Couples can register their marriage in West Bengal online at “MARREG” website.  In this blog, all the aspects covering marriage registration west Bengal will be explained like rules for marriage registration, application procedure for online marriage registration in west Bengal; fees and documents required for getting a marriage certificate west Bengal and so on. 

Marriage Registration West Bengal

Marriage registration is done by Marriage Officers of the west Bengal. All registering officers of the west Bengal are the ex-officio marriage officers of the state. The offices of the marriage officers are located usually at Sub-Divisional Head Quarters/ District Head Quarters/ Divisional Head Quarters. The marriage officers are called district registrars, sub-registrars, additional district sub-registrars and additional district registrars.

Apart from Government offices, marriages in West Bengal are registered by non official Hindu marriage registrar, non-official marriage officer, Parsee marriage registrar, licensed ministers who run their offices privately. Marriages are not registered at court of law or any lawyer. Marriage certificates are issued by Law Department Registrar General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal. For any queries or dispute, contact at WB (

You should apply for online marriage registration at “MARREG” website after the social marriage. You should apply from the website to avoid fraudsters. Marriages are registered at “MARREG” website under 3 acts: 

  • Hindu Marriage Act
  • Special Marriage Act (Article 13)
  • Special Marriage Act (Article 16)
  • Indian Christian Marriage Act 
  • Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act.

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Where does marriage registration take place?

The place depends upon the basis of Act under which marriage is going to take place. Weddings taking place under:

  • Hindu Marriage Act : At  the office of the Registrar of marriages or the office of marriage officer in whose jurisdiction either the bride or the groom lives.
  •  Special Marriage Act : At the office of marriage officer in whose jurisdiction either the bride or the groom lives.
  •  Indian Christian Marriage Act:  At the Church or by a Licensed Minister. 
  •  Parsi Marriage and Divorce: At the office of the Parsi Marriage Registrar in whose jurisdiction either the bride or the groom lives.

Eligibility criteria for marriage registration in west Bengal

  • Either the bride or the groom should have resided in the state for 30 days if the couple wants to register their marriage in west Bengal.   
  • Neither the bride nor the groom should have a living spouse at the time of marriage.
  • The bride should be 18 years at the time of marriage while the groom should be 21 years. 
  • Both the bride and groom are capable to consent for their marriage. 
  • The parties are not within any degrees of prohibited relationship unless a custom of their family permits such weddings.
  • The parties are not sapindas of each other unless a custom of their family permits such weddings.

Application Procedure for marriage registration in west Bengal

Follow the steps below to register your marriage online: –

  1. Visit  REG (
  2. Read the instruction in the pop-up before you click on “proceed”. 
  3. Choose the relevant act under which you want your marriage registered. 
  4. Enter the groom’s details on “Details of the Groom”. Upload the groom’s photo and signature and the scanned copy of the other supporting documents. 
  5. Enter the bride’s details on “Details of the Bride”. Upload the bride’s photo and signature and the scanned copy of the other supporting documents. 
  6. Enter the details of the social marriage and upload the scanned copy of the invitation letter. 
  7. Choose and apply for a marriage officer.
  8. Select the marriage registrar office location and the time at “Details of Registration” section. Accept the eligibility criteria and select a date for registration. 
  9. You will receive an SMS and email with the application number and other guidelines after you “Submit” the application online. Your Marriage Officer will also receive an SMS about your details. 
  10. Contact your Marriage Officer and meet him on personally to pay the fees and submit the documents you uploaded. 
  11. On the day of marriage registration, the bride and the groom along with 3 other witnesses must sign all the documents. 
  12. Upload a photo of the Marriage Officer along with the couple to the “MARREG” website later for smooth processing and subsequent generation of your marriage certificate.  

Documents required for West Bengal marriage registration 

The documents required for online marriage registration in west Bengal are as follows: – 

  • Aadhar Card of the bride and groom
  • Permanent Address Proof of the bride and groom
  • Proof of Birth of the bride and groom
  • Wedding Invitation card
  • Passport-sized Photo of the bride and groom. 
  • Joint photo of bride and groom 
  • Photo of bride and groom with Left Thumb Impression 

Fees required for marriage registration in west Bengal

The fee structure for the all types of marriages is mentioned at

Just select the relevant Act under which you are going to marry from the drop down list and check the fee structure .

How to track application status of marriage registration in west Bengal?

You can track the status of your online marriage registration application at GoWB (

Just select the Application Type as “Application of Marriage” and enter the unique application number received after you submitted the online marriage registration form. 

How to search for marriage officers for marriage registration in west Bengal?

You can select the nearest marriage registrar office and marriage officer online at MA (

You can search for Marriage officer by his name or by your location. Just choose the type of Marriage Officer you want and your location. You have to choose your nearest police station also to see the results of all marriage officers near you. 

You can even check whether your marriage officer is authentic by checking the marriage officer’s name online. All the marriage officers registered under the state have their details in this site. You can directly type the name of the marriage officer to learn about his details. 

How to change Marriage Officer?

You can change your marriage officer handling your marriage registration at  REGi (

Just enter the DOB of the groom and the bride, marriage registration application number and the Captcha code before you click on “Submit”. Please mention the reason for change of marriage officer request.