Jumping a red light in the city is against the law because it can lead to accidents which often result in severe injuries. So, there is red light jump fine Moreover, it does not matter how late you are for work or any other place, never go through a red signal at all; stay safe!

Dashing through a red traffic light is not just illegal – it’s also downright dangerous. It seriously increases the risk of mowing down pedestrians on your way and potentially causing them injuries. Also, traffic police officials are always on the lookout for violators and they can hit you with a huge fine – or worse! Of course, none of us wants that to happen so make sure you don’t ignore traffic laws like this one by making sure to stop at traffic signals while in the city.

Thanks to digitalization and advanced technology, most traffic lights now function in conjunction with CCTV cameras that are monitored by traffic police from a room in their local precinct station. If the camera manages to capture suspicious activity on film – perhaps you driving through an intersection while the light is red – then they will issue you with an e-challan straight to your registered mobile number!

Red Light Jump Fine

The Government of India has made many amendments recently to its traffic laws, including instating  ‘red light jump fine‘ and heavier punishments for drunken driving violations than before. In fact, drunk driving is so expensive now that it could cost you up to Rs 30,000 (or even more in extreme cases) after Mumbai police issued an update about the new penalties on August 5, 2018.

New traffic fine rules in India

Despite the changes made in an attempt to decrease road accidents, some states still have a lot of violations. The Traffic Police can revoke your DL for three months and increase the fine if you are found to have jumped a red light. If the driver shows up after three months, they will have to go to court and pay the fine there before getting their license back. The judge can also increase the penalty.



Penalty (In Rs.)

Challan in Uttar Pradesh – for jumping the red light. 300/- to 500/-
Challan in Delhi – for jumping the red light. 1000/-
Challan in Punjab – for jumping the red light. 500/- to 1000/-
Challan in Haryana – for jumping the red light. 5000/-
Challan in Andhra Pradesh – for jumping the red light. 1000/-
Challan in Karnataka – for jumping the red light. 500/-
Challan in Telangana – for jumping the red light. 500/-
Challan in Maharashtra – for jumping the red light. 200/-
Challan in West Bengal – for jumping the red light. 100/-

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How to pay red light jump fine challan online?

 To avoid red light jump fine, it is necessary to respect the traffic rules. If a traffic challan is issued against you, you have the option of paying it offline or online. Remember that the challan you received online should be paid within 60 days or else it will be sent to the court.

Let us walk you through the process of paying red light jump fine online.:

  • Go to your state’s RTO’s official website.
  • You’ll now see a challan payment option. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Then you must input the challan number as well as the car registration number.
  • Then you’ll notice a tab. ‘Pay now’ is a phrase that means ‘pay now’.
  • When you click on pay now, you’ll be taken to the payment gateway page.
  • There will be a payment option available for you to choose from.
  • Debit/credit card, net banking, and other digital payment options will be available for payment.
  • Then, on your registered mobile number, you will receive a confirmation message.

Let us walk you through the process of paying for a traffic challan offline:

  • Go to the traffic police station in the area to pay red light jump fine.
  • Go to the credit card department.
  • Give your challan number to authorised staff.
  • Then pay the balance in cash, via card, or any other acceptable payment method.
  • You will be given a receipt and the transaction will be completed.

Avoid red light jump fine, How?

 According to the regulations of the road, no vehicle or rider should run a red light. To avoid red light jump fine, pay attention to the signal and keep an eye out for any vehicles approaching the roundabout. You can avoid jumping red and receiving a fine by following the crucial guidelines listed below.

  • Because it is positioned at a good height, a signal light can be seen from a long distance. Make certain to take a look at it.
  • Make sure you apply the brakes from a safe distance as you approach the signal. Have your brakes serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order?
  • When approaching a signal, never accelerate your vehicle. Other standing cars can help you collapse.
  • Use your indicator and keep an eye out for any other vehicles approaching on that road when making a U-turn.

 As a result, never hump the red light, as this can result in a fatal collision, resulting in significant damage or even death. Aside from that, depending on your state, you may face a substantial red light jump fine.