Whether you live in Goa or are just visiting, the RTO Goa is the place you need to go to take care of  driving permit or vehicle-related things. This includes getting your vehicle registered if you live in Goa or getting driving permits if you are a resident of Goa. The  Goa RTO also plays a crucial role in making sure the roads are safe, enforcing traffic rules, and keeping the transportation system running smoothly in the state. Therefore anyone can avail RTO Goa online services for obtaining required certificates, permits. 

RTO Goa Contact details

The contact details are listed below in the table.

Address 1st Lift 1st floor, Junta house. 18th June road, Panaji Goa 403401
Contact Number 8322225724
Customer Care  8322225724
Email Id dir-tran.goa@nic.in
Date  Monday to Friday 
Working Hours  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
Website  https://www.goatransport.gov.in/

RTO Goa Online Services

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Goa offers a range of services regarding car registration, driver’s licenses, and other transportation-related issues. Here are a few of the services the RTO Goa normally provides:

  1. Vehicle Registration: The RTO provides help with new vehicle registration and issues related to registration certificates, license plates, and ownership documentation for automobiles. When a car is sold or transferred, it also manages the ownership transfer.
  2. Driving Licenses: It is the RTO’s responsibility to provide driving licenses to qualified applicants. It conducts written and practical exams to evaluate a candidate’s driving ability and knowledge of traffic laws and regulations.
  3. Vehicle Fitness Certification: The RTO performs vehicle fitness checks to make sure that cars fit to the necessary emission and safety rules. It provides certificates of fitness to cars that pass the examinations.
  4. Permit Issuance: The RTO provides licenses for a number of commercial vehicle categories, including taxis, buses, shipping transporters, and tourist vehicles. These licenses are required in order to legally drive these vehicles across the state.
  5. Tax Collection: The RTO collects a number of taxes and fees related to the ownership and use of vehicles, including road tax, registration fees, and other necessary costs.
  6. Enforcement of Traffic Rules: The RTO plays a major role in making sure that traffic laws and regulations are followed. To enforce traffic laws, monitor road safety, and take necessary action against violators, it works with traffic police.
  7. Vehicle Insurance Verification: When registering a car or renewing it, the RTO checks to see if the insurance policies are still in place. It helps in making sure that the automobiles on the road have enough protection.
  8. Road Safety Initiatives: To encourage responsible driving and road safety, the RTO organizes awareness campaigns and educational campaigns.

Goa RTO Code list

The following are the list of Goa RTO codes:

S No. RTO Office RTO Code
1 Bicholim GA04
2 Canacona GA10
3 Dharbandora GA11 and GA12
4 Goa GA09
5 Margao GA02 and GA08
6 Panaji GA01 and GA07
7 Vasco Da Gama GA06
8 Mapusa GA03
9 Ponda GA05

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Where to apply for Goa RTO services

You can apply for the services provided by RTO Goa by following this easy step:

  1. Visit the official website of Goa transport.
  2. Then click on “Online services” drop-down menu.
  3. Then select the services required
  4. It redirect to Parivahan website
  5. Choose Goa state and again select required service
  6. Then fill the required service application and upload documents.
  7. Make payment of fees as per chosen service
  8. Submit the form and book appointment at RTO if it requires to visit.

For few services like new driving licence , vehicle registration , it is required to visit RTO Goa.

RTO Goa fees 

RTO Goa fees for driving related services:
Sr.No. Services Fees(Rs)      
1 Issue of Learners License 150.00
2 Permanent Driving License 200.00
3 Permanent Driving License (in laminated card) 200.00
4 Renewal of DL 200.00
5 Renewal of a DL (after the grace period has passed) 300.00
6 Driving test 300.00
7 Conductor License fees 100.00
8 Laminated card for a new class approved of vehicle 200.00
9 Registration / renewal of Driving School 5000.00
10 Issue of duplicate licence for a Driving School 2500.00
11 Appeal against Licensing Authority decisions 500.00
12 Providing or renewing a motorcycle trade certificate 500.00
13 Providing or renewing a trade certificate (carrying an invalid load) 500.00
14 Grant or renewal of Trade certificate (Others) 1000.00
15 Processing Fees 80.00
RTO Goa fees for vehicle registration related services:
Sr.No. Issue of a Registration Book/ Registration Renewal/ Assigning a New Number Fees(Rs)
1 Invalid carriage 50.00
2 Motor cycle – New registration 300.00
3 Motor cycle – Renewal of registration 1000.00
4 Three wheeler / Quadricycle – New registration 600.00
5 Three wheeler / Quadricycle – Renewal of registration 2500.00
6 LMV non-transport – New registration 600.00
7 LMV non-transport – Renewal of registration 5000.00
8 Light commercial vehicle – New registration 600.00
9 Light commercial vehicle – Renewal of registration 5000.00
10 Medium Goods/ Passenger vehicle – New and renewal of registration 1000.00
11 Heavy Goods / Passenger vehicle – New and renewal of registration 1500.00
12 Imported motor vehicle (2 or 3 wheeler) – New registration 2500.00
13 Imported motor vehicle (2 or 3 wheeler) – Renewal of registration 10,000.00
14 New registration for Imported motor vehicle – (4 or more wheeled) 5,000.00
15 Imported motor vehicle (4 or more wheeled) – Renewal of registration 40,000.00
16 Duplicate registration certificate Half of registration fee
17 Transfer of ownership Half of registration fee
18 Change of address Half of registration fee
19 Alteration in Registration Half of registration fee
20 Approving a lease, hire-purchase, or hypothecation agreement  (Motorcycle) 500.00
21 Approving a lease, hire-purchase, or hypothecation agreement  (Three wheeler/quadricycle/LMV) 1,500.00
22 Approving a lease, hire-purchase, or hypothecation agreement (Medium or heavy vehicle) 3,000.00

Documents required at all Goa RTO

These are the documents required at RTO Goa for any vehicle registration services:

  • New Vehicle Registration:
  1. Completed Form 20 
  2. Sale certificate in Form 21 produced by the vehicle’s dealer 
  3. Attested copy of the insurance certificate for the vehicle Address verification of the application
  4. Form 34 attested by the car owner and vehicle financier 
  5. Certificate of vehicle fitness, if necessary
  6. Forms 60 and 61, or (if necessary) a PAN Card
  • Transfer of Vehicle Ownership:
  1. Form 20 completed and a Form 21 sale certificate provided by the car’s dealer
  2. Validated copy of the car’s insurance certificate Application address verification If the vehicle was financed
  3. Form 34 must be signed by both the owner and the financier.
  4. Forms 60 and 61, or (if necessary) a PAN Card, or (if necessary) a certificate of vehicle fitness
  5. Form 60 and 61 or PAN Card copy (if required)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Other State Vehicles:
  1. Four copies of the Form 28 application
  2. Vehicle registration (attested copy)
  3. Road tax receipts or a certificate from the tax collection agency
  4. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, confirming there are no unpaid bills
  5. Certificate for auto insurance
  • Renewal of Vehicle Registration:
  1. Application Form 25
  2. Properly completed Vehicle Registration Certificate
  3. Payment Receipt
  4. (Attested Copy) of a vehicle insurance certificate
  5. Certificate of Pollution Under Control (PUC) 
  6. Attested Copies of Form 60 and 61 or PAN Card (as Needed)
  • Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate:
  1. 2 copies of the properly completed Form 26 (one attested copy with the financer’s endorsement for hypothecated car).
  2. Original copy of Police FIR 
  3. Vehicle insurance certificate original copy (attested copy)
  4. Proof of address 
  5. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate


Q1 Is there any other way to avail for the service relates to RTO  in Goa?

Yes, You can visit parivahan  portal. From the website you can avail for any service relates to RTO Goa. 

Q2 How can I book an appointment at the RTO in Goa?

Depending on the particular service you need, the RTO in Goa may have a different appointment booking process. On the official website of the Goa Transport Department, there is an online appointment booking system available for some services, such as driving license examinations. As an alternative, you can go in person to the RTO office and ask how to arrange an appointment for your particular need.