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Driving Licence Apply Online Delhi

RTO in Delhi issues driving license. There are 13 RTOs in Delhi. You have to apply at the specific RTO based on the area where you live. You can apply for driving license online with Itzeazy. Itzeazy is the no. #1 driving licence service provider in Delhi. The minimum age requirement for driver’s license in Delhi is 16 years for motorcycles with gears up to 50cc and 18 years for other vehicle types. There are two stages in Driving License. In the first stage, you need to apply for a learning license. After that, apply for a permanent driving license in Delhi. 

Learning License

You need to take a computer-based test. This is just to check how aware you are of traffic rules and signals.

  1. The learning license is valid for 6 months. If it expires, you need to reapply.
  2. If your Aadhar is linked to the mobile, you can take test from your preferred location.
  3. If Aadhar is not linked then you need to visit RTO    

Applying for a Permanent License

    You need to take a driving skill test. This is just to check your driving abilities.

    1. After 30 days of getting the learning license, you can apply for DL in Delhi
    2. You have to give a practical driving test.
    3. After passing the test, it takes a minimum of 30 days to get your Delhi driving licence

    You can apply for Driving Licence online in Delhi within a few clicks with Itzeazy! We take care of everything - from documents to booking test dates. So you don't have to waste time in long queues. Itzeazy --Driving License Agent and Consultant will help you end-to-end.

    Driving licence

    Apply for driving Licence in Delhi Online / Offline

    Follow these steps for Driving Licence Apply Online in Delhi

    1. Visit > select Delhi > Choose RTO > New driving license 
    2. Click "Order Now", pay the fees
    3. Scan and upload the required documents
    4. Itzeazy submits application form to RTO
    5. You can track application status
    6. You will get your license delivered at home

    You can call, email or chat with an Itzeazy representative to help you with the online driving license application procedure in Delhi.

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    Types of Driving License in Delhi 

    There are so many types of driving license that you can apply for. Here are types of Driving License in Delhi that you can choose! 

    • MC 50cc (Motorcycle 50cc) - You can ride motorcycles with engine capacity of 50cc or less.
    • MCWG or M/CYCL.WG   (MC with gear) - MC with gear is for all motorcycles with any engine capacity and gear
    • MC  Ex 50cc (MC with any gear) - Motorcycles of any engine capacity but without gear
    • LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle Non Transport)- This is for any light motor vehicles for personal use only
     To add a class to your Delhi driving license, change your application online first. Then pay the fee

    Eligibility to get Driving License in Delhi

    Vehicle CategoryEligibility
    Two wheelers (less than or equals to 50cc engine)16 years 
    + Parent's consent
    Cars/ Jeep/Vans (Non - commercial, light motor vehicle)18 years
    Trucks/ Buses (Commercial, heavy vehicles)20 years

    Validity of Driving License 

    Validity of driving license is determine by the age of the person who is having driving license and what vehicle you are driving whether its private or non-transport. Also validity period of driving license reduces as age increases

    Private Vehicles

    AgeValidity Period
    Below 40 years20 years of till age of 40, whichever is earlier
    40 - 50 years10 year
    Above 50 yearsRenewed every 5 years

    Non Transport Vehicles

    AgeValidity Period
    Below 30 yearsTill age 40
    30 - 50 years10 years
    50 - 55 yearsTill age 60
    55 years or above5 years only


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    Steps for Driving Licence Apply Online in Delhi

    1.  Go to and select Delhi from the location dropbox. 
    2. Choose "Driving License" service and the specific service you need - new license, renewal, etc. 
    3. Click "Order Now" on the booking page for your service. 
    4.   Itzeazy will inform you of the documents required and fees for your license service.
    5.  Pay the fees online to complete the booking. 
    6. Gather and scan all the required documents. 
    7. Upload the scanned documents on your Itzeazy account.
    8. Itzeazy will verify documents and submit them to the RTO for you.
    9. Track your application status on your Itzeazy account. 
    10. Provide your address when asked so we can courier your license to you.

    You can get in touch with us if you need help in applying for a driving license online in Delhi. We will help you till the end. Itzeazy will handle all the RTO procedures for you. Just submit your documents and fees online and your license will get delivered to your doorstep.  

    Document Required

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    Documents Required for Driving License in Delhi

    You need to have these documents for Driving License Apply Online Delhi or Offline in Delhi
    • Duly filled Form No. 1, 2, 3.
    • Three recent passport size photographs .
    • Address Proof.
    • Age Proof 
    • Apointment letter that you booked while applying for Driving License in Delhi Online
    • Fee receipt


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    Delhi Driving License - Forms

    You need these forms for both procedures- Driving Licence Apply Online Delhi and Driving Licence Apply Offline Delhi

    • Form no. 1
    • Sample form no. 1
    • Form no. 1A
    • Sampe form no. 1A


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    Driving Licence Delhi - FAQ

    1. How many days will it take to get Driving License after test in Delhi?


    You may wonder how long it takes to get your Driving License after you apply for it online in Delhi and pass the test. Well, you need to wait for about 14 days. You will get temporary driving license on the same day which gonna be valid for next 30 days.

    Your actual Driving License will take almost 1 to 2 weeks. You have to submit your fingerprints and they will take your photo instantly after you pass the test. Within this duration of 14 days, RTO will verify all your documents and fees. If everything is right, RTO will print your DL and send it to your address! Also, you can track your Driving License status, you will get the exact timeline of when you gonna get that! 

    So, TL,DR: After completing the procedure for Driving License Apply Online Delhi or Driving License Apply Offline Delhi- It will take 1 - 2 weeks to get a driving license after the test in Delhi.

    2. Can I drive immediately after passing my test?


    Yes, you can drive immediately after passing you test only if you have temporary license. 

    But you can't drive by yourself if you pass the test with learning license in Delhi. You need to wait for your real license first before driving alone. With learning license, you always need someone to be with you when you drive (obviously.....the one who has driving license!!) 

    You can drive on your own vehicle when you get your actual driving license. Till then, keep practicing and always have your learner's permit with you when you drive. Once you get you DL, you are free to drive on the road.  

    3. Can a 17 year old get a license in India?


    Yes 17 year old can get driving license in India! But there are some terms and conditions. You can only get a learning license if you are 17 years old! -No gears, engine under 50cc. Also, you need to have parent or guardian consent. Apply for Driving License in Delhi online or offline and pass driving test. Learning license is valid for 6 months, you have to practice with someone who has license. You can't get driving license until 18. After 18 you can easily apply for Driving Licence in Delhi online

    4. How long do you have to wait after failing test for Driving License in Delhi?


     If you fail the first time, just wait for 7 working days and book another test date. Failed 2nd attempt? This time you have to wait 15 working days before taking the test for Driving License in Delhi once more. If you failed 3rd attempt in a row. You can re appear after 3 months.  After 3 fails some RTOs ask you to apply for a fresh learning license. So double check the rules in your RTO after your third test.

    5. What happens if I fail the driving test?


    You may apply for a re-test after 7 days to get driving licence online in Delhi. However this period of 7 days should be utilized to upgrade your skills and to rectify your mistakes.

    6. How can I update my mobile number and other details?


    You need to physically go to your Delhi RTO to get personal details like mobile number changed in your Driving License in Delhi.