Wondering how to apply for marriage certificate in Delhi online ? Marriage registration process in Delhi is online. Marriage registration in Delhi is compulsory and it is considered a legal document . In this article we will discuss about how to apply for marriage certificate online in Delhi, marriage certificate fees in Delhi, documents required for marriage certificate in Delhi, tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi.

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A Marriage certificate is proof of marriage and is helpful in applying for various government documents after marriage such as PAN card, Passport, Visa, etc.

In Delhi, married couples need to register their marriage within 60 days of the marriage irrespective of caste, creed and religion under the compulsory Registration of marriage act of Delhi  2014.

Marriages in Delhi can either be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

  • The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable to Hindus, Budhs, and Jains.
  • Muslim marriage, Christian marriage, and interreligious marriage should be registered under the special marriage act.

The Hindu Marriage Act provides for registration of an already solemnized marriage, and does not provide for solemnization of a marriage by a Marriage Registrar. However, the Special Marriage Act provides for solemnization of a marriage as well as registration by a Marriage Officer. To be eligible for Marriage certificate online Delhi, the minimum age is 21 years for males and 18 years for females.

Marriage Registration Process in Delhi

A marriage registration in Delhi can be done at the sub magistrate office of the area where either the husband or the wife has address proof or where the marriage took place.

A) Hindu Marriage Act

To apply for marriage certificate in Delhi under Hindu Marriage Act, there are two kinds of processes for marriage registration in Delhi :

Normal Marriage Registration

The application, affidavits, and other supporting documents must be submitted in the concerned office of the sub-divisional magistrate to get a marriage certificate Delhi. If all documents are complete, the date and time for marriage registration in Delhi is assigned.

On the day of the appointment, the husband, wife, and two witnesses should appear in the Sub Divisional Magistrate’s office with the original documents. It is required for marriage registration. Marriage certificates in Delhi cannot be issued in the absence of physical presence.

Before issuing a marriage certificate, the sub-divisional magistrate usually meets with the married couple face to face. A joint photograph of the couple is being taken there, which will show up on the marriage certificate. On the same day, the marriage certificate is issued in Delhi.

Now you can also apply for Marriage certificate online Delhi.

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Tatkal Marriage Registration Delhi

Marriage registration in Delhi on the tatkal basis is offered in case of urgency on a priority basis. However there is additional charge for tatkal marriage registration . Under the tatkal marriage registration process in Delhi, document verification and marriage registration are both completed on the same day. Marriage certificate is issued to married couple at the end of the process.

Tatkal marriage registration in Delhi is only available for Hindu, Sikh, Budh, and Jain marriages. Muslim, Christian, and inter-religious marriages cannot be registered under this act and must be registered under the Special Marriage Act, which is a 30-day procedure.

B) Special Marriage Act

Marriages between Muslims, Christians and interreligious couples can be registered under  special marriage act. It is a 30  days process. The first notice must be served. If no one objects within 30 days, marriage registration can be completed and  marriage certificate is issued.

Following the submission of documents, both parties must be present to serve a public notice inviting objections. One copy of the notice is posted on the office’s notice board, and another copy is mailed to the marriage officer in the area where either of the parties has a current/permanent address.

Marriage registration under special marriage act in Delhi is completed 30 days after the date of notice, after the SDM has decided on any objections received during that time. Both parties, as well as three witnesses, must be present on the date of registration/solemnization. A register for filing objections is available with the Dealing Assistant in the SDM’s office. Within 14 days after registration,  marriage certificate is issued.

C) Anand Marriage Act

The Anand Karaj Act, also known as the Sikh Marriage Act, was conceived in the early nineteenth century. Prior to this time, the Sikh faith was considered a branch of Hinduism, and people believed that Sikh marriages should be recorded in the Hindu Marriage Act.

The Anand Karaj Act was passed in 1909 as a result of the Namarari Movement. Under the newly enacted Anand Marriage Act, Sikh couples can register their marriage in Delhi.

The application and supporting documents must be submitted to the local sub magistrate’s office under this act. If the application is accepted, the date and time for marriage registration will be set. Two witnesses must accompany the married couple to the SDM office on that date. On the same day, the marriage certificate Delhi is issued.

Late fine in case of delay in marriage registration in Delhi

If you do not register your marriage in Delhi within 60 days of the date of marriage, you will be fined.

  • Between 60 days to 120 days there is a late fine of Rs. 500
  • Beyond 120 days there is a fine of Rs. 1000
  • There is no late fine for the registration of marriage commenced before the year 2014

Documents required for Marriage Certificate Delhi

Following are the documents required for marriage certificate in Delhi : 

  1. Marriage invitation card
  2. A marriage certificate issued by the district magistrate or a higher authority. 
  3. Two recent photos of you both (2×2 inches)
  4. Aadhar card of both husband & wife
  5. A letter of consent from both parties. 
  6. A copy of your birth certificate or identity card. 
  7. Proof of residence in the district where you want to get married (utility bill, rent agreement, etc).
  8. Two witnesses having (voter id/ passport/Driving License) & PAN card
  9. The minimum age for marriage is 18 years for both bride and groom, 16 years for either party if they are below 18 years of age with written permission from their parent or guardian.
  10. Marriage Certificate Affidavit

If either party is already married, their existing marriage must be dissolved before they can marry again in Delhi and apply for marriage certificate in Delhi.

Eligibility for Marriage registration in Delhi

Regardless of the spouse’s caste or religion, all marriages in Delhi are subject to the Compulsory Registration of Marriage Order, 2014. Following are the prerequisite if you are applying for marriage certificate in Delhi :

  • Bride must be 18 years of age and Groom of 21 years.
  • Either Spouse is a native of Delhi or has a address proof of Delhi.
  • According to Hindu Marriage Act, for a marriage to be registered both bride and groom be either Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain.
  • No one should have a spouse while applying for the current marriage.
  • There should be no external force or aggression while marrying and both should give a valid consent.

Getting a marriage certificate is becoming increasingly difficult. Nowadays getting government documents has become synonymous with multiple visits to government offices. It is very common for people to apply and have their applications rejected. You have to not only suffer financially, but you also require a significant amount of time.

So, if you don’t require a Marriage Certificate in Delhi right away and can make multiple visits with your partner and witnesses, go ahead and do it yourself.  

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How to apply for marriage certificate Delhi Online

It is possible to apply for Marriage certificate in Delhi online. The married couple who wishes to avail of a Marriage Certificate in Delhi online option may visit the website:  Delhi Govt and fill out the form.

The form and application can be submitted online and an acknowledgement receipt would be given right away for Marriage registration in Delhi. The e-governance endeavour of the Government of Delhi has come up with an easy and user-friendly way for registration of marriage online along with other certificates.

marriage certificate delhi


  1. On e-District portal Home Page, select the ‘Registration of Marriage’
  2. On the next page, the Citizen Login Form will appear.
  3. If they are not already registered, new users must create a user ID and password. To create a login id, you will need a scanned passport size photo and an Aadhaar / Voter ID Card.
  4. When creating your login id, make sure you fill in the correct area, which should correspond to the jurisdiction of your ADM/SDM office. Marriage registration takes place in 33 SDM offices throughout Delhi. You can, however, only visit the SDM office in the jurisdiction where you have lived for the past 30 days.
  5. Fill the online form for marriage registration in Delhi.
  6. Prepare your Affidavits and then upload scanned Affidavits. Please ensure that Affidavits are duly stamped and carry a Registered Attestation before you may scan and upload them.
  7. Please note that the Affidavits vary across all 33 SDM offices. You should go to SDM Office in whose jurisdiction you presently reside to inquire about the Affidavit Format and only make Affidavits in that particular format. Any deviation from the Affidavit Format would result in rejection of your Marriage Registration Application in Delhi.
  8. Scan and Upload all the required documents for the Marriage certificate online Delhi.
  9. In case wife intends to change her surname, please make additional Affidavits as per the format of the SDM Office in your jurisdiction and upload the same for a marriage certificate in Delhi.
  10. Scan and Upload all the ID, Address and Age Proof for Husband and Wife.
  11. Enter Details of Witnesses.
  12. Review and Submit the Application and take the appointment date.
  13. An acknowledgment page will then appear. A temporary number will be allotted that will be found printed on the acknowledgement slip.
  14. Make your file. Fill the mandatory Form “A” along with other forms as prescribed by SDM Office. The applicant must print and preserve a copy of the application form and acknowledgement slip.
  15. Please note that you must mention the address of wife before marriage along with document no. containing that address and also address of wife after marriage along with document no. containing the address after marriage.
  16. Thereafter attach all documents to your file. Please note all SDM offices follow a different sequence for attaching all the documents. Therefore, prepare your file as per the format prescribed by SDM Office in whose jurisdiction you presently reside.
  17. Thereafter, visit the SDM office on the Date of your Marriage Registration Appointment with complete documents. Your documents would be checked with originals. You, your spouse and witnesses would be asked few questions in relation to your marriage by the concerned SDM before approving your marriage.
  18. It is advised that the witnesses possess a PAN card and proof of residence along with them.
  19. Thereafter your Digital Marriage Certificate Delhi gets uploaded on the Department of Revenue, Govt. of NCT of Delhi portal which you can then download and print.
  20. That’s all about Marriage certificate online Delhi.

Marriage Registrar Offices  in Delhi

Marriage registration in Delhi can be done in the following SDM offices, in the jurisdiction of which the married couple lives.

No. Zone Address
1 North 1, Kripa Narain Marg, Delhi.
2 East I&F Office complex, LM Bandh, Geeta Colony, Delhi
3 South MB Road, B.D.O.Office, Near Anupam Aparments, Saket, New Delhi and
Old Tehsil Building, Mehrauli, New Delhi
4 West Old Middle School Building, Rampura, Lawrence Road, Delhi
5 Central SDM office, Karol Bagh-Jhandewalan, New Delhi
6 New Delhi Jam Nagar House, Near India Gate, New Delhi
7 South-West Old Terminal Tax Building, Kapashera, Delhi
8 North-East Weaver’s complex, Nand Nagari, Delhi
9 North-West Bawana Road, Kanjhawala, Delhi



How can I get marriage certificate online in Delhi?

Marriage registration process is not online completely in Delhi.Its partly online. Application process is online. Fees can be paid online. Appointment can be booked online However affidavits needs to be made from the Notary . Also visit of husband, wife and witnesses to the marriage registrar office is mandatory for physical verification of documents and person.

How can I get tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi?

You can get tatkal marriage certificate in Delhi. When you apply for marriage registration in Delhi, you get option of either tatkal or normal marriage registration. Based on your urgency you can apply for tatkal marriage certificate. Govt. fees for Tatkal marriage certificate is Rs. 1000. this is other than the normal marriage certificate fees.

What is the penalty for late marriage registration in Delhi?

Marriage registration is compulsory in Delhi. All the marriages should be registered within 60 days . There is late fine beyond 60 days. 0 days to 60 days - no late fine 60 days to 180 days - Rs. 500 Beyond 180 days - Rs.1000 There is no late fine for registering marriages which took place before year 2014 .

That’s all about the marriage registration in Delhi. If you have any queries you can contact us or post them in the comments section. We are delighted to assist you.

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