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International driving license Gurgaon

Want to apply for International driving license in Gurgaon ? Now get international driving permit Gurgaon in just  2 days with Itzeazy. 

International driver's permit is required to drive a vehicle in the foreign country . There are countries who doesn't recognize Indian driving licence . To drive vehicle in those countries International driver's permit is required.

The countries which has signed 1968 convention and where domestic driving licence meet the criteria fixed by 1968 convention, one can drive vehicle without IDP. To Know the list of countries where one can drive vehicle with Indian driving licence click here .
International driving license

Driving Licence categories according to 1968 convention

  • Motor cycles
  • Motor vehicles, other than those in category A, having a permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 kg and not more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat
  • Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods and whose permissible maximum weight exceeds 3,500 kg
  • Motor vehicles used for the carriage of passengers and having more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat
  • Motor vehicles of category B, C, or D, as authorized above, with other than light trailer

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How to apply for International Driver's permit

In India the validity of International driving license issued is 1 year. Application along with supporting documents required for international driver's permit is to be submitted to the RTO in Gurgaon from where Indian driving licence was issued.

Appointment is given for the visit of applicant to the RTO . After verification of application and physical visit application is processed and IDP is issued. Process for International driving license takes 1-2 days time.


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Process for International driving permit

  • Book Order
  • Upload scan copy of Driving Licence and passport to ascertain the feasibility
  • Get quotation from Itzeazy
  • Upload documents required for International driver's permit
  • Make payment
  • Itzeazy will fix appointment at RTO
  • Itzeazy assisted visit of the applicant at RTO
  • Issue of IDP and delivery of it

Document Required

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Documents required for International Driving permit

  • Valid Indian driving Licence
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid visa
  • Travel tickets
  • Passport size photo


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  • Form 4A


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International driving license- FAQ

1. What is the validity period of International Driving permit


Validity of International driving permit is of 1 year

2. Do physical presence of the applicant is required at RTO ?


Yes, physical presence of the applicant is mandatory at RTO for the International driving permit .

3. How much time it takes to issue International Driving Licence


Normally it takes 1-2 days in issuing International Driving permit .

4. My Driving Licence was issued from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh . Currently I am in Bangalore . Can I apply for Internaional driving permit in Bangalore .


Yes, you can apply for International driving permit from Bangalore . But first address on Driving licence is to be changed to Bangalore address . After that International driving licence can be applied in Bangalore .