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Driving Licence Bangalore

How to get a DL in Bangalore? We will tell you the whole driving licence process in Bangalore Basically, there are two main types of license. Learners License and Permanent Driving License Bangalore. Learning License comes with validity of 6 months. And if you are a beginner you have to get a learning license first. You can drive the car only with experienced person who knows how to drive! Then comes permanent driving license. Be it a two wheeler license Bangalore or four wheeler license in Bangalore, you can only get it after your Learning License. So, the next step would be to apply for a permanent one which is probably valid for the next 20 years. So there is a lot you should know about these driving license in Bangalore. 

Make sure you are eligible for Driving License before applying for it in Bangalore. Here is a quick eligibility check to make sure you meet eligibility criteria. You meet minimum age requirements. You have learning license for 30 days. You have passed the learning test. Now if you check all these points then you can apply for driving license in Bangalore online. 

Driving licence

How to get a driving licence online in Bangalore?

Wondering how to get DL in Bangalore? Here is the simple steps to get to driving license in Bangalore online through online portal. To get your driving license in Bangalore online, simply:

Go to Parivihan Sewa's official website > Click on Online Services > Choose Driving License Related Services > Select Application > Choose Karnataka > Click on New Driving License > Fill Out Form > Upload Documents > Pay Fee for Driving License Bangalore > Book you Driving License Test Slot. 

Now select you preferred RTO test date and visit Bangalore's RTO that day to get your DL. Take the test and don'f forget to bring your confirmation message printout and fee receipt. 

That's all! With these easy steps you can easily get your four wheeler or two wheeler driving license in Bangalore.

Can I get DL without test in Bangalore? 

This is a very frequent question- can I get DL without test in Bangalore? No, you cannot get DL in Bangalore without test. The rules and regulations have become so strict. Now all the driving tests are done on special tracks which has lasers. These lasers analyze your driving skills very closely. This is sort of automated track and this is for everyone! If you want to get a DL in Bangalore, you have to go through it, there is no way around it. So, practice well before taking test because no one can do cheating or get any sort of favor or relaxation.
How much time does it take to get DL in Bangalore?

If you apply online it takes 30 mins or 1 hour to fill out the forms and to do all the formalities to book slot for your DL. If you are applying for DL in Bangalore offline and taking RTO tests- it usually takes 4 to 5 hours at most.

P.S., only if you complete all the Driving License Process in Bangalore correctly.

The processing time for year four Wheeler license or two Wheeler license Bangalore is 2 weeks.  Usually you will get your DL within 7 to 10 days after passing driving test

How much does driving license cost in Bangalore?

How to get a DL in Bangalore is one question but how much does DL cost really intrigued us. Isn't is? When applying for your new driving license for renewing your existing one in Bangalore, you need to pay some money.

For learning license application: RS 50 
Learning license Renewal: RS 50  

Permanent driving license
Two Wheeler license Bangalore Fee: RS 200
Four Wheeler license in Bangalore: RS 250

So for a new two Wheeler license your total cost would be around rupees 300 (learning license + permanent license).  And for a car or 4 wheeler license it would be RS 250 

Driving Test Details for License in Bangalore

When you go for the test for driving license process in Bangalore, here's what you can expect. Two exams i.e., practical test plus a computer based exam on traffic rules. You gotta clear both. You can take the test in you four wheeler or two wheeler, totally depends on the type of driving license you have applied for. Read all those signboards and traffic rules and you are good to go for computer test. There will be 20 - 30 min of practical tests to check your driving license. Practice for the test beforehand. They gonna test you on different roads- U-turns, reversing and incline roads. 

You need to score at least 80% in Practical and 75% in Computer Based Exam to get your Driving License Bangalore. So just a tip- avoid too many bloopers. And take a chill pill because it's doable you just need to be confident!

You can now apply for a driving license in Bangalore online. The driving license online process includes an application form filling, uploading documents and fee payment . Also, as per the types of driving licenses you wanted to apply for and the purpose behind it like renewal of DL there are different forms to be filled up and respective fees as well.

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Driving License Bangalore - Overview

When you are ready to start driving on the roads it's time to get your official driving license in Bangalore. The process is simple with proper guidance here are the steps

First- Apply for Learning License i.e., LLR

Learning License is a kind of permit that allows you to legally drive your car with supervision. Once you learn all this stuff you can take the test. Learning License comes with a validity of six months.

But how you can get it?

Apply online and you have to submit your documents. Schedule your test and appear for it. Go to the RTO and there will be a quick computer-based test. (you can easily pass this with study material, just read it thoroughly)

The learner’s licence test is basically a check to see if you know core traffic rules and signals or not. Almost everyone taking this test clears it in one go with the basic preparation by watching the tutorial for the learner’s license test, and practicing with available mock tests by reviewing sample questions on the Itzeazy Drive portal.

Then, Apply for driving license in Bangalore

Now you have 6 months-within those six months you can book your permanent driving license test slot online. Take the practical test at the RTO Bangalore with your own vehicle. Drive safely and confidently.

Pass your test and driving license will be issued to you in about a month. Then you can finally drive your vehicle legally in Bangalore.

Itzeazy provides driving liecnce services in the following RTOs of Bangalore :

  • KORMANGALA RTO       - Bangalore Central(KA01)
  • RAJAJI NAGAR RTO       - Bangalore west (KA02)
  • INDIRA NAGAR RTO       - Bangalore East (KA03)
  • YESHWANTPUR RTO     - Bangalore North (KA04)
  • JAYANAGAR RTO            - Bangalore South (KA05)
  • ELECTRONIC CITY RTO - Electronic city (KA51)
  • YELAHANK RTO              - Yelankha ( KA50)
  • K.R.PURAM RTO             - K. R. Puram (KA53)
  • CHANDAPURA RTO       -  Chandapura (KA59)
  • RAJARAJESHWARI NAGAR RTO - Rajarajeswari Nagar (KA41) 


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How to get a Driving License in Bangalore Online with Itzeazy?

How to get a Driving License i.e., DL Online in Bangalore With Itzeazy? Getting your Bangalore driving license is really easy. 

  • First, you book your order online and make the payment. Your slot will be booked.

  • Next, you submit your documents. Itzeazy team will check if all the documents are correct.

  • Once your papers are verified and it’s good to go, Itzeazy will schedule your learner's license test at Bangalore RTO. You just have to show up on the given date and pass the exam.

  • After 30 days,  your slot will be booked for permanent DL test. You just have to clear it! 

That’s the whole driving licence process in Bangalore. Now you just have to wait to get Driving license delivered to your home. 

Document Required

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Documents Required for Driving License in Bangalore

  • Application Form CMV 2
  • Three recent passport size photographs .
  • Proof of address ( Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID)
  • Proof of Age (School Certificate,Birth Certificate, PAN card).


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Driving License Bangalore - Forms

  • Form no. 1
  • Sample form no. 1
  • Form no. 1A
  • Sample form no. 1A


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Driving License Bangalore - FAQ

1. What is period of validity of Driving Licence ?


The private driving licence is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till the applicant turn 50 years of age, whichever happens earlier.

However, if the licence is for a commercial, passenger or goods vehicle it must be renewed after every three years. The applicant having a commercial licence, a medical certificate is required and also in any other case where the applicant has attained the age of 40 years.
Validity of driving licence

Private Driving license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till the holder attains 40 years of age, which comes earlier.

After the age of 40years, the Driving licence will be issued for 10 years & then 5 years subsequently.

Validity for Non Transport Vehicles

a) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is less than 30 years, then the Non Transport Validity would be till the attainment of 40 years

b) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >= 30 and <50, then the Non Transport Validity would be for a period of 10 years

c) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >=50 and <55, then the Non Transport validity would be effective until the date on which such person attains the age of 60 years

d) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >=55, then the Non Transport validity would be effective for a period of 5 years

2. How can I get driving licence in Bangalore?


Steps to apply for a Learner's Licence

  • To apply online, visit the Parivahan website 
  • Choose the option driving licence related services and select state " Haryana " 
  • Choose the service " Apply for learner licence "
  • Fill up the details in application form
  • Upload documents 
  • Pay requisite RTO fees
  • Book appointment for LL test
  • Visit RTO for LL test
  • After clearing test successfully, LL is issued

Steps for Permanent Driving Licence

  • After you have received the learner’s licence, then within 30 days to 6-months, permanent licence can be applied
  • Make payment of Permanent licence fees
  • Book appointment for permanent licence test
  • visit the RTO office on the date of the driving test. The test will be conducted in the presence of a Motor Vehicle Inspector. Take your motor vehicle and learner’s licence for the test performance.
  • After this, your permanent Driving Licence will be issued?

3. How many days will it take to get driving licence in Bangalore?


The complete process for new driving licence in Bangalore takes approx. 30 - 45 days time.  

4. How much does driving licence cost in Bangalore?


Following is the driving licence fees structure for different application types of driving licence in Bangalore

Issue of learner’s licence              - Rs. 150

( For each class of vehicle )

Learner’s licence test fee              - Rs. 50

For test, of competence to drive   - Rs. 300

( For each class of vehicle )  

Issue of a driving licence             - Rs. 200 

International Driving Permit        - Rs. 1000  

Renewal of driving licence          - Rs. 200

5. What happens If Failed in Test of competence to drive ?


The applicant who has failed in test of competence to drive can collect his application along doucuments and can reappear for the test after 7 days by paying requisite fees .

6. How should I prepare for the driving test?


Apart from the obvious driving skills, you will be tested on your ability to maneuver your vehicle in a crowded area. The theoretical part of the test pertains to your ability to recognize road signs, simple queries about the assemblies and about signals, sensors, and indicators of vehicle system.