driving licence renewal online Assam | dl renewal Assam

A driving license is a legally binding document that the RTO Assam issues on behalf of the union government that authorizes you to drive a vehicle in Assam. But what should you do if your driver’s license has already expired or is soon to?

No need to worry; this page contains full guidance on the process for driving licence renewal online Assam as well as of dl renewal Assam and other criteria.

Driving License Assam

One needs to have a current driving licence that has been issued by the licencing authority in order to operate a motor vehicle in a public setting. Driving a vehicle without an effective driving licence is prohibited.

No one is allowed to drive a vehicle in a public area unless their driving licence is valid. In Assam, the District Transport Officers of the several districts are the ones who have the authority to grant driving licences.

Driving License Renewal Assam

They no longer need to be present at the RTO. They can now apply online for a driving licence renewal, regardless of where they live. You simply need to fill out the online driving licence renewal form and upload a few supporting documents.

Online tracking of an applicant’s application is possible without the need to be present at the RTO. This allows them to access information about their application’s progress. You can log in online to track your use and keep the hassles down from the comfort of your home.

You no longer need to send hard copies of documents to the RTO. The portal allows you to upload a soft-copy, scanned copy of all required documents and complete the  form for your driving licence renewal online Assam. 

If you don’t have the experience to upload, download, or fill out your driving license renewal form online, but still want the traditional method, it is worth trying online. You can do it yourself the next time without any help.

Forms to be filled for DL renewal Assam


Form 9 Download
Form 1 Download
Form 1A Download

Documents required for DL renewal Assam

 Always keep your required documents for driving licence renewal online Assam  handy. When you are going for dl renewal Assam, the following papers are needed:

  • Application in Schedule III 
  • Rs. 100.00 for fees and any applicable penalties as per Rule-32 
  • Two recent passport-size photo 
  • Proof of residence and age 
  • Medical Certificate in Schedule II 

A driver-refreshing Training Certificate from H.M. Vehicle is required for Commercial / Transport.

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Driving Licence Renewal Online Assam 

  • Go to the RTO website, and then select “Online Services.” Next, click on “Assam” from the drop-down menu under “Driving Licence Related Services.”
  • For driving licence renewal online Assam, choose Apply for DL Renewal. Follow the instructions and click on Next.
  • After reading carefully, enter your birthdate and license number. Click on Get Details. Check all information and then select the services that you wish to update.
  • Select the RENEWAL option and fill in all fields. Click “Confirm.”
  • Upload all required paperwork to renew your DL. Continue with payment.
  • It costs INR 200 to renew your Assam driver’s license. You can pay the invoice with a debit/credit card, net banking or both.
  • After you have followed these instructions, your application ID will appear on an acknowledgment page. You will receive a text message with all required information at your registered number. It is recommended to print the acknowledgement.

DL Renewal Assam Offline Procedure

  • Get the required Form to renew your licence
  • Complete the form correctly and attach all required documents
  1. Copy of expired DL
  2. Formula 1A or Formula 1
  3. two passport-sized pictures
  4. Identification of age and address
  • Pay the fee for dl renewal Assam.

Fee for DL Renewal Assam

Fee for driving licence renewal online Assam

Expenses Amount (₹)
DL renewal Assam 200
Renewal of Driving Licence for which application is made after grace period 300 

Note: There will be a fee of 1,000 charged for each additional year of delay or portion thereof, calculated from the portion of the grace period’s expiration.

Validity of DL 

A  driving licence is valid for 20 years from the date of issuing. Or, your dl is valid until you reach the age of 50, whichever comes first. 


A driving licence expires after a certain period of time. Since a driving licence is valid for 20 years, most people don’t keep track of when to renew their license. It is only at the last minute that they realize they should have renewed their driving license earlier. 

It will only take a few minutes of your time to apply for a driving licence renewal online Assam |  dl renewal Assam, no matter where you are—in your office with a tonne of work piling up

Going to the online site for renewing your driver’s licence, filling out the renewal form, and uploading some supporting documentation are all you need to do to finish the process. Simply unwind and wait for your door to be knocked on with your renewed driver’s licence.