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Birth Certificate Hyderabad

Want to apply for birth certificate in Hyderabad ? GHMC issues birth certificate in Hyderabad. Itzeazy helps in applying for GHMC birth certificate online in Hyderabad and birth certificate correction online in Hyderabad.

The Birth Certificate Hyderabad will be useful in the future, and its absence will hinder various legal actions. There is a demand for ghmc birth certificate when youngsters are admitted to the school.

Birth certificates are essential for proving one's identity and nationality. Whether it's for health care, social services, or legal work, you'll need it. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents required to apply for a driver's licence, passport, or even to open a bank account or register to vote. As a result, every child needs a Hyderabad Birth Certificate.

Birth Certificate online Hyderabad establish the child's identity and allows the child to participate in several Hyderabad government initiatives. Applying for a birth certificate online Hyderabad can be complicated. However, this is not the case with Birth Certificate Agent Hyderabad. Look no further than Itzeazy for reliable and trustworthy birth certificate services in Hyderabad.
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Birth Certificate online in Hyderabad

Itzeazy is one of the best birth certificate agent Hyderabad. We are customer-centric organization that strives to make the citizen services process as simple as possible. Birth certificate services are one of the flagship of Itzeazy. The team at our company will provide a seamless service of Birth certificate online Hyderabad from the first step of the documentation to the final step of getting the birth certificate. Want to apply for birth certificate Hyderabad? Call us today to get guidance from the professionals.

Itzeazy provides consultancy for :

  • New Birth Certificate
  • Birth certificate without name
  • Birth certificate with name
  • Correction in birth certificate

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Birth Certificate Hyderabad - Overview

In Hyderabad, a baby's birth certificate is his or her first legal document. The child's name, as well as the names of his or her parents, are mentioned on this Birth Certificate Hyderabad. On the GHMC birth certificate, the date, place, and gender of the child, as well as other legal information, are all mentioned. A birth certificate online Hyderabad has grown increasingly important in recent years. Furthermore, all of the government of Hyderabad's services are based on these birth certificates.

If you are applying for birth certificate online Hyderabad, the registration centers and offices where the parents were residing at the time of the child's birth issue birth certificates. Let me explain: the Municipal Corporation, the Nagar Palika, the Nagar Palika Parishad, and the Gram Panchayat are the three divisions. The Hyderabad government has also created arrangements for you to apply online for your convenience, but it could be little tricky.

We as Itzeazy- the best Birth Certificate Agent Hyderabad will assist you through out the end.

There are several options to apply for a Hyderabad Birth Certificate online. However, you can easily apply by following the steps outlined below. The first step is to go to the official website. Then select Birth Certificate from the drop-down box in the fast links area. After that, you must fill out an online application for a Birth Certificate Online Hyderabad with the necessary information. When you've finished filling out this form, go over it again. Before submitting the final version of Birth Certificate Hyderabad, double-check for errors. Then, applying for birth certificate online Hyderabad , click the submit a link.


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Process for Birth certificate in Hyderabad


  • Order online for Birth certificate in Hyderabad 
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload documents for pre-check
  • Process start
  • Work completed
  • Make 50% balance payment & share address for dispatch
  • Document delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents Required for Birth Certificate in Hyderabad

  • Application on a prescribe form.
  • Proof of Birth of the person in respect of whom the certificate is required.
  • An Affidavit specifying place, date and time of birth of the person.
  • Copy of Ration Card/School leaving Certificate


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Birth certificate Hyderabad - Forms

There are no as such forms required for birth certificate application 


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Birth certificate in Hyderabad - FAQ

1. My birth was in Delhi . Now I am living in Hydrabad . Can I apply for birth certificate in Hydrabad ?


No, It can only be issued from a place where birth actully take place.

2. I have Birth certificate issued by hospital . How I will get Birth certificate with name issued by Govt. authority.?


Its a two stage process . First birth certificate without name will be issued by concerned Govt. authority after submission of the application supported with birth certificate (discharge summary) issued by the hospital . After this birth certificate with name should be applied .

3. I have lost my original birth certificate . What should I do ?


Apply for duplicate birth certificate to the same office from where it was issued .

4. Is it possible to change birth date ?


No .

5. I have different birth date mentioned on birth certificate and 10th certificate . What should I do ?


Birth date mentioned on birth certificate will prevail.

6. Is a Hyderabad birth certificate required for a passport?


See, the basic answer is that you'll need Birth Certificate in Hyderabad if you don't have any other proof of birth. If you took the tenth examination, however, your mark sheet may also be relevant.