Commercial driving license apply online – Commercial vehicle driving is a lucrative enterprise that necessitates the possession of a commercial driver’s licence (DL). A transport or freight business owner may confront distinct challenges than someone who owns a personal car. In this article, we’ll go over the steps and paperwork needed to obtain a commercial driver’s licence in India. 

Criteria for Commercial Driving License Apply Online

The following criteria must be completed to be eligible for a Commercial driving license apply online

  •  Age: Depending on the state’s rules and regulations, the minimum age to apply for a CDL is 18 to 22 years old. 
  •  Education: All applicants must have completed at least class 8 to be considered. To process the various indications and regulations, you must have a high level of intelligence and memory. 
  • Learner’s License: Any driver who desires to apply for a commercial licence must first obtain a learner’s licence. LL allows a person to drive a car for a set period to learn how to drive. After passing the written exam, an LL is given.
  • Training: The candidate must have received training from a government motor school. A motor school affiliated with the state government can also help. 
  •  Driving Exam: The applicant’s driving abilities will be assessed, and if he or she passes the test to the satisfaction of the presiding officer, he or she will be issued a commercial driver’s licence. 

Documents for Commercial driving license apply online

Before Commercial driving license apply online, make sure you have the necessary documents: 

  • Identity Proof (passport, ration card, voter id, Aadhaar card, or utility bills in the applicant’s name) 
  • Address Proof (passport, ration card, voter id, Aadhaar card, or utility bills in the applicant’s name) (Passport, PAN card, voter id, Aadhaar card, birth certificate, or 10th grade mark sheet) 
  • Application Fee
  •  Form 2
  •  Form 1A
  •  Form 5
  •  Passport size photographs 

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Commercial driving licenses apply online

A Commercial Driver’s License can be obtained through an online or offline application. To begin the procedure, you must submit an online or paper application together with the required papers. Here’s how to get a commercial driver’s licence: 

  • Commercial License Application: You can apply for a commercial licence online. You can also print the application form, complete it, and upload it to the website. The stages involved in obtaining a commercial licence are as follows: 
  •  Go to the website and fill out the application for Commercial driving license apply online
  • You must go to the Sarathi website in India and download Form 4, which is the needed application form. To move on to the next phase, the necessary images and information must be updated. 
  •  Medical Forms and Certificates
  •  Filling out Form 1A is the next step. If you want to apply for a commercial licence for a heavy vehicle, you’ll need to provide a Driver Refresher Training Certificate. 
  •  Form No. 5: A formal driver’s education must be obtained from a Government Driving School or an institute approved by the State Government. This training course will provide you with the information you need to complete Form 5. 
  •  Submission of Documents: Ensure that all of the above-mentioned documents are supplied and attached to the Forms. 
  •  Acknowledgment: You will receive a serial number on your mobile phone once the forms and documents have been submitted. 
  •  Driving Test: The next stage for Commercial driving license apply online is to take a driving test to get a commercial driver’s license.

What Happens If Your Commercial License Is Suspended? 

If you lose your commercial licence, you should notify it as soon as possible by filing an FIR. Then you can do Commercial driving license apply online for renewing your CDL at the zonal regional transport authority. It’s a good idea to write a letter to let them know you’ve lost your commercial licence.

It’s also a good idea to get a stamped affidavit notifying the government that you’ve lost your commercial licence and that you’ve filed a first information report for the same reason. 

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What Is the Process for Obtaining a Duplicate Commercial License? 

If you lose your original business license, you can request a copy from any of India’s zonal transport offices. If your original commercial licence is torn or stolen, you can obtain a copy by following the procedure for Commercial driving license apply online.

All you have to do now is produce all of the appropriate paperwork and acquire a duplicate licence from the officer if you have the affidavit and FIR ready. The following documents will be required in all of these cases to obtain a duplicate. 

  •  Second application form 

Report on the First Instance (FIR). An NCR form is required if your commercial licence has been stolen or torn. If your licence is torn, stained, or mutilated, you must show the original. 

  •  Photocopies of your commercial license’s original. As a result, as soon as you receive it, make sure to make photocopies of it.
  •  License details – Please include every detail about the licence. Serial numbers, birth dates, and the date and time it was issued, as well as how it was lost. 
  •  Photographs the size of passports 
  •  Age-defying 


Is a CDL issued in one state transferable to another in India? 

Yes, the CDL issued by any state is valid in all Indian states. 

Is it necessary to have a medical certificate or Form 1A to obtain a commercial driver’s licence? 

Yes, Form 1A is required for all students. 

Is it possible for me to retake the CDL test if I fail the first time? 

Yes, if you failed the CDL test the first time, you can reapply after six months. 

A commercial driver’s licence is issued by who?

Commercial driving licenses are provided by the Regional Transport Office following a thorough practical and theoretical examination.

What should I do if I lose my commercial driver’s licence? 

If you lose your commercial driver’s licence, you can do Commercial driving licenses apply online at your local RTO.

Can I retake the commercial licence exam if I don’t pass the first time? 

You can retake a commercial exam if you don’t pass the first time.

Do I still need a business driver’s licence if I already hold a permanent driver’s licence for personal use? 

If you want to drive a commercial vehicle, you must first obtain a commercial driver’s licence.

That’s all about Commercial driving license apply online