In order to avail of a visa for Kuwait, there are only a few steps that need to be completed. The Kuwait visa for Indians is valid for a limited period of time. Once you apply for Kuwait visa, checking the Kuwait Visa Status of your application timely is important to know where your application stands, so the rest of your travel plans can be modified accordingly. Therefore the blog will guide you in  Checking Kuwait Visa status. It covers different ways to check Kuwait evisa status by application number or Kuwait Visa Status Check by Passport number.

Kuwait Visa Status 

The process of applying for a Kuwait visa is rather simple process but of time consuming. The initial part of the procedure is to download application form and fill the online visa application. Once the online form has been filled, submit a photocopy of your biometric page when it is asked for in the second part of the application form. The completed form has to then be submitted online, on the same site. Ensure that all of the information you have filled in is correct and accurate. After the submission of the form online, the application will be reviewed by the State of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior. 

Kuwait Visa Status Check by Passport number

In order to do the current Kuwait Visa Status Check by Passport number, follow these few steps. 

  1. Log on to the official website for Kuwait evisa Status . 
  2. Once you have opened this site, enter your passport number and your eVisa reference number in the space provided.
  • The passport number is the alphanumeric code written on the top right corner of your passports first page (the page with your details and image).
  • The eVisa reference number would have been provided to you as soon as you submit your application online.

              3. Click on ‘ok’ to be redirected to a new page which shows the status of the application. 

Once the application is reviewed, there will be an email sent to the applicant regarding the decision taken in terms of the visa. If approved, the email will additionally entail the details of the visa like the visa number, expiration date, and the issuance date.

Carry a printout of the visa along with you whenever you travel to Kuwait for a smoother journey! 

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How to Check Kuwait Visa Application status?

To check Kuwait visa application , follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter Visa application number  and filled Captcha text correctly
  3. Click on Submit and view the current status of Kuwait Visa


Q1 What is the average processing time for a Kuwait Visa?

The authorities usually process the visa application within 2 working days. The office does not work on the weekends, or on public holidays. 

Q2 Will I know why my visa application was rejected?

On the acceptance or rejection of the visa application, there will be an email sent to the applicants email ID. The contents of the email will entail the reason behind the rejection of the visa, if rejected. If accepted, details about the visa like the issuance date, expiration date and the visa number will be mentioned.

Q3 What is the fee needed to be paid for the Kuwait Visa?

The visa fee that has to be paid is 3 Kuwaiti Dinar. This roughly translates to INR 808.00 as of the conversion rates on 2023.