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Apply for International Driving License Delhi

International Driving License Delhi

Want to apply for international driving license in Delhi ?  Itzeazy helps in process for  International driving permit in Delhi .

Are you going on a vacation to a foreign location or going out for a job? Maybe you have long drives plans on your to-do list?

International Drivers License is the mandate that allows one to rent or drive in a foreign country. It is illegal to drive any vehicle without an International Drivers License and holds as much importance as your driving license in India.

 Worry not, this blog is the solution to all your queries regarding International Drivers License from India.

What is so special about it?

International driver license

Benefits of International Driving License:

International Drivers License is valid in more than 150 countries around the globe and has translations in eight available languages.

  1. It serves as valid identity proof.
  2. It assures that the issuer can drive.
  3. Seek insurance help in case of damage abroad.

So, we now know how much important is an International Drivers License. Now, let’s discuss who can apply for one and how in detail.

Who is Eligible for International Drivers License from India?

One can apply for an International Drivers license when meeting the following criteria:

  • You are an Indian Resident.
  • You are or above 18 years of age.
  • A valid permanent driving license.

International Driving License Requirements

To apply for an International Driving License Delhi or from any other part of India, you require the following documents.

  1. Application form (Form4-A)
  2. Driving License (Original+ photocopy)
  3. Visa
  4. 4-5 Passport Size Photographs
  5. Form-1A (Certificate of Medical Fitness)
  6. Form-1 (Self-declaration of Medical Fitness)

The Hassle-Free Method to Apply for an International Driving License Delhi

You can apply for an International Drivers License offline or online.

Applying for an International Driving License Delhi is a hassle-free process. Here we enlist our step-by-step guide for applying for an International Drivers License.

Requirements for International Driving License 

To apply for an International Driving License Delhi or from any other part of India, you require the following documents.

  1. Valid Driving License and photocopies.
  2. Passport and photocopies.
  3. Visa or equivalent.
  4. Copy of Air ticket for verification.

How to apply for International Drivers License

  • Either you can book for service online at or you can contact one of our relationship mangers over call, chat or mail.
  • Based on your requirement a list of documents required for International driving licence in Delhi will be shared and also service charge will be shared
  • Make advance payment to book your service for IDP
  • Complete the documents required for International driving permit
  • Upload the soft copy of the documents on our portal for verification (Its important . As incomplete document can cause the delay in work) .
  • Itzeazy verifies the soft copy of the documents
  • Your documents will be submitted to RTO in the next stage.
  • The RTO office verifies documents and process the application
  • You will get timely updates on the progress of the work on our portal
  • After work completion you will be intimated and will be asked to share address for dispatch.
  • In the final stage documents will be dispatched and tracking details will be shared

Applying Offline for an International Drivers License

  1. Visit your nearby RTO Office between 10 am to 12:30 pm and collect Form 4A (Form for the Issue of International Drivers License) or download it from the Parivahan website.
  2. Fill in the details as per your driving license and passport and country you want to visit with the stay duration.
  3. The RTO officer will verify and attest the documents.
  4. Get the signature of the AO on the documents.
  5. Register your biometric details and submit your digital signature with attested photocopies of your document.
  6.  Collect your booklet and card.
  7. If you have obtained your driving license in three or less than that, you need to retake the driving test.
  8. Do the payment of ₹1,000.

It will take nearly 3-4 days to receive your International Drivers License by post or physically from the RTO Office.

Validity of International Drivers License

Your International Driving License is valid for one year from the date of issuance in more than 150 countries. You can get it renewed before the date of expiry to continue availing of its benefit.

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Beware of the Frauds!

Stay wary of such fraudulent platforms and apply for an International Driving License Delhi only via the official Ministry of Road Transport & Highways portal (

Applying for an International Drivers License is much easier than it was years back. So, apply for it before going on a vacation or going out to a foreign land for a job to continue enjoying driving. You can also go for long solo drives to enjoy the beauty of the location.






  1. Aakash Jain

    Does the RTO still provide a license booklet or only the micro chip card for international licenses?

  2. Ravi

    Hi Sakshi, Thanks for the helpful info. Would you know if i can get the international driving permit without visiting the RTO office ?

    I am already abroad and forgot to apply for IDP before leaving


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