The Australia visa you apply for depends upon the reason for your visit – whether or not it’s far for tourism, business, work, studying, or to go to meet friends or relatives member. In today’s article, we will discuss the Australian visa types. Because there are many Australian visa types such as tourist visas, work visas, business visas, etc.

What Is an Australian Visa?

An Australian Visa allows you can travel to Australia for a predetermined period. So, for traveling to Australia you need a visa.

Australian visa types

Following are the Australian visa types:

1. Students visa

For college students who desire to study at in Australia in full-time registered courses, they can apply for this type of visa. Students additionally have work rights to complement their income in preference to it being their simplest source of finance. During their course, even at the institute, students allow working 20 hours every week.

2. Visitor Visa

This is another Australian visa types. For visits to Australia, as a citizen of some other county apart from New Zealand, you may need a visa. Under the Standard Visitor`s visa, you could stay for up to three months in Australia. The visitor visa is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and may be used for numerous times of travel in Australia. You can not work in Australia with a visitor visa. If you desire to live longer, you could apply for a long-stay visa that’s valid for up to six months. The programs for vacationer visas are processed within 24 hours.

3. Temporary Entry Visa

This visa is available to migrants who come to Australia for a specific purpose. This visa focuses on and offers the choice of skilled employment, social relation, etc.

In many cases, the visa stipulates that you can’t change your company, location, or time in Australia without previous permission.

4. Business people

If you want to do business in Australia, this visa is a perfect fit for you. Business can include taking a meeting, negotiations, site inspections, or exploratory visits. This is a Business visa that lets a business person tour without limits in Australia.

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5. Work visa

There are two types of Work Visas. Both two types explain below:

  • Temporary Residence with work rights

This visa permits candidates to live and work in Australia for as much as four years. The basic requirement is company support. Once the company arranges this from Australia, and the sponsorship is agreed upon. Then you may apply for temporary residence with a work rights visa.

  • Working holidaymaker

If your travel is meant for recreational purposes. However, you desire to work part-time or quickly to complement your income, you may apply for the working holidaymaker visa. For applying for this visa applicants between the age of 18 and 26 are qualified to apply. This visa is available to residents of Canada, Korea, Japan, Ireland, the Netherlands, Malta, and the United Kingdom. Citizens of South Africa aren’t qualified for this visa.

6. Permanent Entry Visa

For permanent entry to Australia, you could apply for two major migration categories:

  • The Migration Program

Australia selects migrants primarily based on some elements that are:

  1. Skills
  2. Age
  3. Financial Resources
  4. English Language
  5. Family
  6. Business
  7. Health

Under this program, you could get a VISA under the below categories:

1. Skilled Migrants

Under this scheme, there are 5 sub-categories thru which can potential migrants can observe.

Skilled Migrants – Australian Linked

This is for persons who’ve families who can sponsor them in Australia. Potential migrants are evaluated primarily based on their English, qualifications, age, and other language abilities.

Independent Skilled Migrants

You need to be below 45 years for applying for the independent skilled migrant category. This is valid for eligible people who are working an approved career in Australia.

Employer Nominated Migrants

Sometimes employers can also additionally choose professional persons from foreign places to fill in the job vacancy in Australia. This is executed while there’s no nearby Australian who’s appropriate for the position. Potential migrants could be assessed primarily based on English abilities, qualifications, and age.

Distinguished Talent Migrants

For persons who are very talented in sports activities or arts or categories, this category is for them.

Regional Sponsored Migrants

For applicants whose Australian employer needs to appoint them. However, are positioned in remote areas, the sponsorship needs to be executed thru this sub-category.

2. Business Migrants

The business migrants fall under the Skilled Migrants category, however, it has its provisions under this scheme.


For business people or buyers who need to spend money in Australia.

Business Owner

For persons that own or part-own business.

Business Talent

For the high-caliber business persons that are sponsored by state or territory government.

3. Family migrants

This is one of the Australian visa types For family members of migrants,  could apply under this scheme. Australia accepts 32,000 migrants under this scheme.

To apply for this visa, you need to apply for this visa if your relative settled in Australia to sponsor you. If your member of the family who’s seeking to migrate isn’t capable of supporting themselves, along with an elderly person or a dependent child, then they could apply thru this category.

There are not any tests for English Language ability required. There could be fitness evaluation as required for all migrants. The following types of the family migrant scheme:

  • This is another Australian visa types. A  dependent child who’s financially dependent on you. Even if they are above the age of 18, if they’re depending on you, they can apply in this category.
  • Adopted children
  • Orphaned relative
  • Spouse
  • A potential marriage partner ex. a fiance, or a person intending to marry.
  • In Australian visa types, Parent visas are not available easily. And given low priority. Very few spots approved visas for parents.
Other Family
  • Remaining Relative – remaining the last relative
  • Aged Dependent Relative – elderly relatives
  • Carer – someone required to tour Australia to offer to take care of a special needs relative.
  • Family of New Zealand residents – for dependents of New Zealand residents who intend to settle permanently in Australia

So, above all the Australian visa types explain in detail. For any further queries, you can visit the official website.