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Using our dashboard, you can manage both your driving school and your students' schedules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the training?

Different driving schools offer different plans. You can pick and choose the driving school purely as per your convenience and the rating of the driving school. They mostly do provide 30 or 60 minutes training per day.

Does booking online cost me more?

No, we charge same amount of the money that you end up paying to driving schools without you having to bargain with them. You get value added service rendered with high degree of professionalism through Drivekool.

Who do I need to contact in case of any issues?

You can call our customer care executives who try to intervene and resolve any issues that you may face with driving schools.

Can I choose the time slot as per my convenience?

Yes, you can choose the driving schools based on the parameters like car type, duration of training, slot timing etc. We aim to provide the best driving school in your locality.

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