Many of us unaware of the procedure for a Canada visa for Indians either offline or online. We always wonder how to get a Canada Tourist visa from India  and what are steps required. However, it is still not clear which document will be required either soft copy or hard copy. Moreover, standing in a queue and getting a visa is quite difficult due to lack of time. Hence, here are the simple steps to apply online as well as offline at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) for a single-entry Canada Visa from India.

Canada Visa 

First, make clear what type of visa for Canada from India you require because there are 4 major types of Visas are available for Canada:

Types of Canada Visa for Indians

1. Business Visa is mainly for Trade-people who have their own business and from whom the Canada government get benefited
2. Work Visa is for people who wish to work in a company located in Canada and have the required qualification for the same.
3. Permanent resident Visa is – the person who does not have the above qualification but want to settle in Canada. It is evaluated based on educational qualification and work experience.
4. Student Visa is for the person who wants to study in Canada
5. Canada Tourist Visa is mainly for people who want to visit Canada for tourism

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Canada Tourist Visa Requirement

For a Tourist Visa for Canada, everyone must fulfil some requirement
1. Indian Citizen and have an Indian Passport
2. Specify your purpose of visit and duration
3. Work experience in the respective country
4. Proof of income per month or year to meet the expenses in Canada.
5. Crime status (have you ever been arrested?)
Check eligibility for eligibility test available on any Visa application centre.

Documents required for Canada Tourist Visa

Some visa documents are required for Canada tourist visa, both online and offline. These documents can be printed or scanned copies of the original. It depends on how you want to apply for a visa. The following is a list of required documents.

1. Scan or Xerox copy of passport
2. Soft copy of photograph and signature in case of online submission of the form
3. Credit/debit card for payment. Cash can be helpful in case of offline application
4. One blank page on the passport, if not available renew the passport.
5. If you are in a job or running your business, soft copy if earning proof.
6. If travelling to your relative, must have concerned letter or e-mail
7. Marriage certificate (if required)
8. Detail of current immigration status if applying form another country
9. Proof of financial support if you are not working

Canada Visa fees

According to the purpose of the visit, either in-group or solo, there are different fee structure for Canada Tourist Visa for Indian citizen as per INR and Canadian Dollar.
1. Visitor visa for an individual – $100 = INR 5,060
2. Visitor Visa for family of 5 members – $500 = INR 25,300
3. Work permit for individual – $155 = INR 7,843
4. Work permit for group – $465 = INR 23,529
5. Student Visa fee – $150 = INR 7,590
6. For offline process biometric fee – $85 = INR 4,301 per person and $170 = INR 8,602 for family

Canada Visa Process from India

Before filling the form online for the Canada Visa application, make sure you have a biometric device attached to the system for fingerprint and scanned copies of documents.
1. After checking eligibility online, a reference number will generate for Canada visa from India  online application of form (note it down)
2. Download the application form for a Canada tourist visa for India and start filling the form
3. Fill the form with correct details
4. Validate the form
5. Sing-in in an account or create an account using GCkey
6. Update information online after creating the account
7. Now choose the Visitor visa
8. Proof of financial support means office work document
9. Upload digital documents- Visa form, passport, photograph, and signature.
10. Mention the purpose of travel
11. Family information if any and review application form

Canada Tourist Visa Fee Payment for Application

The payment of the fee is in online mode with either a debit card or credit card. It will require INR 5,060 per person.

Canada Tourist Visa Fee Submission

After making a payment, click the application submit button to be taken to a page that says “your application has been submitted.”

Canada Visa Process offline for Tourist

For the offline procedure, the eligibility criteria are the same along with fee structure and documents. You can either visit VAC for more details and read the instruction package carefully.
This package contains information need to know before submitting the form and other information that you need to gather before filling the form
1. Get the application package that includes an application form with instruction and forms that need to fill out.
1. Do read the instructions carefully before filling the form as the fee will not be refunded after any error.
2. Submit the complete application form for Canada Visa
3. Applicants below 18 must get a signature on the form from their parents or guardians.

Process for Offline Canada Visa

1. Download the application form for Canada Visa
2. Fill the form with the correct information as in passport and enter the validate button
3. The form is validated and a barcode will be generated (the barcode is a must in the application form)
4. Paste the barcode at top of every page of the form and take out the print
5. Sign the form with the date and place
6. The print should be non-glossy, on white paper, and bond-quality

Offline Canada Tourist Visa Fee payment

For the offline process of Canada Tourist Visa from India, you need to visit the nearest Visa application centre of Canada or the Canadian Embassy in India with
1. Above mentioned documents especially passport
2. Two Photographs and on the back write date of birth and name
3. Printout of completely filled form
4. Application and biometric fee
5. Financial proof and marriage certificate
6. Purpose of visit document
Where you can pay either in cash or via debit/credit card and payment, a receipt will be generated. Keep the receipt for future use.

Canada Visa Status Tracking

You can track your application status online or subscribe to mail or message for status. The Canada visa application centre will update you on your current visa status click here for more information-