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Marriage Registration

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate is the legal record of a wedding between a male and female spouse. Marriage Certificate helps in legally proving the wedding.

Applying for a marriage certificate online is a very easy and convenient way to register marriage without any hassle. Online applying marriage saves the time of the couple.

We all know that marriage is not just about doing a wedding but a lot of other things, especially when it comes to India. Thus, indulging in government work at this point and running after government officials can be very hectic and full of anxiety. Thus, applying for a marriage certificate online is an easy and reliable option.

What is a Marriage Certificate?

marriage certificate online

Marriage Certificate is the legal document provided by the government and is as important as the rituals of marriage. It ensures the wedding of two individuals. It contains all the information like the name of the married couple or the date of the wedding etc.

Is marriage Certificate Important?

A marriage certificate plays a very significant role in today’s world. Marriage is recognized through this document. Also, without a marriage certificate, one cannot change the maiden name or get a passport. Bank related work like getting insurance or opening a joint account might get blocked because of the unavailability of the marriage certificate.

Other than this if the marriage is an oversea marriage where any one of the spouses’ is NRI then the role of marriage certificate becomes more crucial as it decreases the risk of an exploit which is high in such marriages. Many NRI husbands deny their marriage after getting their profit out of marriage. In such times, marriage certificate helps in proving the marriage.

Advantages of Applying Marriage Certificate Online

  1. Time-Saving – The time invested in applying marriage certificate at the government offices can be saved and used in other important activities. The wedding has lots of things to do from attending guests to making arrangements, to getting ready etc. This time should not be wasted in running after government officials at the time of sacred bonding.
  2. Relax and Apply – Applying Marriage certificate online means sitting at your comfort in a friendly environment which suits your body totally and just uploading some documents on the website. It is nothing more complex. everything is at convenience.
  3. You can get a stress – free wedding – Of course, wedding planning brings stress but it is more when you are running in government offices instead of celebrating. Thus, Online procedure helps in doing things in your peace of mind.

Documents required for applying marriage certificate online

  1. ID proof of both Bride and Groom
  2. Date of Birth Proof of Both Bride and Groom
  3. Address Proof of Groom and Bride (Before marriage)
  4. Address Proof of Groom and Bride (after marriage)
  5. Signed Marriage registration application by Bride and Groom
  6. An affidavit which states the place and date of the marriage
  7. Passport size 3 separate photographs of bride and groom
  8. 2 wedding Photographs
  9. Marriage Invitation Card

The procedure of applying Marriage Certificate Online –

  1. Visit
  2. Go to “Make an appointment with DM “and register yourself.
  3. Select your district and details concerning the male spouse ahead.
  4. Select the option of “Registration of Marriage Certificate “
  5. Choose the date of appointment by filling the marriage certificate form.
  6. ‘Submit the application ‘

The applicant will further receive an acknowledgement form which will have all the details regarding the appointment of bride and groom and other related important information. Take out the print of the filled form on the same website.

What is the fee of applying marriage certificate online?

The fee of applying marriage certificate online is Rs 100 under the Hindu Marriage act. In the Special Marriage Act, the fee for getting a marriage certificate online is Rs .150.

Is applying Online for Marriage Certificate a safe procedure?

Yes, when you are applying through Online you can trust the website. Make sure that you are applying to the government’s website and not on any broker’s or agent’s website. Such websites may cost you a lot than the actual fee of marriage certificate and their payment gateways might not be safe. But when it comes to governments’ official sites, all of them are trusted and there will be no payment related issues.

Do we need witness While applying for Online marriage Certificate?

Yes, even if you are applying the marriage certificate online, you need two witnesses while registration in the government office. The Witness should be someone who is known to either the bride or groom but is not a blood relation. Also, the witness should have attended the wedding. You might need the following documents of the witness while registering Online for marriage certificate –

  1. Permanent Resident proof of Witness
  2. ID proof of witness
  3. Passport size photographs of Witness