Are you looking to make Driving License in Tamilnadu ? It is important to be aware of the various procedures, regulations, fees and criteria for obtaining a driving licence in Tamilnadu. If you want to know this all, kindly follow up this blog. Then, this blog is definitely  for you.

A driving Licence is mandatory under Motor Vehicle Act if you want to drive in the country. You can visit your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) if you want to apply for a Driving Licence. This procedure requires filling out an application for a driving licence, paying the required fees and passing the driving test.

Eligibility Criteria: Driving License Tamilnadu

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a driving license Tamilnadu? If you want to know whether you are eligible for applying for a driving license in Tamilnadu then you must check that, you should:

  1. Your age must be at least 18 years old.
  2. A learner’s permit is required.
  3. After 30 days or 180 days of receiving a learner’s licence, you should apply for a permanent driver’s licence.
  4. You must be familiar with all traffic laws and regulations.
  5. You must be at least 20 years old to obtain a commercial driving licence.

Documents Required for driving license Tamilnadu

What are the documents you must require while applying for the Driving License  Tamilnadu? When applying for a driver’s licence in Tamilnadu, applicants must submit the following documents. The following are the documents that must be submitted:

  1. Completed and signed application form (Form
  2. Address proof is required (refer below for documents)
  3. Age verification (refer below for documents)
  4. Declaration of Citizenship (refer below for documents)
  5. Learner’s permit (original)
  6. Photographs the size of a passport
  7. Vehicle documentation that is up to date

How to get Driving License 

Getting a driving licence in Tamilnadu is becoming an easier process to make. A valid Learner’s License which is issued by the state’s Regional Transport Office is required for those applying for a driver’s licence. After 30 days and before 180 days from the date of issue of the Learning Licence, you must apply for a permanent driving licence.

You can apply offline application and those who wish to apply online for the government has introduced online method as well.

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How to apply for driving licence in India

Offline Procedure for Driving license Tamilnadu: 

  • If you are eligible applicants can also apply for a driving licence by visiting their nearest Regional Transport Office and filling out an application form.
  • You can fill out the form and submit the supporting documents to the RTO based on the licence they are applying for, and they will be notified if they are eligible to take the driving test.
  • After that, eligible applicants can go to the RTO and take the driving test. They will be issued a driving licence if they pass the test.

How to get a driving license Tamilnadu online:

If you want to apply for driving license Tamilnadu, you have to follow these simple steps :

  1.  Visit the following link
  2. After that, a window will be open like this and you need to select the state as ‘Tamilnadu’.

3. After that, a window will be open and you need to click on the    ‘Apply for Driving Licence’.

4. Now, you have to mention your Learning Licence details and then press ‘OK’:

5. After that, a window will be open for the application form which you have to fill with your all the details

After filling all the details mentioned in the application form, you have to submit this.

  1. You need to Upload the documents which are mentioned above along with the Photo and Signature.
  2.  Then you need to book your slot for the driving test.
  3.  Then you need to pay the fee for that.
  4. Then you can take the printout of the receipt.

These are the steps you must follow for the online procedure of driving license tamilnadu.

On the test slot booking date you have to visit the nearest RTO office along with the original documents for the further processing of driving licence. After the test your driving licence will be issues after few days.

This is the complete procedure for applying online for driving license Tamilnadu.

Fee : Driving License Tamilnadu

How much fee will be taken to apply driving licence in Tamilnadu? When registering for a driving licence applicants must pay a fee. A single-class vehicle is charged Rs.800 while a double-class vehicle is charged Rs.1100.

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How to check the status of driving license Tamilnadu

How to check the application status for an online application for driving license Tamilnadu?

  1. Individuals can check the status of their application online by going to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ official website
  2. The applications can be followed by going to the “Application Status” tab and entering the Application number.
  3. The status of the application will then be displayed on the screen.

Duplicate driving license Tamilnadu

What is the procedure to apply for a duplicate driving license Tamilnadu?  If you have lost your driving licence and you want to apply for a duplicate driving license in Tamilnadu, then you must read further. So, if you lose your driver’s licence, you can request a duplicate in Tamil Nadu by submitting the following documents:

  1. In the event that the licence is stolen, a copy of the application form FIR is required.
  2. The traffic police have issued a challan clearance report. In the case of a commercial driver’s licence, this is required.
  3. Form 1: Proof-of-age and proof-of-address documents
  4. Copy of the original licence
  5. If your driver’s licence is stolen, you’ll need to know your licence number.
  6. The documents must be photocopied and attested by a gazetted officer or notary public before the applicant can proceed.

So further are the steps you must follow:

  1. Take the LLD form and after filling, submit it along with the above-mentioned documents to the RTO.
  2. Pay a fee of Rs. 200.
  3. A duplicate driving licence will be provided after the documents have been successfully verified.

If you can’t remember your driving licence number, you’ll have to apply for a new one. In addition, a request for a duplicate copy of the DL must be made within 30 days of the document’s loss.

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