Driving licence has different categories. One of them is MCWG driving licence. MCWG in driving license is very popular category. You may be wondering what is MCWG full form in Driving License. While applying for  driving license you should know the basic details about different categories of driving licence. In this article we will discuss topics like MCWG meaning, details of MCWG driving licence.

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MCWG full form in driving license

MCWG meaning is motor cycle with gear. If a Motorcycle is without gear then it is abbreviated as MCWOG.

The full form of MCWOG in DL is motorcycle without gear. If your driver’s licence only says MCWOG, you can only drive two-wheelers without gear.

In the case of MCWG, you are permitted to operate both types of two-wheelers (with and without gear)

What is MCWG in driving license

MCWG in driving license is nothing but a driving license category authorized  to drive motor cycle with gear.

MCWG license  includes the two-wheeler with gear and all those two-wheelers that have engines capacities of 50 cc to unlimited cc. It also has vehicles such as moped, scooters, bike with gear. MCWG in driving license covers normal low cost to heavy expensive sports bike.

A motorcycle with gear is only considered an MCWG vehicle when it has the gear which is operated manually. This is also known as bike. In India, almost 18 crore people own the bike.

Hope now you have understood – MCWG full form in driving license and what is MCWG in driving license?

Eligibility for getting an MCWG Driving License

As you now learnt what is MCWG in driving license? Check the eligibility for MCWG Driving License before applying :

  • Applicant should have MCWG learner license before applying for MCWG driving license license.
  • Age should be between 18 to 70 years.
  • Should be aware about all the traffic rules.
  • The applicant must apply for a permanent driving license within the days of 30 days to 180 days from issuing of the learner license.
  • Applicant should be physically fit.

Apply for MCWG driving license online

Following are the steps to apply for MCWG driving license online : 

  • Firstly, visit this parivahan site
  • Select “state”, and choose “Apply for driving license”. Click on “continue”.
  • Fill in details of your learner ID. After filling it click on the button “OK”.
  • Verify your learner license. Scroll down and verify your personal details.
  • Select the type of vehicle license by clicking on “CMWG”, then you need to press “submit”.
  • Download the application form that you have filed in
  • You need to download FORM-1 which is a declaration of physical fitness. Check out what is MCWG in driving license (mentioned above) 
  • Download FORM-1A which is proof of your medical health
  • Then download the “acknowledgement slip”. After downloading all mentioned documents click on “next”.
  • Upload documents. Click on “proceed” then “submit” then “OK”.
  • Upload “residential proof” and “learner license”.
  • Make payment “fees” that have been told to pay and download the “payment slip”.
  • Go to HOME page, then click on “application status” to fill up the details that have been asked and submit it,
  • Select the “date and timing” for the test and download the slot receipt.

Here is the point where the applicant’s online application process for issuing an MCWG driving license is finished. Now applicants have to visit the RTO office physically , which has been assigned to the applicant.

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Apply for MCWG License on offline mode

  • Applicant should move to nearest RTO site and ask them for MCWG driving license form.
  • Fill-up the form and submit it with all the documents mentioned to submit.
  • Try to prefer Aadhar card as both evidence of age and evidence for resident as it will ease in verifying the document.
  • It is mandatory to attach a learner license copy with the application.
  • Verify it again and again before submitting to the office as it is a one-time process.
  • Applicant will be provided with the option to select the slot of date and time as per his/her convenience.
  • Applicant must carry all receipts with him while going for the test.
  • After giving the test, if you passed it then after 30 to 35 days you will receive your MCWG driving license through speed post.

Benefits of MCWG driving license

There are several advantages that a driver can lure up by using an MCWG driving license.

  • MCWG driving license holder can drive the vehicle under MCWOG category, but MCWOG- motor cycle without gear license holder cannot drive those vehicles that are under the category of MCWG.
  • MCWG driving license means that the holder is able to drive in our neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and etc.
  • It is also providing the facility to the age group of 16-18 by acting as a learner license.
  • It can also work as an identity proof in our day-to-day life.

Points to be noted while doing the procedure

  • Charges that have been asked by the government for issuing a driver’s license to applicants are asked on the basis of type and number of driver’s license that has been selected by the applicant.
  • Applicant should have the learner license with the type of MCWG-learner license.
  • Applicant should carry the original document that the applicant has submitted. The original document with application because on the basis of real document only applicant will be allowed to give a test.
  • Always carry the receipt of payment and slot allotment as payment proof.
  • Carry FORM-1 and FORM-1-A while going to site for test.
  • Applicant must necessarily apply for permanent driving license after receiving learner license within 30 to 180 days, because after 6 months of the issuance date of learner license it will expire and had no use, and applicant cannot reissue it.
  • Arrive at the site before 15 to 20 minutes from allotted time, because it will help you to adapt the environment.
  • England does not allow to drive all types of vehicles to be driven with India’s permit on their road and allow some specific type of vehicles to drive.
  • Requirement of photos and signatures keeps changing by the rule and regulation set by different state governments.
  • Always provide the present address on application as MCWG driving license will be delivered to your home. (check the MCWG full form in driving license-mentioned above)

The documents you need to take with you are form-1, form1-a, form-2, application receipt, acknowledgement slip, residential evidence, learner license for giving test.

That’s all about MCWG driving license and MCWG full form in driving license, the online and offline procedure for issuing an MCWG driving license.


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