Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic passports in India are issued to people with diplomatic status,top ranking government officials or who are travelling abroad on official duty for the Government of India. Diplomatic passport holders receive a passport of “Type D”, which has a maroon cover with Dstanding for Diplomatic.

Who Is Eligible For Diplomatic Passport in India?

Diplomatic passports in India are issued to the following:

    1. All officers belonging to the Indian Foreign Services (Branch A) while traveling abroad on official business.
    2. Selected officers from Indian Foreign Services (Branch B) as well as officers in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and other Ministries travelling abroad on official business as decided by the Foreign Services Board in MEA.
    3. Wife/Official Hostess/Husband/Dependent Son/Dependent Daughter/Dependent Parents of an eligible official as per (a) and (b) above, when they are travelling abroad with the official and their dependent status are recognized by the Ministry.
    1. Person having/being granted diplomatic status because of his position or nature of the foreign mission may be issued a diplomatic passport by the Central Government.
    2. Spouse of an official as defined in (a) above.

Diplomatic passports are issued to people holding diplomatic status or deputed by the Government of India for official duty abroad.These passports have to be surrendered when the official's assignment is terminated or when he/she is posted back to headquarters.

Where to Apply For Diplomatic Passport?

In general, diplomatic passport applications are accepted only by the Consular, Passport and Visa Division (CVC) located in New Delhi. You may also apply for the same at the passport office where your present address falls in.

Diplomatic Passport

Documents Required for Diplomatic Passport

In order to apply for an Official or Diplomatic Passport, the following is a list of documents that will have to be provided. One copy of the documents mentioned below will have to be submitted.

Applicants must note that the documents must be placed in the order given below -

Issuance/Re-issuance of Official/Diplomatic passport

To avail the official or Diplomatic passport, you must download the form for it online. Generally, all the applications for official passports and diplomatic passports are only entertained at the CPV (Consular, Passport and Visa) division situated in Patiala House, Delhi. You can also choose to the passport office that is associated with your current residential address. Along with the application form, make sure to submit all the documents mentioned above.

The request added by the Forwarding Officer in a format enclosed in Official/Diplomatic application form can be availed on the website of passport services. You must provide the PMO/Political Clearance Certificate, if it is applicable.

Fees -

For Diplomatic or Official Passports - No fee/cost applicable.

For more information, visit website - www.passportindia.gov.in