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Online Birth Certificate Mumbai

Want to apply for birth certificate in Mumbai? BMC issues birth certificate in Mumbai. Itzeazy helps in applying for BMC birth certificate online in Mumbai.

In India, it is mandatory under the law (as per the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969) to register every birth/still birth with the concerned State/UT Government within 21 days of its occurrence.

The birth certificate is a very important document which serves various purposes throughout life. This is the main document that proves your age. In Mumbai, a birth certificate can be issued by Municipal Corporation of Mumbai.
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Birth Certificate Online in Mumbai

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Over View

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Birth certificate in Mumbai - overview

Birth certificate registration process is different for different situation :

When the Birth has taken place in a house: The head of the house in which a birth has taken place or nearest relative of the head of the House or oldest person in the family or Anganwadi Sewika or Chawkidar should inform the concerned registrar.

When the Birth has taken place outside the house

  • When occurrence took place in a Sadar Hospital/Sub-Divisional Hospital/Medical College Hospital/Referral Hospital people will get certification of Birth from the same concern as the deputy superintendent of the hospitals and officers In-charge of referral hospital and PHCs are denoted as registrar for their jurisdiction.
  • In Maternity Home and other like Institution: Medical officer In-charge is responsible to inform the occurrence to concerned Registrar and will obtain birth certificate from the registrar and hand it over the person. The medical officer In-charge can take a self addressed stamped envelop from the beneficiaries at the time of discharge of patient.
  • In a Jail: Jail In-charge is informer.
  • In a Dharmshala, Boarding House etc: Person In-charge is informer.
  • In a Moving Vehicle: Person In-charge of the Vehicle is informer.
  • Found deserted in a public place: Headman of the Village/In-charge of the local police station are informer.
  • If a baby is born to a family who has come from a foreign country and has moved to India with the motive to settle down in India, the birth registration can be done within sixty days of their arrival to that place. It will be treated as if occurrence has been taken within 21 days


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Process for Birth certificate in Mumbai 

  • Order online for Birth certificate in Mumbai
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload documents for pre-check
  • Process start
  • Work completed
  • Make 50% balance payment & share address for dispatch
  • Document delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents Required for Birth Certificate in Mumbai

  • Application on a prescribe form.
  • Proof of Birth of the person in respect of whom the certificate is required.
  • An Affidavit specifying place, date and time of birth of the person.
  • Copy of Ration Card/School leaving Certificate


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Birth certificate Mumbai - Forms

There are no as such forms required for birth certificate application 


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Birth certificate in Mumbai - FAQ

1. My birth was in Delhi . Now I am living in Mumbai . Can I apply for birth certificate in Mumbai ?


No, It can only be issued from a place where birth actully take place.

2. I have Birth certificate issued by hospital . How I will get Birth certificate with name issued by Govt. authority.?


Its a two stage process . First birth certificate without name will be issued by concered Govt. authority after submission of the application supported with birth certificate (discharge summary) issued by the hospital . After this birth certificate with name should be applied .

3. I have lost my original birth certificate . What should I do ?


Apply for duplicate birth certificate to the same office from where it was issued .

4. Is it possible to change birth date ?


No .

5. I have different birth date mentioned on birth certificate and 10th certificate . What should I do ?


Birth date mentioned on birth certificate will prevail.

6. Is it possible to change particulars in Birth certificate ?


It can be provided supported by documentary proofs.