Change of address on driving licence is required if your place of residence changes.  In some RTOs one can update driving licence address online too.  You would like to go for  change of address on your Driving License under two circumstances. First case, you are changing the address from one place to another within the same city and the other case, the address change is from one state or city to another.

Though a driving licence is valid throughout India , there are requirements when it is necessary to change address on driving licence such as international driving licence.

Documents required for changing address in Driving Licence

1. Change of address form

2. Form No. – 7 ( called as Computer Form)

3. Post cover (As your DL will be dispatched through postal services)

4. Passport-size photograph

5. Current address proof (Passport, Utility bills like electricity, water or telephone bills, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card)

6. NOC (in case of address change from one city or state to another)/CC (in case of address change from one place to another within the same city) from the RTO from where you attained your driving licence

How to change address on Driving Licence

Individuals who have shifted their residential address will have to make an application to their respective Regional Transport Office to reflect the change in their driving licence. For individuals who shift from one state to another, an NOC will be mandatory to make changes to their address, while individuals who have shifted their residential address to a town or city in the same state can simply submit a CC and have the necessary changes made.

The process is as follows:

  1. Get the address change form from the nearest RTO.
  2. Fill Form No – 7 (called as Computer Form).
  3. Fill (1) and (2), and submit to the RTO along with current address proof.
  4. Meet an official at the Driving Licence section of the RTO where a superintendent will verify all your documents and inform how much money you will have to pay to make changes in the DL.
  5. Pay the fees and you will receive a receipt at the fee counter.
  6. Then the superintendent will approve for bio-metric photo. After this, submit your file in the same section and obtain acknowledgement. (Double check if your photo has been properly clicked and the file number written in the form after clicking your photo is correct. You don’t want any other person’s photo in your DL)

Once you have completed the aforementioned procedure, your updated driving licence will be sent to your residential address via the Indian postal services within 30 days after you make an application.

To get NOC for Driving Licence , in most of the RTOs physical presence of the applicant is mandatory . If you have already shifted to some distant place then getting NOC would  not feasible. In such cases you can evaluate the option of getting new Driving licence . To know the process for application for new driving licence please refer

Driving Licence Change of address cost

Smart Card fee – ₹. 200/- + Change of address fee – ₹. 20/-

Driving Licence Change of address cost duration

Approximately 30 days.
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