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International Driving License Hyderabad

International Driving Licnese Hyderabad

Want to apply for International driving license in Hyderabad ?  Itzeazy helps in process for International driving permit in Hyderabad.  We would guide you in applying for International Driving License in Hyderabad like the details of this, benefits, eligibility to get and procedure to apply for  International driving permit in Hyderabad.

First of all, do you know, what International Driving Licence is? If not, then I would like to tell you that International Driving Licence is a document that identifies drivers as legally licenced drivers in the country to which they have travelled. This is a highly significant document that allows motorists to drive in another country.

On the road, riding a two-wheeler or four-wheeler poses a risk to the general public and property. If your Indian driver’s licence is not valid in the country, you can apply for an International Driving Permit to drive on foreign roads. So, if you are planning to enjoy in another country in your holidays and want to drive there! You need not worry about that. In this blog, I would tell you the full details about the International Driving License Hyderabad.

How to apply for international driving license

 Eligibility for the International Driving License Hyderabad

In this section, we will see what is the eligibility for International Driving License Hyderabad? If you want to have International Driving Licence, then you must :

  • A  legal resident of India.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a current, valid driver’s licence.

Advantages of International Driving Licence Hyderabad?

Why should you have International Driving License Hyderabad:

  • It authorizes you to operate a motor vehicle in a foreign nation
  • IDP is accepted as proof of your driving abilities and the document verifies that you hold a valid driver’s licence in your home country.
  • If your original driver’s licence is not in the language spoken in your destination country, the IDP can help. This allows officials in those countries to more easily verify your information.
  • It can be used as a proof of identification document.
  • You will not be needed to take any more driving tests in the countries you visit if you have an IDP.

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How to apply for International Driving License in Hyderabad

We will look at how to apply for international driving license in Hyderabad? in this section. If you want to apply for the International Driving Licence Hyderabad, you have both the options Offline and Online. We will tell you both the methods to How to apply in the blog further:

Offline Method : 

Forms required to apply for International Driving license Hyderabad?

 When applying for an international driving license Hyderabad, applicants must fill out and submit a form:

  • The Form for the Issue of an International Driving Permit, that is Form 4. This is available from any RTO.
  • Enter personal information such as their name, residence, driver’s licence number, destination country and other information.
  • You need to submit these forms along with the following documents. You need to submit.

To download the form, click on the following link: Form No. 4

 Documents required for the International Driving License Hyderabad?

We will take a look at what documents are required for International Driving License Hyderabad in the section.              

  • Valid driving Licence held by the applicant and copies. You will get your licence at the same RTO office.
  • Copies of Passport.
  • Air ticket for the verifications.
  • Fees as prescribed along with user charges.
  • Passport Size photographs.

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 Online method:

 For an online booking slot, you need to fill out the form which will book your slot for the International Driving Licence Test. To begin, go to the Telangana Transport Department’s website and reserve an appointment time slot. Bring your Indian driving licence, passport, and visa to the RTA office on the designated date. You must pay the necessary fees. Within 24 hours, they will issue your International Driver’s License .

The following is the link of the State Transport Department which will conduct the test after booking the slot:

For more information about the International Driving Licence, Hyderabad. Click on the following link: Telangana Transport Portal

How to apply for international driving license in Hyderabad Online

If you want to know the step-by-step online procedure to apply International Driving Licence, Hyderabad:

  1. Visit the link to open the website to book the slot:
  2. After the website is open you need to click on the International Driving Permit.
  3. In this step you need to click on, I Agree
  4. Then you have to make the payment for the booking of Slot by clicking on the payment option.
  5. When you click on the payment option, a window will be open.
  6. You have to click on the option Yes if you have the driving licence and click on the Go option after that.
  7. After that you need to fill your all the details like Driving Licence number, Issues Place, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and then request for the OTP, Enter OTP then Captcha.

You can book your slot.  After that you can download the application slip . You can get your International Driving Licence Hyderabad within the few days after applying online along with the test.

How much it will cost for the International Driving Licence?

The fee for processing an International Driving Licence Hyderabad is Rs. 500 per licence. The payment must be made at the time the applicant submits the documents and application form.

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You do not need to hire any agents for that for which they will demand their fee to make, which does not create sort of sense. If you already have a valid driver’s licence, you should be able to get an International Driving License Hyderabad in 4 to 5 business days. The procedure is simple and you will not face any difficulties to apply if you have all the documents with you.

I hope you have liked this blog and have answered all your queries.



  1. Saiteja T

    Would like to know whether this IDP is required for a country like Australia where the driving is similar to India (Right hand side)? And how long will the IDP stay valid?

    • Satish Reddy

      IDP is for one year.. usually in Europe and the US, you can drive with a normal Indian license, there is no need of IDP.. but I am not sure of Australia

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