Finland is a Schengen state, along with 25 other countries. They are all part of the European Union and have abolished passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. Finland visa from India both Travel Visa as well as Business Visa  comes under the Schengen short stay visa, which allows visitors to stay for a maximum period of 90 days.A holder of a Schengen visa, granted by any of the Schengen Area member countries, is eligible for free movement within the entire Schengen Zone, within the validity and period limitations of the visa. For each type of visa issued by the embassy of Finland, there are different restrictions that apply to the particular visa in terms of travelling and length of stay in the country.

Finland travel visa is  granted to people who wish to enter a foreign country for tourism, travel and leisure purposes only. Visitors are allowed to stay for a predetermined amount of time. Finland travel visa do not permit the holder to work or engage in any business activities in the host country. A Tourist Visa to Finland is granted to those travelers who are looking to visit Finland for the sole purpose of tourism, for a period less than 90 days.

Finland  business visa allows the bearer to enter a foreign country and engage in business activities without joining that country’s labour force, temporarily or permanently. Typically, the visitors must show that they are not receiving any income from the country. Finland  business visa is granted to those visitors who are planning to visit Finland for taking part in temporary work or business activities. Furthermore, this visa definitely does not allow the applicant to take up new employment in Finland or earn an income.

Finland visa requirements

For Finland visa,  following documents are required irrespective of which visa type you are applying for.

  1. Travel document– The applicant’s passport must be valid for a minimum three months after the intended departure from Finland. It must contain at least two blank pages and must have been issued within the last 10 years. The passport should not have any observation regarding the front data page.
  2. Application form– The applicant must submit a fully completed application form. Applicants must note that any incomplete information or false statement in the application could result in delay in processing or rejection of the application. Application form can downloaded in English or Hindi, but it has to be filled out in the English language only.
  3. Photograph– Applicants require one recent original passport-size colour photograph with a white background. The photograph should not be more than six months old.
  4. Covering letter– The applicant must submit a covering letter to the centre, with details such as the applicant introducing himself/herself, explaining the purpose of visit, duration & itinerary of the visit in brief.
  5. Travel Medical Insurance– To cover all possible expenses in connection with a return to India for health reasons, death, indispensable medical treatment or acute hospitalisation during their stay in Finland, applicants must hold a valid travel insurance policy while travelling. The minimum policy coverage should be 30,000 Euro and thisinsurance policy must cover all Schengen countries. The insurance policy must be valid for the entire duration of the applicant’s intended stay in Finland. The applicant may shorten the validity of visa if their insurance policy does not cover the entire duration of the stay in Finland.
  6. Proof of Means of Transport – Applicants need their flight reservation of return or round ticket. Proof of flight reservation between the different countries, train itinerary or car rental receipt is required, if the applicant wishes to travel to multiple Schengen States. Please note that the tickets do not have to be paid for, only the booking receipt needs to be submitted.
  7. Proof of Lodging – The applicant’s hotel reservations, receipt of renting a holiday home or campus residence reservation are required as proof. Proof of sponsorship and private accommodation from the host is required, if the applicant intends to stay with a family member or a friend in Finland. If applicant wishes to travel to several Schengen States, proof of lodging in each of them is required.
  8. Proof of Financial means– The applicant’s original bank statement showing their transactions in the last three months, duly stamped and signed by the bank authority, or Indian income tax return statement acknowledging returns for the last two assessment years are required. The bank account should be in the name of the applicant or the sponsor of the trip. In case of the applicant is sponsored, the bank statement should be accompanied by a signed sponsorship letter and a signed copy of the sponsor’s passport.


In addition if the applicant is employed

  • Current employment contract
  • Copy of current bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • No-objection certificate from current employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary from the applicant

If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed

  • A copy of their business license
  • Copy of the company bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) of the company

If the applicant is retired

  • Pension statement for the previous 6 months
  • Proof of regular income received from property or rent for the last 6 months (if any)


  1. Minor Applicant
  • If the minor is travelling with only one parent, except in cases of the parent having sole custody or guardianship of the minor, written consent certified by a public notary of the other parent or guardian is required.
  • If the minor is travelling alone, without a legal guardian, written consent certified by a public notary from either the parents or guardians having custody of the minor is required. Additionally, copies of the passport of the parents are required. If not applicable, birth certificate of the applicant and copies of Identity proof of the parents must be submitted.
  • All minors must be accompanied by both parents or legal guardians to the Visa Office, to sign the application form in front of an officer. In cases where the child is traveling with one parent to visit the other parent who is residing in Finland, this clause is dropped.
  1. Passport Copy– All applications must enclose a full colour photocopy of the valid passport of the applicant. All the pages of the passport are required to be photocopied and attached. Applicants are also encouraged to submit any old copies of expired or cancelled passports held by them to the centre.

If applying for a Tourist Schengen Short Stay Visa

  1. If the applicant is being sponsored, an invitation letter with the address and phone number from the family or company that is sponsoring is required.
  2. Bank statement of the last 6 months
  3. Passport copies of the applicant
  4. A certificate from the travel agency confirming the booking of an organised trip of the applicant (if any)
  5. Any other appropriate document indicating the travel plans of the applicant, including period and reason of visit.
  6. If applicant is married and cannot provide evidence of marital status in the passport, a marriage certificate must be submitted. If applicable, a copy of ration card can also be submitted.


If applying for a Finland Visa for Business Purposes

  1. Invitation letter from the Finnish company which the applicant will be visiting and their complete address along with the dates of the visit
  2. A No Objection Letter from your employer allowing the business travel and stating the details about the trip.
  3. Both invitation letter as well as letter from employer must confirm the following details:
  • The applicant’s identity;
  • The purpose of the visit, such as meetings, conferences, training or business related events.
  • The period and place of intended stay of the applicant, while in Finland.


  1. Proof of previous trade relations between the two companies, if such events have occurred.
  2. Bank statement of the last 6 months of the company
  3. The coverage of applicant’s expenses during their stay in Finland must be proved by either the employer or the host company who is hosting the applicant, on the letter or invitation.


  • All documents presented with the application must be in the given order and in original. Should the applicant wish to keep any original document, they must provide an A4 size copy of the document.
  • It must be noted that the Finnish Embassy has the right to ask for additional documents or personal appearance of the applicant for an interview in special cases.
  • The application may be rejected if the applicant submits incomplete documentation or refuses to appear for a special visa interview.
  • If any of the above mentioned documents is missing, the application will not be accepted.


Finland Visa Fees 

Finland visa for different categories of visa is :

  • A Tourist Visa, Non Professional Visa or a Business Visa for an adult costs INR 4800.
  • For children between the ages of 6 and 12 years, the cost is INR
  • For children below 6 years of age- No Charge
  • For spouse or children of a European Union National – No Charge

All visa fees, once paid, are non-refundable. The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the exchange rate communicated by the Embassy of Finland in New Delhi on a regular basis and can change without notice. Applicants that are exempt from paying the visa fee are not exempt from paying the service fee at the respective Visa Application Centers.

How to apply for Finland  Visa

Following are the steps involved in Finland visa application process :

Step 1: Download the visa application form

The applicant’s first step to obtain the tourist visa application form for Finland is to obtain the visa application form either from the Finland Embassy or Consulate in Delhi or from the internet by downloading the Visa Application Form through the website. On this website, scroll down to find the link the ‘Schengen Visa Application Form’. Once you click on this, you will be redirected to a PDF of the form.

Step 2:Complete the visa application form

If you download a hard copy of the form or get one from the Embassy, you have to completely fill up the details and add your signature to the bottom of the form. You can also complete the form electronically and then get the form printed out. Remember that the application form must be filled only in English.

For the online form, you must fill in the details in the PDF form itself, in lowercase letters. There is an option to print your completed form and a reset button to clear all the data typed.

The application form requires you to fill in the following details:

  • Surname at present
  • Surname at birth
  • First Name of the applicant
  • Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Country of Birth of the applicant
  • Current Nationality and nationality at birth
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • In case of Minor applicant: fill in first name, surname, address (if different from main applicant) and nationality of parents or legal guardians
  • Type of Document held by applicant (official Passport, Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport or Service passport)
  • Number on travel document (passport number)
  • Validity of travel document
  • Date of Issue of travel document
  • Name of Issuer of travel document
  • Applicant’s home address, email address and telephone number
  • State whether the applicant is currently residing in another country
  • Current occupation of the applicant and employer’s name, address and telephone number. If the applicant is a student, mention the name and address of educational establishment in this field.
  • Main purpose of the journey (such as tourism, business, visiting friends and family, cultural, sports or other reasons)
  • State of destination which the applicant wishes to visit. If multiple, member state of first entry must be mentioned
  • Number of entries requested (such as single entry, double entry or multiple entry)
  • Duration of intended stay or transit
  • Tick whether the applicant was issued a Schengen visa in the past three years. If yes, state the date of issuance and date of expiry of visa.
  • Tick whether the applicant’s fingerprints have been collected previously for the purpose of obtaining a Schengen Visa.
  • Fill in the name and address of the inviting company/organisation or person, their email ID, telephone number and address, if any.
  • Fill in the how the costs are to be met and by whom in Finland.


Step 3: Gather the required documents for visa application

Keep in mind the documents that you need to submit along with your application form, as mentioned above. Gather all the documents in a file andtake them with you for submission along with the application form.

Step 4: Provide photograph for your visa application

Provide your recent colour passport sized photograph for the visa application. Make sure that your photograph matches or corresponds to all the specifications required for visa photographs, such as not being more than 6 months old. Attach the photograph to the application in the space provided.

Step 5: Check the visa application fee

Check the fees required for your visa application. Carry the required amount, in cash, to the submission centre. If you wish to pay in other modes, you will be charged an extra fee.

Step 6: Submit your visa application form

After completion, submit your visa application form and all the required documentsto the Finland Embassy or Consulate nearest to you. You have to submit the application during the office hours, from Monday to Friday.

If you have no previous history of having been granted a Schengen visa, you will have to submit the application in person. You may submit your application through a representative or via courier, if you have been granted a Schengen visa previously.

You may be interviewed by the Embassy officials regarding the intent of your visit.

Step 7: Pay required visa application fee

Pay the applicable fee for your visa application at the time of submitting your application form. Check with the Finland Embassy or Consulate regarding the current processing fee for the visa and the mode of payment accepted by them.

Step 8: Collect your visa

After your visa is issued, you will be personally informed regarding the issuance. You can collect your visa in person or have it sent to you by courier (by paying an extra charge upfront).

The documents or passport of the applicant will not be handed over to third parties, except if the collection is done by the following people:

  • Immediate Family Member such as Parents, Children or Spouse of the applicant
  • A person collecting the passport on behalf of Government officials, if so mentioned on the Government letter head.
  • Red Carpet Representatives of the applicant, if authorized on the Company’s letter head

If any of the above people come to collect the passport, they need to carry any of the following documents:

  • Original Government ID card
  • Original Identity Proof
  • Original authorization letter from applicant

Finland visa application status tracking

You can track Finland visa status . Following are the steps :

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Click on the link that states ‘Click here to track your application’.
  3. You will be redirected to another page once you click this button.
  4. Here you have to enter the application reference number (found on the receipt) and your date of birth.
  5. The screen will then display your visa application status.