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Online FIR Uttar Pradesh

Online FIR Uttar Pradesh

eFIR UP is the first step to go with when you encounter a crime that can either be theft or a burglar. Today in 2023, it has become very smooth to register an online FIR Uttar Pradesh. Herein, we bring you the detailed and the easiest online FIR UP guide to help you file FIR online.

Now, you can sit back and register FIR in UP online with no need to grind in the police stations! To know how to stay tuned with us till the end as we uncover this not-so-secret guide on online FIR UP just for you.

Online FIR UP: Application

Now you can file an FIR readily from the comfort of your home with both a mobile app and web browser. Whether you have a desktop or a mobile, filing an eFIR UP takes only minutes! We will discuss both methods herein simultaneously.  

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Mobile Application Procedure For Online FIR UP

  • First, download UPCOP mobile application from Playstore. Alternately, you can download the mobile application on iOS for online FIR UP.
  • Second, select the FIR option from the dashboard visible to you for your eFIR UP.
  • Now, select e-FIR and then verify using OTP.
  • Fourth, choose whether you are filing FIR for yourself or on someone’s behalf and then enter the necessary details for the online FIR Uttar Pradesh. You must fill in Incident details that include the Police station and your district and then FIR details.

FIR Details:

Nature of Complaint

You need to select the type of crime from the drop-down list like theft, burglary, cybercrime, loss, etc.

Sub-type of Complaint

Here, you have to select the object of the crime, like the thing you lost or stolen, etc.

FIR Content 

  • Here, you have to type in your online FIR Uttar Pradesh application in which you will describe the event.
  • Lastly, download your FIR Content, get it signed digitally or manually, and then upload the signed copy.

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How to View Online FIR UP Online?

  • First, open the UPCOP mobile application and select FIR.
  • Second, choose the View/Download FIR option for eFIR UP application status.
  • Third, select your police station and district.
  • Lastly, enter your FIR details which include your FIR number. Alternately, you can enter the date of FIR and search for your online FIR UP and download it.  

Online FIR UP: Web-version

  • Firstly, search for UP Police gov in the search bar or alternatively, click on
  • Secondly, hover over the Citizen Services option and select e-FIR for the eFIR UP application.
  • Thirdly, create your citizen login using your name and password and then log in to the portal.
  • Fourthly, enter the required details like name, address details with nearest police station and district in Hindi.
  • Fifthly, fill in your FIR Application either in English or Hindi and then download it to get signed, either digitally or manually.
  • Lastly, upload the signed copy of your Online FIR UP application.
  • Similarly, fill in all the six forms simultaneously from the tabs.

How to Know eFIR UP status on desktop?

  • First, log on to and then select Citizen Services to knoweFIR UP status.
  • Second, from the list, select View FIR and then log in with your username and password to proceed to view your online FIR Uttar Pradesh status.

Bottom Line

Online FIR UP is now a seamless and convenient process as now you can file an FIR without visiting a police station. All you need is an internet connection, and mobile/ desktop and you’re all set to file eFIR UP.

We hope our blog will be a great help to anyone who wishes to file an online FIR Uttar Pradesh hassle-free.






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