Driving  license  lost ?  You can apply for duplicate driving licence online with Itzeazy in case lost driving license. For duplicate licence you have to approach the issuing authority and the particulars will be verified from their records.

Itzeazy  helps  you in whole process of getting duplicate driving licence online. The documents required, application process, fees required for issuing duplicate DL has given in the post.

Duplicate Driving  Licence

Duplicate Driving  Licence  is issued by RTO .The validity of duplicate licence will be the same of your previous licence. The original issuing authority will issue your duplicate licence. If it is lost and expired by more than 6 months, your case requires permission from Head Quarter of Transport Department. Duplicate driving licence holds all the information of the original driving licence. A duplicate driving licence is not different from your original driving licence.

Duplicate DL in Mumbai 

Duplicate DL in Delhi 

When do you need a duplicate driving licence 

A duplicate drivers licence is issued under the following circumstances:

  • For instance, Lost or destroyed their licence.
  • Defaced or torn licence.
  • When the photograph affixed to the licence requires replacement.

Regional Transport Offices (RTO) throughout India provides you with the benefit of appealing for a duplicate driver’s license in case your original permanent driving license gets misplaced, stolen, or damaged. Above all, you can only apply for a duplicate driving licence if only you have held a permanent driving licence. Because many state RTO does not issue a duplicate learner’s licence.

In case, your state does not issue a duplicate driver’s license, you need to apply again.  Read DL Apply  Online

Things to remember
  1. You have to apply for the duplicate driving license in the RTO office where you applied for your original driving license.
  2. Your duplicate driving license’s validity will match the validity of your original driving license.
  3. You do not have to go through a driving test to apply for a duplicate driving license.
  4. You are eligible to apply for a duplicate driving license only if you own a permanent driving license that has been misplaced, damaged, or stolen.

Documents required for Duplicate Driving licence

  • A copy of an FIR (first information report) referring to a lost or stolen licence
  • The Application form specific to applying for a duplicate driving licence, Form 26  Sarathi.parivahan website
  • Copy of the permanent licence. As a result of lost/stolen driving licence.
  • 3-4 passport sized photographs
  • Age proof (any one or more ):
    Voters ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, SSLC Book,
  • ID proof:
    Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, or PAN Card, SSC certificate, 
    certificate of transfer from school with DOB written on it.
  • Residence proof:
  • Rental/ lease agreement, Utility bill, Ration card copy,
  • The bond of LIC policy, House lease agreement, Passport,
  • Aadhar Card, proof of temporary address (electricity bill/ LPG bill).
  • Challan clearance report which would have to be applied for separately and submitted.
    Therefore, this states that the individual did not have any outstanding bills or tickets connected to the driver’s license in question.
  • Surrender of the original one
    As a result, if the licence is torn, mutilated or soiled state.
  • All license holders should keep a photocopy of their licenses since there    are a couple of details mentioned that might assist in tracking the                  misplaced one from records

You can check here Driving  License Fees

Process for Duplicate Driving Licence

  1. Lodge a First Information Report.
    On the other hand, if the licence is defaced keep it properly and get a photocopy
  2. Choose a method to apply for duplicate driving licence.
    Whether an offline or online method.
  3. Collect the application form for duplicate driver’s licence.
    Further, fill in your personal details.
  4. Submit your application forms along with the document to the state RTO
  5. A user’s fees will be a charge
  6. You will receive your duplicate driving licence once your application is processed.

How to write an FIR?

An example of the First Information Report is below:

your name
your address

(leave a space)

The Police Officer in charge
police station address

Respected Sir/ Madam,

subject:  misplace/ stolen  driving licence

I _______(your name) currently residing in ____ with reference to the subject cited above misplaced/stolen driving licence in _________ location) with driving licence number XYZ. To limit the misuse of my driving  licence, therefore I request you to register my FIR. and take the necessary action

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
(Your signature)
(your name)

Attached a copy of the driving licence

Apply for Driver’s licence Online

  1. Applying for Driver’s Licence online you can visit the government website Sarati Parivahan 
    Duplicate Driving Licence Online Step One
    The landing page of the government website for online application of duplicate driving licence Firstly, select your state
  2. Secondly, home page will appearDuplicate Driving Licence Online Apply Step two
    Home page to apply for duplicate driver’s license
  3. Thirdly, the form will appear. Fill in your personal detail.
  4. Upload your documents needed.
  5. Finally, Fee payment should be made.

Apply for Duplicate Driving licence offline 

The following is the method to apply for duplicate driver’s licence:

  1. Visit the RTO that issued your Driving License.
  2. Collect the form which is for the application of a duplicate driving license. Further, fill the form and sign the form.
    The form is downloadable  DownloadForm/form26.   
  3. Submit the form and attach all supporting documents as mentioned in the previous sections. However, additional documents might be asked depending on the reason for applying for a duplicate license.

Moreover, You will be charged a nominal fee.

 5.  You will get a receipt which can be used in place of a driving licence until you get a duplicate driver’s licence.

After that, the duplicate driving license will be sent to your registered home address via post.

RTO Gurgaon

RTO Bangalore


The validity of the duplicate Driver’s Licence is the same as in the original driving licence.

Consequently, the information in the original is the same as the duplicate.


In conclusion, you do not need to worry if you loss or tear your driver’s licence is stolen.

What you need to do is take the step which the government has provided.

Certainly, you need to replace it with a duplicate driver’s licence issued by the RTO.

Above all, Roads and transport offices across India provides service to its citizen to reissue a duplicate driving licence if the original is not available or accessible.

On the other hand, in most of the states, the holder of a permanent driver’s licence can apply for a duplicate driver’s licence.

Therefore, you will not require to take a driving test.

If your state does not issue a duplicate learner’s licence, that is to say, you need to reapply for you LLR


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