If you are looking information on driving licence Haryana. In this article, we will discuss the whole procedure of driving licence in Haryana. Now it has been easier  to apply for Haryana driving licence  due to online facility available. The blog guides for driving license online application in Haryana with require documents and slot booking for driving test.

Driving licence Haryana

As we all know that to drive vehicles in Haryana you need a Driving License . A license is a very important document that represents a person can drive a vehicle or not. A driving license is a very important document that you should always carry while going anywhere in a vehicle. And if you don’t want to pay fines to the traffic police then you must have a driving license.               

Learner license

For driving license Haryana, the first document that you have to make is the learning license. It is a temporary driving licence Haryana which represents that the applicant is learning to ride/drive vehicles. The learning license is valid for 6 months. But after just one month of issuing a learning license, you can easily apply for a DL Haryana.                                       

So, first, you have to apply for the learning license. Then, you will get a unique application number which will be very useful for you if you are planning to make a DL Haryana afterwards.


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How to apply for a driving licence Haryana?

In the previous section, we learnt that for getting driving license Haryana, it is initially required to apply for a learner licence Haryana. And so, we have to go and make a permanent dl Haryana. So, here are some steps that you should follow to apply for Haryana Driving Licence Online.

Haryana Driving Licence Online Process

The first thing that you have to do for driving license Haryana is you must visit the official website.

  1.  Go to the  “Parivahan website” and there you have to select  Haryana.
  2. After going to that website you will see an appointment (slot book) on the left side of the page. You have to go and click on that page.
  3. And then a new page will open in front of you. There all you have to do is you have to click on the option “slot booking for driving licence Haryana” and there you have to click on the option “DL Haryana test slot booking”.
  4. Then another page will open up in front of you. So you have to either enter the application number or else you can also enter the Lerner license number. And then you have to enter your date of birth.
  5. After filling in all this information you have to go and select the vehicle type and you have to click on the option named as “Process to book button”
  6. Then you have to select the date and time of the driving test for your permanent license as per your availability.
  7. Then after selecting you will be sent a one-time password (OTP) for the confirmation of your driving license.

Then your test date and the time of your driving licence Haryana will be booked. And you have to keep in mind that you should reach the RTO at the time and date of your appointment.

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Documents required for DL in Haryana

So, to book your appointment for dl Haryana, you must have some of the documents in their original copy. So, here are the important documents that you must have at the time of going for the driving license Haryana.                                      

These documents are:-

  1. the first thing that you must have is your Recent Passport Size Photograph which should be at least 3 Copies.
  2. Then you must have a Residential Address Proof with yourself such as your Aadhar card, Ration Card, Voter ID, Electricity bill.
  3. Then you should also provide Valid Age Proof Documents which will work as age proof for your identity such as your Passport, Aadhar card, Birth Certificate, School living certificate
  4. The individual which is above the age of 18 can go to make a license for all the vehicles equipped with gears.
  5. All those individuals that are below the age of 18 and above the age of 16 can go and apply for the deriving license for non-gear vehicles.

So, these were all the necessary details and the documents that you should always keep in mind whenever going to apply for a Haryana driving licence online. It doesn’t matter whether you are above the age of 16 or 18, all these documents are crucial if you are applying for a Driving licence Haryana.

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Fees of DL Haryana.

Here are the list of fees for DL Haryana

  1. Learner’s License for each class of vehicle (on paper)

For this category, you only have to pay only 200 rupees.

  1. Permanent Driving License on Smart Card

For this category, you only have to pay only 200 rupees.

  1. International Driving Permit (on paper)

For this category, you only have to pay only 500 rupees.

  1. Renewal of Driving License on Smart Card

For this category, you only have to pay only 250 rupees.

  1. Driving test for each class of vehicle

For this category, you only have to pay only 50 rupees.

  1. Endorsement of a new class of vehicle on Smart Card DL

For this category, you only have to pay only 200 rupees.

  1. Renewal of DL on Smart Card after the expiry of grace period

For this, you have to pay Rs 200.00 And you also have to pay the penalty of Rs 50 per year or part of there.

So, if you want to get a driving license Haryana, these are the fees for the various categories. Or  if you want to apply for Haryana driving licence online

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So, I hope that all the processes, Fee structure, and all the documents that you must have at the time for going to make a driving licence Haryana. And after making a driving license you have to keep in mind that you should have a driving license whenever you are going outside by vehicle.