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NOC for vehicle transfer to other state online

Noc for vehicle transfer

Want to apply for NOC for vehicle transfer to other state online ? Itzeazy helps in getting vehicle NOC online.  It guides you through the process of NOC for vehicle and documents required for vehicle NOC.

Are you planning  to move or shift from one state to another for a longer duration of time? Are you willing to take your vehicle with you to the new destination? Do you need any legal permission to do so? For how long can you shift to some other state with your vehicle(s) so that you would not require any legal paperwork? Who regulates this legal documentation? This article explains and clears all your doubts about NOC of vehicle transfer and related documents required for obtaining the NOC for bike /car online.

NOC for Vehicle Transfer

The transfer of a vehicle from one state to another requires legal documentation and paperwork to be done before shifting. You will need NOC for vehicle transfer if you are willing to take your vehicle to some other destination for longer periods (one year).

Proper legal documentation and registration are required in doing so. If you are going to another state for shorter duration, you dont need to apply for address change  and re-registration.

RTO ( Regional Transport Office ) in India is accountable for the registration of vehicles. It is located in every district of India which issues driving licenses and responsible for vehicle registration.

Getting a NOC for vehicle transfer is an important step while shifting interstate which most vehicle owners often overlook. Of course, you do not require this document if you plan to travel interstate for a lesser period of time but it becomes important that you transfer the registration of the vehicle if you are shifting for a longer duration of time(a year or more).

It is known by RTO records that this rule is not followed strictly in many states of India. Vehicle owners should understand that it pays off to follow the law of this regulation to circumvent unnecessary bother at the time of insurance claims and other official follow-up plans related to the vehicle.

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What Is NOC for Vehicle transfer

NOC, which stands for No Objection Certificate, is a legal document that is issued from the  RTO in case of re-registration of a vehicle from one state or union territory to any other or even intra-state.

As per Motor vehicle act, you are required to apply for change of address and re-register when you are going to another state for over a year. The major reason behind this is for keeping track of vehicles and for quick actions in case of any situation in a particular territory.

Updating the records will ease the process mainly for security purposes that’s why you need a NOC for vehicle transfer | NOC for Car/bike.

NOC in Mumbai

NOC in Bangalore

Who Should Apply For RTO NOC

The original purpose for applying a new RTO NOC is to permit a change of the local government authority jurisdiction on that vehicle from one state to the other state’s or inter-state jurisdiction.

A vehicle owner, who is about to change its RTO from one state to another permanently, should apply for NOC for vehicle transfer. Be it a car or bike you should apply for NOC for Car or NOC for bike

If the owner of the vehicle has sold the vehicle to some other individual and that particular individual plans to shift to another city or state with that vehicle, then the original owner needs to apply for NOC of the vehicle. Once the NOC is received and given to the buyer of the vehicle by its seller, it needs to be submitted by the buyer  to the new state’s RTO.

In case of bereavement of the vehicle’s original owner, the legal heir of that owner has to apply for NOC in the regional RTO where the vehicle was previously registered.

How To Apply for NOC for vehicle

Offline Procedure for NOC

  • Kindly visit the regional RTO personally and apply for the NOC
  • Submit duly-filled CMV 28 form along with the documents required for vehicle NOC:
  1. Registration certificate (RC)
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. Permit and fitness certificate (applicable for commercial vehicles)
  4. Emission test certificate (pollution under control certificate)
  5. Consent of Financier on CMV form 28 (in case of HPA or a lease agreement)
  6. Pencil print of the chassis number for the CMV 28 form
  7. Address proof and photo identity proof
  • You can download the CMV 28 form here.
  • After this, you need to pay requisite RTO fees to the RTO.
  • As the NOC application is submitted to the RTO, the transport office will acquire a report of the vehicle from the local police authority to make sure that the vehicle is not involved in any criminal case
  • Finally, if the RTO has established that there are no pending dues or DSL cases against the vehicle, the No Objection Certificate is issued along with a receipt of clearance.

Online procedure for NOC:

Applying vehicle NOC through online process is possible with the help of an online portal ‘Parivahan’ under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.  The eligibility of your state’s availability must be checked for online NOC before proceeding.

Once the availability is confirmed, kindly ensue with the following steps to apply for a NOC for vehicle transfer online.

  • Visit the online portal ‘Parivahan’.
  • Carefully fill in the vehicle’s registration number and click on ‘Proceed’.
  • You would now be directed to a new page, and choose ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’ from the available options.
  • For the next step, enter the last five digits of your vehicle’s chassis number.
  • Now, provide all the details asked for and upload the essential documents.
  • Pay the fees as applicable for your concerned RTO.
  • Save the application form as receipt which is generated, and take a print out.
  • Submit the application form along with the receipt slip and required documents “in-person” to your concerned RTO.

The process to get NOC for vehicle transfer from the RTO is thus concluded, and you can expect the certificate’s issuance within 30 working days.

For re-registration, the mandatory documents of the vehicle are equivalent in addition to which NOC has to be obtained from the vehicle financer and the original registering certificate to be submitted. On submitting the official papers and paying the application fee, the automobile is re-registered within a period of 15 days.

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Validity Of NOC

As such there is no validity period defined for vehicle NOC. As per motor vehicle act , you should apply for re-registration of vehicle in the new RTO within one month from the date of issue of RTO NOC. After this period, you will have to pay late fine.

The late fine is :

  1. Bike – Rs. 300/ month
  2. Car – Rs. 500/month

The NOC is not only obligatory for shifting a vehicle from one state/UT to another but also when a vehicle is being traded or sold to someone who plans to shift it. Many agencies and vehicle transportation firms can assist you out in knowing more about these procedures.

Registering your vehicle around the time of purchase is as important as keeping the vehicle in the authorized boundary under all conditions. However, if the relocation is temporary, the re-registration is not obligatory because the law permits vehicles to be outside their regional jurisdiction for twelve months.

If you intend to prolong the stay, it is better to follow up with the RTO in that city to avoid any sort of legal action on the vehicle. This process could take time, as the documents have to be screened through many departments and sanctioned by many authorities.

It is advised to follow up regularly with the authorities to speed up the process in case of any emergency. That is why a time duration of 12 months is given for re-registration so that the citizen would not be troubled because of the screening process time of the documents.

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Common Mistakes Regarding NOC

There is lot of deficient information among the vehicle owners about motor vehicle rules and regulations, which need to be followed by everyone. Which vehicles require NOC and which don’t is not much clear among the vehicle owners nowadays unless they are given a ticket for the offense.

Vehicle owners in India lack basic knowledge about numerous procedures and necessary regulations that need to be followed for ownership transfer, vehicle transfer, re-registration of vehicle etc.

It is observed that the vehicle owners give the least precedence to these procedures, as they do not find it so important. They do not have knowledge that if they are caught driving in another state without proper vehicle documents, their driver’s license could be canceled, they could be penalized and also could be jailed as per law.

Following are the important points which should be kept in mind while applying for vehicle NOC :

  • Application for vehicle should be submitted to the parent RTO only
  • If the loan on vehicle has been re-paid , get the NOC from bank . Its necessary to apply for NOC for vehicle in the RTO
  • If the loan on vehicle is continuing , get the loan continuation letter from the bank
  • If you are selling the vehicle to someone , NOC should be issued in the name of buyer. Its very important.
  • Get the correct information about the destination RTO . Fill up the form 28 correctly . If NOC is issued for any other RTO , it will be big problem.
  • Get information beforehand whether vehicle can be re-registered in the new RTO or not. Check with the RTO. There are many cities where there is restrictions regrading re-registration based on model year of the vehicle.

Examples of mistakes regarding NOC

If you are shifting  your four-wheeler/two-wheeler vehicle from Chennai to Vellore permanently, be careful as first you must apply for NOC with the Chennai RTO.

Kindly note that the vehicle NOC should be submitted to the destination RTO within one month from the date of issue of NOC.  After this period there is late fine on per month basis for the late submission of NOC

Again hypothetically, if there is any type of road tax or ticket payment is pending in Chennai, then clear the fee and get the receipt as this is an essential document.

Road tax Refund Process

You can claim for road tax refund from the parent RTO where vehicle was registered once you re-register your vehicle in the new state.  Road tax paid in the previous state will be refunded on the pro-rata basis.

The time limit for applying for road tax refund differs from one state to another and the process for refund can be commenced soon after registering the vehicle to new state/UT.

However, kindly note that only the original owner of the vehicle can claim for a refund which is understood because that owner is the one who paid the road tax in the first place.

Other Necessary NOC Agreements Required 

Besides NOC from RTO, a vehicle holder must also acquire NOC for the following purposes.

  • NOC from NCRB 

    NOC from the NCRB (No Crime Record Bureau) is also essential to guarantee that the motor vehicle has not been involved in any anti-social or criminal activity. With this evidence on NOC, you can guarantee that the process to transfer ownership of your vehicle (inter-state or intra-state) can be completed without hassle.

  • NOC from the bank-

    If the vehicle purchase is funded via a loan, an NOC is required from the affording institution/bank to verify the complete settlement of the loan amount along with the payment of all levies. The credential is compulsory to complete transference of vehicle possession at a new RTO in the case of a sale, or for re-registration at a new RTO in case, the vehicle is shifting to a new state/UT.

To acquire a NOC for vehicle transfer from the bank, a written application needs to be submitted citing the reason for the transfer. Documents like employment transfer letter, job appointment letter, address proof of new residence, or any other document will be required that supports your motive for shifting. After the bank accepts the NOC, these same documents have to have acquiesced to the RTO.

If by any chance the plan to relocate is halted, the No Objection Certificate has to be annulled. It is essential that the NOC can be submitted to the RTO from where it was approved and a non-utilization certificate is to be obtained from the same RTO.

FAQs :

Is NOC required if I am going to another state for a short duration?

Ans : If the duration is less than one year, then no NOC is required by you for taking your vehicle to another state.


Is NOC needed if I am moving from one city to another in the same state?

Ans: Yes, as the jurisdiction of the RTO changes, you need to apply for vehicle NOC in the parent RTO . Its required to shift the vehicle to the new RTO jurisdiction area.


Will my vehicle’s registration in the original RTO be valid if I obtain NOC to move my vehicle from one state to another but do not complete the process of re-registration?

Ans : Once NOC is issued from the RTO , your vehicle is no longer registered to the parent RTO. Its advisable to register it to the new RTO ASAP.  You will not be able to claim insurance, in case of accident or any other mis-happenings .


Are the documents required to obtain NOC for a transport vehicle the same as for other vehicles?

Ans : The documents required for transport vehicle NOC  is not same . Additional documents are required in this case, such as

  1. Tax clearance certificate
  2. Certificate of vehicle’s fitness
  3. Surrender of a permit issued by any other state
  4. Challan clearance certificate


Can we download NOC online?

Ans : Yes, you can download NOC of vehicle online from Parivahan website.


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