Are you searching for how to do UP RTO Vehicle Registration Search Online? For any of the purpose like in case of any mishappening using unknown vehicle  , hit and run case , you can take help of facility for online check for RTO Vehicle Information UP.  You can easily find all the details regarding a vehicle or its owner only by its registration number. we will discuss how you can do RTO vehicle information UP online check or UP RTO vehicle registration owner search through the Vahan web portal in this article

UP RTO Vehicle Registration Search

Nowadays it is very common in Uttar Pradesh to see a vehicle hitting another vehicle or anybody on the road and then flee away. It happens so quickly and so frequently that you cannot even take help of the Uttar Pradesh traffic police to catch the culprit vehicle. All you can do in such cases is note the registration number of the vehicle through its number plate. While looking for ways to know more information about the vehicle or its owner, you eventually end up at your nearest Regional Transport Office in Uttar Pradesh. However, you then have to go through multiple documentations and a huge bureaucratic process to get the details of the vehicle you were searching for. 

RTO Vehicle Information UP Online Check

Before going ahead with the topic, first let us clarify what the registration number of a vehicle stands for. It is a code with 8 digits. The first two digits of the code stand for the state (for instance: UP stands for Uttar Pradesh). The second two digits stand for the location of the RTO. And the last four digits stand for the vehicle’s unique registration number.

RTO vehicle information UP online check using the Vahan website will allow you to find the following details within a few seconds if you enter the registration number of any vehicle properly:

  1. The date of registration of the vehicle 
  2. The name of vehicle owner
  3. Class of the vehicle
  4. Model of vehicle and its manufacturer details 
  5. Status of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  6. Validity of Motor Vehicle Tax 
  7. Type of fuel
  8. Fitness duration of the vehicle 
  9. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate details 
  10. The vehicle’s emission standards according to the norms of Bharat Stage emission
  11. Insurance policy details of the motor vehicle

There are multiple websites and apps available on the internet. But you must rely on Vahan to get the correct vehicular information as it is in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act of India.

So follow the procedure written below to do RTO vehicle information UP online check and find the vehicle details online:

  1. Go to the official Vahan website and create an account using your email and mobile number.
  2. After it’s done, login to your account with your mobile number and password.
  3. Then furnish the registration number of your vehicle or the vehicle you want to search and the captcha code and click on “vahan search”.
  4. Then the information about your entered registration number will be shown to you on the next web page.

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UP RTO Vehicle Registration Owner Search 

Now you can also do UP RTO vehicle registration owner search by sending a vehicle’s registration number through SMS. 

For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the message application on your phone.
  2. Type: VAHAN<space>Registration Number of the vehicle
  3. Then send the message to 7732899899.
  4. Then you will receive a reply with the following details like: vehicle manufacturer’s name, owner’s name, registered state, class, fuel type, expiry date of the registration certification, etc. 

So, if you want to search for a vehicle’s details or its owner apart from yours, you’ll just need the vehicle’s registration number to know everything in seconds.

RTOs In Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has regional transport offices (RTOs) in the following cities. In case you want to search for any information about the vehicle or its owner, you can refer to the RTO codes of each city given in the article UP RTO list.

In case of any doubts, you can contact the office of the Uttar Pradesh Transport Commissioner at their helpline number: 1800 1800 151 (which is open 24 hours) and fax number: 0522-2629235.

Or you can reach out to their official address: M.G Road, Tehri Kothi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Pin: 226001


Q1. Can I check vehicle details for free on vahan?

Ans. Yes, you can check the details of any four-wheeler, two-wheeler, and commercial vehicle with the help of vahan website for free. You just have to create an account on the portal with your mobile number.

Q2. What kind of vehicle details will I get through the vahan portal?

Ans. You can get every detail of any registered vehicle including commercial vehicles, two-wheeler, and four-wheelers through the vahan portal. But you cannot search school buses, ambulances, and commercial vehicles with permits.