In this article, we will talk about bike ownership transfer online procedure, bike name transfer form, ownership transfer fee for bike, bike RC transfer documents 

In India and other countries, many peoples are using vehicles day by day. Some people have their own new car. And others have used ones. Bike Ownership Transfer online requires a detailed step-by-step process.

While buying a used bike, it is important to have all the bike RC transfer documents, and as a result, the ownership of the bike is transferred. The details of the bike  ownership transfer that can be used when purchasing a used bicycle are as follows. When shopping for or promoting a used bicycle, a few office works is required for Bike Ownership Transfer online or offline. Since this is a bike  Ownership Transfer online process, it completely transfers the vehicle’s rights to the new purchaser.

ownership transfer of bike online

Bike Ownership Transfer online

Here are the steps for Bike ownership transfer online: Steps for the bike Ownership Transfer process

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the bike registration number and click the [Continue] button.
  3. Select the Basic Services option (Transfer, Change Address, Pledge, Duplicate RC) that appears in Conveyance Online Services.
  4. Enter the details (registration number, chassis number, mobile phone number) and click Generate OTP.
  5. Enter the generated OTP and click the Submit button.
  6. Once submitted, the application form will open. Select the Transfer of Ownership option.
  7. Enter the new owner’s details.
  8. Select an RTO to submit your application and review your insurance details and pricing window. Then click the Save as Draft button.
  9. This will generate an application number. Make a note of the number for later reference.
  10. Click the Confirm Details button to continue.
  11. This will generate an E-Fee receipt.
  12. Click the Print button, then click  Print Form 29 and Print Form 30.
  13. Bring the EFee receipt, Form 29 and Form 30 printouts to the office for further processing.

That’s all about bike ownership transfer online procedure. In the next section, we will talk about ownership transfer fee for bike, bike name transfer form, bike RC transfer documents

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Ownership transfer fee for bike

Ownership transfer fee for bike are as follows:

Bike  Ownership transfer fees paid to the RTO range from Rs 30 to Rs 35. May vary from state to state.

The RTO also charges a smart card fee of 200 rupees.

That’s all about bike ownership transfer online procedure, ownership transfer fee for bike. In the next section, we will talk about bike name transfer form, bike RC transfer documents.

Bike RC transfer documents

Registration certificate (RC)

This is considered proof of formal ownership and registration of the vehicle and  must be submitted by the buyer to the seller.RC is one of the bike RC transfer documents. To avoid last-minute problems, check various details such as VIN, owner name, engine type, etc. along with the vehicle specifications.

Pollutant Certificate (PUC)

This document required for bike owners as it proves that the vehicle meets all  required  emission and pollution control standards. Therefore, check the certificate expiration date, license plate, serial number,  and test value to confirm its validity.

Health insurance card

This is another required document where the  RTO in question does not register the vehicle. Buyers must ensure that the insurance policy has been transferred to their name or purchase a new insurance policy if the vehicle’s insurance has expired.

Purchase certificate

For  Bike ownership transfer online, the purchase certificate is another important and one of the required bike RC transfer documents that must be submitted in order to transfer ownership of the bicycle. The receipt must include the signatures of the seller and buyer who sold the vehicle to confirm the sale. Such documents are considered evidence of motorcycle purchases from third parties or dealers.

Proof of identity

Buyers are required to show ID such as  Aadhaar card, driver’s license, PAN card.

Proof of address

For Bike ownership transfer online, buyers must also provide proof of address, such as passports, utility bills, and distribution cards.

Vehicle tax certificate

Separately, the vehicle tax certificate must also be given by the seller to the buyer. This serves as proof of regular tax payments and encourages buyers to submit relevant forms such as Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, among other bicycle transfer forms.

That’s all about bike ownership transfer online procedure, ownership transfer fee for bike along with bike RC transfer documents. In the next section, we will talk about the bike name transfer form

Bike name transfer form

Form 28: Certificate of No Objection  (NOC). For Bike ownership transfer Three copies of this form must be submitted by the seller. Only needed if you want to remove the vehicle from the state.

Form 29: Notice of transfer of ownership of the motorcycle. This form notifies the RTO of the sale of the motorcycle. Two copies of this form must be submitted by the seller.

 Form 30:  Report of transfer of ownership of a motorcycle. Serves as a confirmation of Form 29. You need to submit two copies of this form to the RTO.


Selling a bike can be a lengthy process. Even if locating a possible buyer has grown easier nowadays thanks to the internet!

Simply explained, bike ownership transfer is the process of transferring ownership of your bike to another person in the case of a buyer. This method substitutes your name on your bike’s registration certificate with the buyer’s.