward math question and click the “GO” button 
  4. The list of offences for which you must submit an e-challan will subsequently be displayed to you. 
  5. Go through the information and then pay your fine.
  6. Choose any e-challan you want to pay & click on “Netbanking” option
  7. You will be redirected to the Netbanking page
  8. Please find your bank in the list of banks (Click on the “List of Banks” link under each Gateway ) and choose the Gateway which has your bank before proceeding with the payment.
  9. You can pay using Internet Banking or Credit/ Debit Cards.
  10. Download the payment receipt for reference. 
  • Please do not forget to note down the Reference number generated before proceeding with the payment.
  • If the money is deducted from your account & the same is not reflected in the website,
    you can check the status by clicking “Transaction status” button beside “Make Payment” button.
  • Money will not be refunded after its debited.

2) TS e challan payment via Parivahan website

  1. Visit Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (
  2. Type in your Challan number/Vehicle number/Driving License number. Thereafter, type the Captcha code and select the ‘Get Details’ option.
  3. Select ‘TS e-challan status’ to get the details of your offences and the various penalties that has to be paid.
  4. Proceed with the payment using your preferred mode of payment. 
  5. Upon successful completion of the process, you will receive a confirmation along with the transaction ID.

3) PayTS traffic challan via Paytm

    • Open the Paytm app on your phone 
    • Go to “Recharge & Bills payments” menu and select “View More”.
    • Scroll and select “Challan” option under “Transit” category.
    • Choose “Traffic Authority” as “Telangana Traffic Police”. 
    • Provide the mandatory information such as the vehicle number, Challan number/ Challan ID. 
    • Click on “Proceed” to view the Challan amount. 
    • Pay online by using your preferred mode of payment. 

4 ) Telangana e challan at Telangana Traffic Police station (offline method)

  1. Visit the nearest traffic police station along with a copy of your Telangana State e-challan.
  2. Request the designated traffic police officer to check your pending challans and pay them all in cash.

Traffic violation and their penalties levied by Telangana Traffic Police

Documents related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Driving without a DL. Rs. 500
Driving a vehicle without RC Rs. 2000
Driving a vehicle without a permit Settlement at the Court or RTO.
Driving a vehicle without insurance Rs. 1000
Driving vehicle at less than the prescribed age Rs. 500

Driving related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Violation of No-entry Rs.  200
Violation of One-way Rs.  200
Violation of U-turn Rs.  200
Offences pertaining to Violation of prohibited area Rs.  200
Violation of Rules duly promulgated Rs. 200
Driving dangerously that poses a threat to the lives of other people. Settlement at the Court
Vehicle driven by mentally and physically challenged people. Rs. 200
To run away after committing an accident Settlement at the Court
To drive and use an unsafe vehicle Settlement at the Court
Regarding wearing of helmet Rs.  200
Unauthorized interference regarding motor vehicle Rs.  100
To allow/permit an unauthorized person to drive a vehicle Rs.  1000
Wrong side Driving Rs.  1100
Triple Riding on MotorCycle/ Bike Rs.  1200

Road Marking related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Violation of stop line Rs. 200
Violation of lane Rs. 200

Number plate related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Irregular Number plate Rs.  200

Traffic signal related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Violation of Signal Jumping Rs.  1000
Violation of Not-Stopping on a Police Signal Rs.  200

Speed and overtake related offences

Type of Offense Maximum Penalty 
Using mobile while driving a vehicle Rs. 1000
Driving vehicle after consuming intoxicants/substances Settlement at the Court.
Over-Speeding Rs.  1400
Dangerous driving that leads to an accident. Rs.  1000

12-point Penalty system of Telangana Traffic Police

The Telangana government has introduced a penalty system to deal with traffic rule violations.

  • If an individual who exceeds 12 penalty points in 2 years, his DL will be suspended for at least a 1 year.
  • In case of repeat offenders of traffic-violations, the Telangana Government can suspend/cancel the DL for up to 2 years
  • If an individual with a learner’s license incurs more than 5 penalty points in 2 years, he/she is not allowed to apply for a permanent DL ever again.
Type of Violation Points
Carrying extra passengers in the front seat 1
Not wearing helmet 1
Driving an uninsured vehicle 2
Carrying passengers in goods vehicle 2
Wrong-side driving 2
Driving using mobile phone/jumping signal/excess load projection/lane crossing (Zig-zag) 2
Over-speeding/Wrong route 2
Driving drunk for 2-wheelers 3
Driving drunk for 4-wheelers 4
Driving drunk for public vehicles 5
Racing while driving 3
Causing pollution while driving/ Endangering safety of commuters (only on highway) 2
IPC 279, 336, 337, 338 Cases 2
304 (A), 304 (II) Cases 5
Chain snatching while driving 5